“Im Coming Home, Tell the World im Coming Home!”

We found out our transfers this weeek….

Both Durham and I are going to America!!!!!!!

I COME HOME IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where did the time go? Didnt i just start the mission yesterday? Its already the end of July? What??????

But i can fully say that i loved my mission. Through all the laughs, tears, smiles, lessons, awkward moments, discussions with crazy JWs or Christians, spiritual experiences, ants, iguanas, cats, maggots, mosquitos,poop, parasites, gastritis, changes, testimonies, great examples, awesome members, beauitful landscape, SWEAT, flushing with a bucket, and miracles….I have loved every last bit of it.

I cant say my mission was easy. But i cant say it was hard either. I am truly blessed to be in this wonderful country. The people truly are loving and giving. I have learned a lot from them.

The other day as i was praying i was thinking to myself? Did i do everything that i could? Did i give it my all? Do i regret anything in my mission? Did I help the people i needed to help?

The answer was yes. I truly have. Yes, there is always room for improvement, but in the end of the day, I tried my best. And thats what the Lord requires, that we try our best. We dont need to be THE BEST, just OUR BEST. I know that i have touched the lives of people here. Well, not me really. The spirit through me. And i have been truly blessed by them.

I have learned many Christlike attributes, the one esp. for me—Humility. I have learned to be humble and work with others as the Lord would. And be patient with others when they dont always want to cooperate.

I have had AMAZING companions and learned from every last one of them. Amazing women with great futures.

My testimony of Christ has grown immensely and I grow to love our Savior everyday even more. His atoning sacrifice and love for us is incredible. His grace IS sufficient for us. We just need to do OUR part in this process. The gospel IS the way. There is no other way to live happily. KEEP the commandments. Thats all we need to do. Put God first, and everything else WILL work out. I know that this church isnt the best church, its the TRUE church on the earth. Jesus Christ directs it. We have a great plan in this earth to return to our father. We have a great hope to help us in this process. We have a prophet in the earth today to help us know what to do so that we can be in the right path. I KNOW that baptism is the door to enter into this straight path. But when we do so, we have the remision of sins, and the opportunity to repent and better ourselves everyday.

More than anything, I know that i am a child of God. and so are you. Every one of you. That is the most important role you will ever have in your life. Never forget your grand calling.

I love you all. Thanks for the support and love. And…..

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Cori

Ps. No fotos because well another mexican computer failed me. sorry. But ill show you NEXT WEEEK!

Food For thought:

2 Timothy 4:7 —

7I have fought a good fight , I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:



Well, Remember how Christ was rejected at the end of his mission? We got a taste of that this week. But i guess its fine. Just a part of the mission. Soon it will all be over and we will live happily.

Remember Amada and Francisco and how we were super excited for them to get baptized this week? We went EVERYDAY this week and they were suppeerrr excited for their baptism. We had taught them everything and they were reading the D and C and they had bought a perscription for the Liahona. They were so ready. We even planted a tree for them in their yard because they were like we want somthing to remember you guys! So adorable right?

Well this Thursday we went, the day before their baptism. We had planned everything and it was going to be the baptism of the year. We asked young men to baptize them, had the stake president talking. EVERYTHING to plan it better so something like Allissons baptism didnt happen again.We go there and they are like we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we arent getting baptized. We thought that they were joking but they werent. We were like why what happened? And they began to tell us that they had already been baptized and they dont believe in the BOM, stuff they told us the first day we met them. We were like hermanos! We have been OVER this. A THOUSAND TIMES! THEN they had the NERVE to tell us that we were decieved and we were decieving the people because the BOM is a false book. At this part hermana durham got mad and may or may not have raised her voice a bit. I wasnt mad about it. I bore my testimony that sometimes the devil tries to bring us down right before we do something good. For instance, before my mission i had a ton of problems, BUT. We cant let him win,, just like Joseph Smith didnt let him win in the sacred garden. And i said. “The devil is winning. And youre letting him.”


