Achey Brakey Back

Well Hermana Durham finally went to the doctor for her back. It was a gongshow to get there but it finally happened. And the doctor just said it was stress, tight muscles, and too much walking and carrying heavy bags…. I TOLD her that her diagnosis was just 17 months in the mission. I should be a doctor:, eh:) But glad she doesnt have spinal problems and we are just gonna drug her up until the end. BRING IT.

Anyway. Other than that. Not a really exciting week. Probably why i have no emails eh? The saying is true, The more time in the mission, the less emails. Hey. Its okay. Its summer. I forgive you all. 🙂

So. This week i totes guess where one of the sisters from the ward was gonna go on her mission. I have literally been saying for 4 months Monterrey. Where is she going….. MONTERREY!!!!! Im so happy for her!!!!!!! She will be so amazing. Her family has had a LOT of problems and her dad in inactive but such a nice guy. AND. SHE IS GOING TO THE SAME MISSION THAT HER DAD WENT TO!!!!!! Thats why i said Montererry in the first place. So that she could meet the same people that her dad met and hopefully animate her dad. The church is so so so true. Prophets and apostles truly recieve revelation from God to put us in the right missions.

So this week was pretty uneventful. But ill give you the lowdown:

Taurino has his baptismal interview and passed….but he says bad words. Funny because we didnt know because they dont teach us the bad words in the MTC or spanish books. Sooo…awkward hahah. When Elder Per Chex told us we were just like…Sorry were white! But Taurino is trying to improve and he is gonna get baptized this Saturday!!!! Yayy!!!!!

We had a miracle this week. Allison Solis is the sister of Orfa the one who got her mission call. SO as i said her family has had ALOT of probz and well. Shes now 9 and not baptized. So it counts as ours! So we are having another baptism this week! YAY! The Lord works in mysterious ways,but the good thing is that she is finally getting baptized. Hopefully it turns out well!!

We ate with one of our favorite families this week and after they gave us the most delicious enchiladas, they told us they would take us anywhere we want to go before we leave. WERE GOING TO TAXCO NEXT WEEK!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! Love the members here!

Amada and Franciso are progressing SO WELL. Francisco told us that he finally believes its the true church and he is now preaching the gospel to his other church! HHAHA. But hey. Hes great. ALSO. Amada is SO cool. She is literally the best and is such a great example for her family. She is a woman of much faith and is so ready for her baptism. She even bought a prescription for the Liahona! hahah. She is the greatest! Her baptism will also be in about 2 weeks. Im so glad that they are finalllllyyyy getting baptized. They told us that they have listened to missionaries for years but never liked them or the church. But with us, it was different. We helped them how they needed to be helped. It was such a testimony to me that the Lords time is everything. He prepares his people and he knows what missionaries need to be with what investigators and members and so on. Truly. We are so blessed:)

We watched Meet the Mormons with a less active family and i just felt the spirit so much in the end when it was about the missionary. They have a such that is 17 and can leave in a year to go on a mission. SO. I just knew that he needs to start preparing now to go! He is so great. He actually started reading the BOM every night. He is an example to his family. Also. He came SOLO to church on sunday. The best. Seriously. This movie changes lives. Well, rather, the gospel changes lives.

Katya and Gris still continue to be SO cool. Katyas less active husband has been coming and paid his tithing for the first time in his life!!!!!!! Miracles people. Miracles.

Another funny miracle to end on. When we went to the doctor for Durhams back, it was a gongshow. We had to leave at THAT moment and we were in a taxi on the way to a different pueblo ( Hermana Kuschs orders) But we met Giovani and Yuli at the perfect moment so that they could take us!! THEN after the doctor these members from Cuerna helped us find the bus stop. THEN we were on the bus and a man came on selling treats. and Durham said, ” I hope a man comes on selling water cuz im so thirsty.” and lITERALLY a minute later a man came on selling water! LIterally. God loves us. He cares for us. And he is always looking out for his children in the simplest of ways. There are miracles everyday. Just look for them!

Con amor,

Hermana Corriveau IMG_1596 IMG_1600


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