New Compa!

This week literally flew by and i cant really remember what happened.

For starters we had an AWESOME lesson with Max. He is the boyfriend of a sister in the ward and he is really awesome, just has NO support at home. He is only 17, but we talked a lot of testimonies and how its okay to be alone, because we arent really alone, Christ is always with us.

We met a new investagator named Isai, who is the best friend of Isreal, our other investagator who with INSANE. The one that yells during prayers and has tattoos. He is actually progressing alot. Anyway. Isai is so OPPOSITE! He is quiet and conserved and always talks about the colors of the sky and the rain is just beauty of God and that he doesnt drink or have tattoos or eat a lot of meat cuz its bad for yoru body, hes basically a Mormon already. Anyway. They are both progressing a lot and we are super excited to see how it goes. We are going to read the Book of Mormon today because Israel had told Isai about it, and that it was a really good book with a story. Yep. They are awesome.

We just have been having so many miracles i cant explain it. I love the mission. When your attitude is right, everything is so much better:)

So Friday we had a meeting with Pres and Sister Kusch for the new leaders. Got a new companion! Hermana Durham!!!!! She was the first person that i talked to at the MTC!:) We have the same time in the mission and we are praying and hoping to stay together until the end of our missions. We are already rocking it and we only have 3 days together! She is 26 and from Vegas and basically the bomb. So. We are excited.

In this meeting we also talked a lot of how ot use the Book of Mormon more. We are reading it again in 65 days like last year, i encourage you all to do it again! Its amazing how much we can find and how much we can learn everytime we read it. We also had an in depth convo about the priesthood. Man i love the church. I just know that its true. The order of the church is so perfect there isnt any other option but the TRUTH.

We had EIGHT people in the church yesterday! Record for Alpuyeca! One girl came with a member and we asked her to be baptized and she accepted before we even finished inviting her. We found old investagators and they are animated again about being baptized and want to come to conference. We have had such success in such little time. I love Alpuyeca!!! Leilani and her family are progressing a lot but please pray for them that everything will be okay and that they can get baptized in the next couple of weeks!

We had a fight with a gecko. We won.

I had a cockroach crawl on my foot in the shower. Remember. i love Mexico.

I got the letters from the Relief Society from Springfield. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Well. I honestly cant remember a whole lot else that happened, but know that im SAFE and healthy and HAPPY! Love you all!


Food for Thought:

We got to watch the Womens Conference. I loved it! I loved Pres. Eyrings talk abuot the Atonement and how our burdens help us be better people and we learn. We actually are NEVER alone in the world, because Christ knows exactly how we feel. The Atonment needed to happen. And because of that, we have the opportunity to live and grow and one day, live again.

Remember Christ this week in all that you do to prepare for Easter.

-We ate fish. Look how pretty hers looks and then mine…..

-Hermana Silva and Pirez

-New Comp! Hermana DurhamIMG_1139 IMG_1143 IMG_1150 IMG_1141 IMG_1154 IMG_1156


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