So then we kept testifying and they were still like no, we arent getting baptized. We invited them to pray again and we would call them in the morning. We called them on Friday, the day of their baptism, and they were like still no. So we said okay fine. and hung up. They literally tore out our hearts, threw them on the ground, stompted on them, and then spit on them. I was really upset until i realized….

that was only a millionth of what Jesus Christ felt when he was rejected. So i know everything will be okay. I know its agency and i need to respect that, just like God respects our agency. Sigh. Also, one day Amada and Francisco will get baptized, they just need to realize their mistake and then accept Christ. The Relief Society Pres thinks that it has something to do with money. Their other church threathened them or bribed them with money. Sigh.

But life will go on. 2 more weeks. Also Meet the Mormons changes lives. Lupita Bocanegra and her family have come to church 2 times in a row and they are totally reactivating. She talked to the bishop to start the process to go to the temple. SO….good things do happen:) We had an activity this week to watch it in the ward and it was a good turnout. We had about 70 people come. Which is good considering that about 100 come to church everyweek.

We had interviews with President this week. He and Sister Avila are the literal best. I LOVE THEM. THey answered some questions i was having about the after life of the mission and now im super excited to start my journey. Yay! Yay for revelation and yay for the GOSPEL! Its the only way people! THE ONLY WAY!

This week im just saying. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! SO SO SO TRUE! Im NOT decieved. IM NOT BRAINWASHED. I know its true because i prayed about it. I live the gospel and IM A LOT happier living it than when i wasnt. People. I invite you. If you havent prayed about the gospel, if you havent gotten a testimony, and if you dont know its true for sure. I INVITE YOU TO PRAY! and i promise. YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER. You just have to be willing. and pray with a sincere desire and intent. Moroni 10:3-5

I love you all. I dont have pictures because this computer doesnt have the hook up to send them. #Mexico But next week. I have some legit photos from the grutas, which are caves that we went to last week.

AND!!!! Drumroll pleeeasseeeeeeeeee…..

My current location in IGUALA!!! We are going to visit our old areas here. SO EXCITED!!!

Have a great week!

Taxco! Grutas! Oh my!

Hayyyyy! Another bomb.com week! It started off with Taxco. It was always my dream to go to Taxco. I was SUPPOSED to go with Durham in Iguala about a year ago but she got special transferred. Jeesh. How rude:) So anyway. It was amazing and Ana and Nestor are the best. WE LOVE THEM! And it was a way good time. Its called the city of magic and its all white buildings with red roofs. Its famous for having silver. So i bought a supposably real silver necklace for cheap.

We saw miracles this week. Literally we were in the right place at the right time on Friday and found so many new people to teach. We literally were like what shouuld we do right now cuz we had a wierd half hour to waste before the baptismal interview and this lady literally waved us over! Haha. Youre mormons right??? And we have a cita to go visit her. MIRACLES PEOPLE! Amada and Francisco are the literal best as well. They passed their interview with flying colors and they are so so so prepared. It was been a long journey with them but now they are finally ready. YAY! Elder Per Chex too was like dang, your investigators are super cool. And then they had a reference waiting for us while they were being interviewed. and she is super legit! YAY FOR THE GOSPEL!

Allisson got baptized and it was the saddest baptism ever. NO ONE came. We had to scramble at the last minute for priesthood to be the testigos. But 2 people ended up coming. One of them Hermano Torres. LITERALLY THE BEST. He said ” Give me 20 minutes and ill be there” Thats what we need people! More willing people to serve!!!!! Love Hermano Torres. The other was a joven named Victor, came in his shorts and flip flops haha. but he came. Really. I do love the people here.

But her excommunicated dad came to the baptism and to church the next day. So that was cool. It was the first time he came sense he was x’d. Always miracles.

Well. Pictures speak better than words so i am just going to send a lot of pics. but i love you all. You are great! Always find ways to share the gospel! Always do the little things. If i have learned one thing. its do the little things. Pray. Study scriptures. Go to church. and i PROMISE your life will be so much better. Just do it.

Through small and simple things, we can see great miracles.




Yes im in a cable car. IMG_1746 IMG_1754 IMG_1699 IMG_1705 IMG_1714 IMG_1683 IMG_1669 IMG_1671

“Y tu compañero?????”

This week was the bomb.com.

We took a Cuernavation because we had some meetings there with the arrival of the new President. So that was a nice little get away. We had fun with the sisters and found a lot of families to teach. Yay!

