Alpuyeca is moving along! We are seeing good progression in our investagators. We met with Israel this week, the young man who showed up alone at church. On Wednesday, he had a ton of questions and at the end of it all, told us he didnt want to keep listening to us. We said okay, thats fine, just pray and read the Book of Mormon. But when we were leaving, he said, okay i want to listen to you guys this week. So we taught him almost everyday after that and his countenance truly is changing. He is listening more and learning. We said, Dont focus so much on the FACTS. He is always looking for the WHY and the HOW and the facts. But focus on how you FEEL. Because the Spirit is working within him. He will get baptized soon. I dont know when, but soon. I pray that he will keep progressing and keep reading, to feel in his heart that the gospel is true.

We are working with the youth more to fulfill the 5 youth that will go on missions. Eric came with us this week and he already knew all his stuff! His testimony was AMAZING and he truly did help us in the lesson. Again, the youth here never cease to amaze me. Their testimonies are so strong and they have such a strong desire to go on a mission. Im so excited to see them all leave on missions and start their own experiences as missionaries. The Lord is hastening his work.

We were able to meet with Jorge this week, the cousin of Brian Solis, a member. He went to the MTC activity and we actualy thought he was already a member becauase he goes to church almost every Sunday. He is only 14 but has such a desire to follow Christ. He has a great example in his life, his aunt and cousin, and really wants to be baptized. He just needs to ask his parents, but his parents arent very supportive. We are going to try to work with them too and pray for them alot that he can make this decision, to help himself and also his family. Another amazing youth who can make a huge difference!

Perla and Saul finally agreed to make an appointment to go fix their situation. Saul isnt divorced and needs to do so to get married and then baptized. Perla acts and looks like she is already a member and loves the church. She truly has the desire to get baptized in the church and one day sealed. So finally we were direct with them and are helping them to fix the situation. Once they are baptized, i KNOW they will be not only great members, but leaders in the church. The people here truly are prepared for the work.

Leilani and her family cant get baptized this week because Leilani was in jail before and needs to figure things out with that. But she said in 2 weeks, she thinks everything will be done, if the judge says so. We promised that if they pray, and if we all unite in a fast, everything will work out okay. We know that it will be okay and in a few weeks, she and her family will be able to get baptized. The thing i love about them is that they are so willing to follow the commandments of God. We taught the Word of Wisdom and asked what they thought about it. They said, well its probably the hardest but, we will do it! What great AMP they have! They know that if its from God, they need to do it! The attitude that everyone should have.

Poco a poquito we are finding families to teach and more less active members. There is just a ton of things to do and no time! But we are learning more about planning better and planning with the spirit. I know that planning isnt just something we do for fun or for a figure, its something to help us mold our work. Our lives even! Everything started with planning—God planned the world. Jesus created the earth under a great plan! So, we need to plan well too. It makes all the difference as well, when the Spirit is our guide. I also had a light bulb moment this week. Our ward mission leader told us that the mission helps us in everything in the life, even our jobs that we will have. When i thought about that, I thought, its so true. I want to be an EVENT PLANNER! I NEED to know how to plan well, and not only plan, but plan and follow up! The things that i never even thought i would learn on the mission that will truly help me in the rest of my life.

I had the FUNNIEST thing happen this week. Our investigator Isreal, with tattoos and wears boots and cut offs. We were teaching a lesson and he all of the sudden was like close your eyes. I said. NO. Im NOT closing my eyes. He said, come on corrivewwww. ( how he says my name its hilarious) I said. “No im scared” ( in english) “OMG DO IT!” So we agreed to turn the other way then he asks me “left hand or right hand”. I say, “left”. “Are you sure?” “OMG WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Then he puts something in our hands and its these LEGIT little wooden abstract pieces that says Sonrie. It was super cute and nice and also the funniest thing ever haha. He really is progressing though. Truly seeing changes in his whole countenance, hes starting to shower and wear more clothes. So thats a start!

Still eating a ton and trying to take pictures of iguanas, but, alli voy. The ward mission leader and his wife are officially my favorite people ever and i want to be them. The end.

I will never regret the decision to come on a mission. Its the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Have a great week my friends and never forget to smile!!!!!!

Food for Thought:

1 nephi 17. Did Nephi know how to build a boat when God told him to do it? No! But he followed with faith and did what he was told, and with that, he was blessed. Follow with AMP. actitud mental positiva. and we will see miracles open for us!:)

-cutest kid ever.

-sunset. pictures do no justiceIMG_1097 IMG_1100


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