Livin Mexico.

This week was amazing!!!!!!!!! As always. Also we hit 14 months in the mission. What!!!!? Time literally is flying by!!!!

Starting off super good. We had awesome lessons with investigators and are finding a lot of new people to teach. We went to Cuernavaca for consejo and had a pizza party with the sister training leaders. I forgot how much i LOVE little cesars.

Also. Remember Israel? Well we get a call at 6 40 in the morning and it was Israel. Sisters, are you up? Yes? WHY are you calling us? Just wanted to make sure you really get up at 630 everyday, have a great day! Omg literatly he is the worst hahaa. He has come to church 5 times now and wont accept a baptism date! This is what gives me stress in the mission! They are so close yet, so far!!!!!!

We had a good consejo. I always love learning more about the mission and the gospel. It really fascinating me.

We had an AWESOME Thursday. First we met Katia. She is girlfriend of a less active and she is SO prepared! She was like im reading a book, is it okay if i keep reading it? Its the Teachings of Joseph Smith. Uhm. YA YOU CAN!!!! LIterally she is the best. and we love her sister in law. Sol. She is a less active but is coming back to church and has SUCH a strong testimony. She has given us references too.

Then we went to America.

Our ward mission leaders house. Its SO nice. I mean it has tennis courts. Also i KNOW they are American they are just not telling us. But anyway i truly love them and want to BE them when they grow up.

Speaking of that. Can we talk about Conference???

I loved conference! Do you want to get married now? I sure do. Jeesh. I actually had a really cool experience.

I had the question. When we get to the jugdement seat, and have a perfect knowledge of everything that we did, will we have to talk about our sins? Even though we repented? Because supposably God forgets our sins when we repent.

In conference it literally said. We will mention our sins no more, even in the judgement.

How i LOVE the inspiration of conference and the leaders of the church! It was a testimony to me that our questions are always answered when we come in with an open heart and mind and with a desire to learn and grow.

I just loved everything about it. Its like Christmas for me. For real. I also loved Bednars talk. He is awsesome. I always love his talks, they are so powerful. I could just feel so much of a confirmation of the truthfulness of the gospel and that Christ LIVES.

We also had interviews with President Kusch. Our last ones! He is leaving in June. It was a good interview though. I truly am so grateful for the work that he does. I have been so blessed to come here in THIS time with THESE people. WITH THESE mission presients. Everything truly happens for a reason:)

Have an excellent week!

Ps. We want to move our house. wish us luck

Pps. Pray for Max to get baptized in 2 weeks!

Food for Thought:

Meditate about Conference and what you liked. I liked what Elder Nelson said, Now that we are here and what we heard, how will we change? This hit me a lot because we always listen and its all cool, but then we never change. Let us CHANGE! Let us drop our bad habits and start focusing on the good and always progress to do better. Remember the words of the prophets, and most importantly, LIVE THEM! IMG_1162 IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1160 IMG_1166


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