We met the Avilas. I love them already! Pres. is SO COOL! He is just a cool guy with a STRONG testimony. Hermana Avila is SUCH A MOM! LOVE HER! SO SO SO NICE!  i had SUPER bad cramps and diarea at the conference and pres. and hermana avila noticed and were so concerned. Then that night, she texted to see if i was okay. LIterally. SHE IS THE BEST! Im so exicted to see how the mission changes with them.

And can we talk about their son? He is THE CUTEST! He has downs syndrome and he always wanted to be a missionary. BUT. He obvi couldnt go. When his first brother went, he said, and me? his second, again, and me? But NOW. He is serving a mission:) Such a special pure spirit and he brings something different to the mission.

We got POURED ON RAIN. Like bad on Thursday. and i felt COLD for the first time in a LONG LONG time. It was weird. Im gonna die when i go back to Utah.

We celebrated the 4th with wearing red and blue and baptizing TAURINO! But….in dirty water. It came out brown. Literally. So. Gotta love Mexico. haha. But. He said. Its okay, Jesus got baptized in the river, and it was dirty.

He is the literal best.

Ana and Nestor aer SO cool. and they are taking us to Taxco today. So we are happy:) We love them. Shout out.

Amada and Francisco are progressing SO MUCH! They totes wanna get baptized and they passed the pre interview questions. Their date is for the 17th. We are so so so excited because at first they didnt want ANYTHING to do with us but now they love us and are totally in it to win it. They KNOW the BOM is true and they KNOW this is the only true church. SO COOL how the spirit of the BOM works inside of people. They started reading it, and found it was true. SIMPLE AS THAT!

So one bad thing this week. Rememer Max and his dad? Ya that problem we have had sense FEBRUARY! Well WE finally talked to his dad because he woudlnt and omg i literally wanted to punch him. Now i know why Max never wanted to talk to him. He is the literal worst and i dont feel bad saying it. Max is only 17 and needs permisson to be baptized. And his dad wont let him. He says that max is a bad rebelious kid blah blah blah. He is just in love with his girlfriend ( shes a member and how we got to know him) blah blah blah. So we bore really powerful testimonies. Everyone was crying, except his dad. I said, ” If there is one thing i regret in life, its never even once inviting my boyfriend i had in high school to church. I never talked of religion with him seriously. I was too scared to do it. Now, his life is a lot worse off then it could of been if he would have known the gospel. Karina had A LOT of courage to talk to Max about chruch and invite him.”

Then he started BASHING Karina. AND Durham stepped in and said. DONT TALK ABOUT HER. It was super powerful. and he seriosouly just felt SO BAD for Max. He told his dad, ” I WANT THIS. NOT BECAUSE OF KARINA. BUT BECAUSE I KNOW ITS TRUE! YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME!” OMg literally typing it im crying. We finally at the end bore MORE testimonies and his dad just gave us the most digusting look and said, ” I dont care. Hes not getting baptized until he turns 18″

SO we settled at that. We wont be here but Max told us he would send us pictures. After his dad left he said, ” Are you okay” Cuz we were balling. And we just said, ” Its just because we love you Max.” But he will totally get baptized. We love him. He is the best. And I told his dad, ” I dont care but whatever you do, you BETTER support your son in his decision and be at his baptism.” UGH. Some people are just very……special people. But. We have to love them right? How hard it must be for God to see so many of his children SO FAR OFF THE WAY. I have really come to feel so much respect and gratitude for my father in heaven. and also my brother Jesus Christ. They love unconditionally. ALWAYS. How blessed are we?

So on a better note we met the COOLEST hermana ever. Hermano Torres is our favorite. He is like 76 years old and uses a cane but he is the CUTEST OLD MAN EVER! and we visited him last week for the first time and he told us he wanted us to meet his wife. She doesnt go to our ward because she doesnt like it for some problems she had with other members. Well. SHES THE BEST! She was telling us aobut her daughter and how her daughter always tells her of her accomplishments and Susana just always says, ” Y tu compañero??” ( And you husband?) Literally the funniest thing of my life. She is THE BEST. We felt so good being around them. Sure was a blessing after the Max situation. Literally the Torres’ just BEAM happiness and spirit. Just being around them makes you smile. THATS THE GOAL IN LIFE PEOPLE! TO LIVE THE GOSPEL; AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY! They have SOOOOOO many cool stories. I will briefly tell of a few.

