Taxco! Grutas! Oh my!

Hayyyyy! Another week! It started off with Taxco. It was always my dream to go to Taxco. I was SUPPOSED to go with Durham in Iguala about a year ago but she got special transferred. Jeesh. How rude:) So anyway. It was amazing and Ana and Nestor are the best. WE LOVE THEM! And it was a way good time. Its called the city of magic and its all white buildings with red roofs. Its famous for having silver. So i bought a supposably real silver necklace for cheap.

We saw miracles this week. Literally we were in the right place at the right time on Friday and found so many new people to teach. We literally were like what shouuld we do right now cuz we had a wierd half hour to waste before the baptismal interview and this lady literally waved us over! Haha. Youre mormons right??? And we have a cita to go visit her. MIRACLES PEOPLE! Amada and Francisco are the literal best as well. They passed their interview with flying colors and they are so so so prepared. It was been a long journey with them but now they are finally ready. YAY! Elder Per Chex too was like dang, your investigators are super cool. And then they had a reference waiting for us while they were being interviewed. and she is super legit! YAY FOR THE GOSPEL!

Allisson got baptized and it was the saddest baptism ever. NO ONE came. We had to scramble at the last minute for priesthood to be the testigos. But 2 people ended up coming. One of them Hermano Torres. LITERALLY THE BEST. He said ” Give me 20 minutes and ill be there” Thats what we need people! More willing people to serve!!!!! Love Hermano Torres. The other was a joven named Victor, came in his shorts and flip flops haha. but he came. Really. I do love the people here.

But her excommunicated dad came to the baptism and to church the next day. So that was cool. It was the first time he came sense he was x’d. Always miracles.

Well. Pictures speak better than words so i am just going to send a lot of pics. but i love you all. You are great! Always find ways to share the gospel! Always do the little things. If i have learned one thing. its do the little things. Pray. Study scriptures. Go to church. and i PROMISE your life will be so much better. Just do it.

Through small and simple things, we can see great miracles.




Yes im in a cable car. IMG_1746 IMG_1754 IMG_1699 IMG_1705 IMG_1714 IMG_1683 IMG_1669 IMG_1671


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