Susana had a revelation that she would marry Eliasar.

She also had a lot of revelations about the church. SHe found herself at the church one day, just so happend it was the day her brother was called as bishop! Hahah. met with the missionaries and from there, wanted to be baptized. Her husband was on a work trip and she came back and told him. He read the BOM in ONE DAY and said, me too. They then told her mom cuz she was sups Catholic and didnt even have a lesson and knew it was church what they were saying. THEY ALL 3 GOT BAPTIZED! THEN! Like the rest of their family got bapitzed and they are super faithful in the church still.


The first day Hermano Torres was branch president. They were caught in some bad traffic and there was some fighting. A man came to assault them and all of the sudden two, big, white men, with chains, dressed in white, came and said, ” What do you want with them? Leave.” 2 Nephites anyone?

SOO COOL! Why? Because they were living the gospel. The gospel brings SO MANY BLESSINGS! Just live it! I love it!

Well. Thats about it and i gotta go cuz we are leaving to Taxco. Love you lots! Happy July!


-Pres, Sister, and Samuel Avila

-Durham and Sturt

-Cienfuegos. The worst. IMG_1627 IMG_1646 IMG_1648 IMG_1612 IMG_1616 IMG_1625

Achey Brakey Back

Well Hermana Durham finally went to the doctor for her back. It was a gongshow to get there but it finally happened. And the doctor just said it was stress, tight muscles, and too much walking and carrying heavy bags…. I TOLD her that her diagnosis was just 17 months in the mission. I should be a doctor:, eh:) But glad she doesnt have spinal problems and we are just gonna drug her up until the end. BRING IT.

Anyway. Other than that. Not a really exciting week. Probably why i have no emails eh? The saying is true, The more time in the mission, the less emails. Hey. Its okay. Its summer. I forgive you all. 🙂

So. This week i totes guess where one of the sisters from the ward was gonna go on her mission. I have literally been saying for 4 months Monterrey. Where is she going….. MONTERREY!!!!! Im so happy for her!!!!!!! She will be so amazing. Her family has had a LOT of problems and her dad in inactive but such a nice guy. AND. SHE IS GOING TO THE SAME MISSION THAT HER DAD WENT TO!!!!!! Thats why i said Montererry in the first place. So that she could meet the same people that her dad met and hopefully animate her dad. The church is so so so true. Prophets and apostles truly recieve revelation from God to put us in the right missions.

So this week was pretty uneventful. But ill give you the lowdown:

Taurino has his baptismal interview and passed….but he says bad words. Funny because we didnt know because they dont teach us the bad words in the MTC or spanish books. Sooo…awkward hahah. When Elder Per Chex told us we were just like…Sorry were white! But Taurino is trying to improve and he is gonna get baptized this Saturday!!!! Yayy!!!!!

We had a miracle this week. Allison Solis is the sister of Orfa the one who got her mission call. SO as i said her family has had ALOT of probz and well. Shes now 9 and not baptized. So it counts as ours! So we are having another baptism this week! YAY! The Lord works in mysterious ways,but the good thing is that she is finally getting baptized. Hopefully it turns out well!!

We ate with one of our favorite families this week and after they gave us the most delicious enchiladas, they told us they would take us anywhere we want to go before we leave. WERE GOING TO TAXCO NEXT WEEK!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! Love the members here!

Amada and Franciso are progressing SO WELL. Francisco told us that he finally believes its the true church and he is now preaching the gospel to his other church! HHAHA. But hey. Hes great. ALSO. Amada is SO cool. She is literally the best and is such a great example for her family. She is a woman of much faith and is so ready for her baptism. She even bought a prescription for the Liahona! hahah. She is the greatest! Her baptism will also be in about 2 weeks. Im so glad that they are finalllllyyyy getting baptized. They told us that they have listened to missionaries for years but never liked them or the church. But with us, it was different. We helped them how they needed to be helped. It was such a testimony to me that the Lords time is everything. He prepares his people and he knows what missionaries need to be with what investigators and members and so on. Truly. We are so blessed:)

We watched Meet the Mormons with a less active family and i just felt the spirit so much in the end when it was about the missionary. They have a such that is 17 and can leave in a year to go on a mission. SO. I just knew that he needs to start preparing now to go! He is so great. He actually started reading the BOM every night. He is an example to his family. Also. He came SOLO to church on sunday. The best. Seriously. This movie changes lives. Well, rather, the gospel changes lives.

Katya and Gris still continue to be SO cool. Katyas less active husband has been coming and paid his tithing for the first time in his life!!!!!!! Miracles people. Miracles.

Another funny miracle to end on. When we went to the doctor for Durhams back, it was a gongshow. We had to leave at THAT moment and we were in a taxi on the way to a different pueblo ( Hermana Kuschs orders) But we met Giovani and Yuli at the perfect moment so that they could take us!! THEN after the doctor these members from Cuerna helped us find the bus stop. THEN we were on the bus and a man came on selling treats. and Durham said, ” I hope a man comes on selling water cuz im so thirsty.” and lITERALLY a minute later a man came on selling water! LIterally. God loves us. He cares for us. And he is always looking out for his children in the simplest of ways. There are miracles everyday. Just look for them!

Con amor,

Hermana Corriveau IMG_1596 IMG_1600

The verdict is……

WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!!! AND IN ALPUYECA!!!! I will have 7 months here! Cray! But im super excited! Bring it! 6 weeks to go. The best 6 yet!

First off, Meet the Mormons changes lives. We watched it with Gris on Monday and after she was like, can i keep this and show it to the rest of the fam? Because i think it has a good message about families ( She is literally so chosen) Then we went back another day and she said they all watched it together and her husband CRIED!!!!! And he is SO inactive. he then said he wanted to clean up his act and change so that he can baptize his daugher. He has 3 years to do it. They also have the goal to go to the temple in a year!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!! I will totally come back to see them be sealed!

So Gris got baptized and it was the best day ever! Her whole less active family came! It was a good service and surprisingly everything went smoothy. We sang Come Thou Fount in spanish and her husband cried. The spirit was so strong and it was so powerful. Gris bore her testimony at the end and i started crying because she was like “Ive been waiting soo long for this day and it finally came” She is such a chosen daughter of God and im so glad that i was here to see her get baptized. Literally we didnt do anything, THE LORD PREPARES HIS CHILDREN! Timing is everything. We just need to be the instruments to help the timing come faster.

Taurino continues to be our favorite. When we taught tithing it was like sure! Ill pay that. Its only one tenth. He GETS it!!!! He always said the Lord blessed him because it rained sups hard and NOTHING got wet in his little shack of a house. Miracle? I think so. When we follow the Lord, we see miracles.

We have some old investigators back in action. Max. Amada and Francisco. Sometimes they are better the second time around. We are hoping they will progress. They all came to church on sunday! So that was good. They really are so great. I have faith in them that they will get baptized.

We love this old lady in our ward named Bertha. She is SO FUNNY. She is like 85 years old and just tells it how it is. I love old wise people. She always is such a strong and great example for her family. I have really learned a lot from here in these past months.

We gave talks on Sunday and it was good. We talked of obedience and the commandments. Somethig this ward needs to hear. It was good. Everyone cried at parts and told us how good we did. Really it was just the spirit talking.They felt the spirit in that moment so i hope they take it into affect and change!

 Hermana Durham is dying. Her back is hurting really bad. We couldnt even leave on Saturday because she couldnt move. So…pray for her!!!!

Love you all Have a greeeeeatttt week!

-Hermana Corriveau

Food for Thought:

Mosiah 2- I started reading Kind Banjamins “general conference talk” and i really saw how much the church really is the same! Since the beginning! We have a RESTORED gospel! I also love his teaching about God and the Atonement and how all we need to do is keep the commandments to show our LOVE for Him. I encourage you all to read it and ponder on it teachings.


Our District. None of us are changing!!!!!

Making smores after the District Meeting.IMG_1587 IMG_1593 IMG_1575 IMG_1584 IMG_1579 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1569

The invasion of…….

Can you guess what that is???? AN IGUANA!!!! I repeat an IGUANA!!!!!!! And there wasnt just one, there was 2!!!! We came home after district meeting and i went into the room to pack my back for divisons,i look out into the boiler room and i see a large thing. I look closer and realize its an IGUANA!!!!! Whatttt!!!!??? So i start screaming for Hna. Durham and we just start laughing. Like what the heck where do we live? So then i go to the bathroom and i see this guy slowing crawling on the screen! It was literally like jurassic park. So i start screaming again cuz i think ” Well what if it can cut threw the screeen!” Those things bite man! Like hard!!! So i was terrified. We called Per Chex ( our District Leader) and he was like “Yeah they are pretty dangerous, call an hermano to take them out, but take a picture first!” Haha way ahead of you man, we took pics AND videos.

But we didnt have a lot of time because we needed to leave so we just left them and hoped they escaped. We went to Cuerna for the night for divisions and then came back and…..

They were still there!!!!! So we call an hermano that lives next to us, ” Hermano Oscar, we have a situation, there are 2 iguanas in our house.” ( and at this moment they JUMP! So we scream.) He says, “Hermanas what happened!” “Iguanas! There are iguans in our house!” “Ill be there in a second with a muchacho!” So he comes with some random muchacho to take them out. They just GRAB them by the neck! And they ALMOST let it in the house. Its a shame we cant take videos because it was super cray cray. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless. And we are iguana free.

Other than that, its been a great week. We had divisions with Hermana Naut and her trainee and it was good to get caught up with her again.

Taurino is progressing so well and he came to stake conference!!!!! Our stake center is an hour away from our area and we had 4 investigators come on sunday! GO ALPUYECA! We also had Fabian come on Sautrday. He is SO great as well. Were hoping he can get baptized this Friday, pray for him!!!! So we are truly seeing miracles here. People are progressing and really getting it. They understand the importance of the gospel in their lives. I love being able to see these chnges in their lives. And their faith as they follow the counsel of the prophets.

We had Stake Conference this week and Elder Villalobos from the area 70 came. It was a good conference and on the Saturday conference he had it more interactive and had like a panel of ward council members. He basically planched everyone in a loving manner but it was good and what they needed to hear. Hoping a 70 can make a difference here in this area! But i felt uplifted and the spirit and felt a desire to be a better person, member, and missionary. The mission doesnt just stop with the mission! He said something i really liked, ” Its the Celestial Kingdom, or nothing.” So true. There is no middle. We want to strive to make it to the Celestial kingdom, we will settle for nothing less. So lets live the life we need to make it there!

We went to Katya and she is soooo awesome. We retaught the pre earth life and she was like ya i remember when you guys taught me this and it makes so much sense! She was a JDub before and she didnt like it. She knows this is the TRUTH and she loves it. She will be such a great leader in the church. I love her and i know that i am here in Alpuyeca to meet her and Gris. THey are great examples for their families and i know that one day, the whole family will come back to church. Pray for Gris btw, she is getting baptized this week as well!!!!!:)

Love you all! I cant believe im starting my last change this week! Im almost 98 percent positive im staying here in Alpuyeca with Hermana Durham. We have changes Wednesday, but i will let you know next week! Have a great week! Pray for our investigators and always find ways to serve others!

-Hermana Corriveau IMG_1513 IMG_1539 IMG_1544 IMG_1515

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


This was the BEST week ever!!!!! i will send a LOT of pics to describe it.

First off. Started off with me holding a piglet. We went to parque chapultepec and there were a bunch of little animals and of course i saw the pigs and wanted to hold one. So we sat there for 15 minutes trying to lure it out finally I grabbed it and it started freaking out! Liek squeeling at the top of its lungs. SO i started screaming but Hermana Durham was like wait! You have to take a video and pic! So we got a funny video and sweet pic. Picture attatched. Then we ended it off with Carls Junior. Simply blissful.

Had divisions then went to the consejo de liderazgo. The last one with President and Hermana Kusch! It was sooooo good and uplifting. We cut his tie as well ( A common misison tradition for the elders) and then….drum roll please….WENT TO THRIFTY ALL OF US! It was literally heaven. I love my mission:) Seriously i love President and hermana Kusch. I have learned so much from them in my 16 months here in the mission. They are amazing people and are going to bless even more lives than they already have when they return to Idaho. ❤

So then. Katya got baptized!!! It was a good baptism and her less active mother in law came so that was good! She is the best. I know she will be a great leader in the church one day. Im so grateful that I was able to be a part of her conversion process. Her sister in law Gris should be getting baptized in 2 weeks as well. Along with Fabian. Also love him. He has such a great spirit and so is so so nice. We love teaching him. He has such a good heart and i know that this gospel with bless him so much in his life. He one day will be perfect. What a great plan this plan of salvation!!!!

Taurino still continues to be the best. He said in response to if we went to the party for the political parties, ” Theyre not here to party, theyre here to save souls!” Love that little man. THE BEST.

We are in a really good spot right now for the work. We are seeing miracles and people come out of no where. We are truly blessed. I know this gospel is true. I know that the plan of salvation gives up hope in this life. Happiness is here. The whole point of the gospel is to be happy! I LOVE this life. Love my life. and i love everyone in it. When we put God first, everything works out okay.

Have a great weeeeek!


Food for Thought:

Matthew 6: 33. Enough said.



-cool snake thingIMG_1448 IMG_1452 IMG_3116 IMG_1461 IMG_1465 IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1490 IMG_1492

Wait, its June?

First off. Prayers for the family of L. Tom Perry. He was a great servant of the Lord and I know he is in a much better place now.

SO this week started off with the double dragon. If you dont know what that means, its probably a good thing. I think i just am going to be sick until August 3rd. So that was Tuesday. But Im me and I didnt want to miss working so we left to work after sleeping for about an hour after District Meeting ( only went to get a blessing) and then went out. Well we go to a lesson with Francisco and Amada, and they are cool, but Francisco is just so uptight with the Bible cuz he is super Christian, and they had these friends there. We were like, ” do you want us to come back another day?” Because we could tell that they were from some religious group. And they were like no its fine! So we go in and Durham tells them we are missionaries and what we do and stuff like that. She asks if they have a question of anything that we do and he says “yes actually. What fruit did Eve eat?”

I had word vomit and was like ” It literally doesnt matter.” and then he starts yelling yes it does matter blah blah blah. And i was like im so over this. im not saying anything. Luckily Durham was “bold” as Francisco later told us, and was telling him what we believe and that it literally doesnt matter what type of fruit she ate and all of that. So after we just talked to Amada and it was fine and the guy shut up. So that was annoying. Especially when i was still really sick.

Then we entered the taxi driver from Satan. We started casually talking to him then he was like old was Adam. and I said, ” Like 900 something.” and he started yelling at me and saying that we should learn the Bible before we start preaching. I had had about ENOUGH with these people. Sorry. But really. So i just interupted him and said, ” Sir. I testify that Christ lives. What we preach, is of him.” and just started testifying. Then he tried interupting me and i said “No, let me finish.” Then i said, “And now im done with this conversation.” He kept saying stuff and we were just like I literally am SO GLAD I KNOW THE TRUTH! ITS SO TRUE PEOPLE!!!!!! THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes its hard to keep your cool when there are so many lets just say……special people in the world. But hey. Just testify and you did your part. Thats all you can do sometimes.

We had divisions with Temixco and we ate pancakes from a less active member. I was in heaven.

So then it RAINED SUPER HARD on Wednesay night and i loved it. But then i got a cold. ANd now i have like the whooping cough or something. I literally am dying.

So….Katya got married!!!! YAY!!! She can FINALLY GET BAPTIZED!!!! This Friday! YAY! Also another surprise, her sister in law that wasnt married either, got married as well! YAY!!!! Another baptism!!!! They are such awesome people and were just impided by that oneeeee detail that they werent married. We are SO excited. God is blessing us.

Our investigator Taurino, the old guy, is the literal best. So before us he was listening to the JWs and they cam back the other day. A member walked by and saw them and was like uhoh. Then we walked back a little later and Taurino just book up to the door his Book of Mormon and a pass along card of Jesus. The ultimate talk to the hand. hahaha. I LOVE HIM!

Fabian, the man with bipolar disease, has such a sweet spirit. We started to teach him and he was like ” SO i have been thinking, I need to get baptized.” It was so cute. haha. He is the best and he is totes gonna get baptized in a few weeks. We just feel such a great spirit from him. He only has this sickness for this time in the world. But he will have a perfect body one day. Such a great hope for him.

We had a good turn out at church. Hermana Garcia returned to the mission with her family so that was fun to see them. Thanks for the family Garcias! Its already all gone. oops. Life really is good. We love our lives. and each other. We are going to see a lot of miracles happen in these last 2 months!

Its amazing to see how people convert here. Lives are changing. The gospel is so TRUE! SO TRUE! Thats all i got to say. The church is so so so so so true! I love it! It makes SO much sense. The BOM is SO true! Its the word of God. It gives us hope, happiness, and more truth. Read it!!!! Pray about it!!!! and you will KNOW!

Love you all! Linda tarde!

My first Thrify adventure. I was speechless. SO yummy. Mint chocoalte chip for the win.

Our security system. Glass on the walls. IMG_1383 IMG_1385 IMG_1392 IMG_1384 IMG_1388 IMG_1391

Güeritas en Mexico

This week we had our LAST ZONE CONFERENCE WITH PRESIDENT & SISTER KUSCH!!!!! It was super bittersweet!

it was a good conference. We had a sketch and I was Hermana Zambrano from the offices. I literally was her twin. It was pretty funny. Hermana Kusch took a selfie of me and said she was gonna set it as her background for her phone when Hermana Z calls. LOLOLOL.

I LOVE President and Sister Kusch. They are the literal best. We had an awesome conference and talked a lot of being self sufficient and enduring to the end and using the Book of Mormon. We had the conference with Iguala! So i got to see Downer and Hingano so that was cool. So there is about oh i dontknow…60 people there? Ish. And who gets picked to be the example to teach the lesson for a role play? Thats right Corriveau and Durham. Who did we teach? Thats right. PRESIDENT KUSCH!!!! I literally almost pooped my pants. I didnt dont worry. And i think it went good. After Elder Estrada was just like “I needed someone that would do a good job.” Ay! Que miedo! But hey. I think it was good and some people said we did a great job. But literally the most terrifying thing i have done on my mission.

Saturday we met an “apostle.” Have i mentioned that i hate some people? He was totally just fighting with us and i was like like “Brother, why did you want to talk to us?” He was like “Why are you annoyed?” And i was like ” yes actually. we arent here to fight. We just want to testify of what we know. Heres a pamphlet explaining what we were TRYING to explain to you. We have to leave now.” Seriously it was the worst. So i was in a bad mood but we went to our investagator named Taurinos house after. Hes like 75 and has arthritis and is not very educated at all. We were teaching him and he kept saying, “And the other guerita?” ( Thats what they call us white girls) And we were like she is just in our ward not in our area haha. And he was being SOOOO funny. We were literally dying of laugher in the lesson. So then we asked him to pray and this was exactly what he said, in translation, ” Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending me these white girls, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” LOLOLOL. But i can honestly say that in that moment i felt the spirit because he was SO sincere. he really is so great. He has come to church 2 times now. Moving along!!!

Really this week im going to send more pictures than talk. Nothing too exciting happened. Just la chamba. Love you all. BE SAFE!!!


Food for Thought:

have you ever seen 17 miracles? OMG! THE BEST MOVIE EVER! I was balling in the first 5 minutes. Then all throughout the movie. Its the BEST!!!! There is a quote that i love ” It will all be worth it” This really hit me this week. It is SO true! All the hard things we do, a mission, college, marriage—its ALL WORTH IT! So just follow with FAITH! And the Lord will bless. Seriously. The pioneers had SO MUCH FAITH! I think we could all learn a lot from them. So. This week i encourage to watch that movie if you havent already. and if you have, watch it again! It will change your life!

-Hermana Zambrano

-Hermana Zambrano, Sister Kusch, President Kusch

-Downer and HinganoIMG_1322 IMG_1344 IMG_1371 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1338 IMG_1353 IMG_1355 IMG_1363 IMG_1329 IMG_1342 IMG_1349