We are the Wo-Men in the Black.

This week was so scary.

let me just tell you…..

We have SO many cockroachs. omg its the WORST. Last night it was literally like Men in Black and they just came RUNNING out of a hole in the wall! We were screaming and killing them like crazy.Like the game at Chuckie Cheese where you wack a mole. It was wack a roach. I kid you not there was 5 in 2 minutes. Its SO GROSS. And we dont even know where to move We couldnt sleep because we thought there was cockraoches on us. Which there ws probably was.

This morning. I picked up my garments and a coackroach ran out. NOT OKAY!!

Im done.

But on the bright side. The church is true and families can be together forever.

We have an awesome investigator named Katya. She is THE BOMB. She is girlfriend of a less active member and she is literally SO prepared. I love it. Everytime we go she has already read and is so ready for baptism. She has to get married first but she said she wants us to be bridesmaids hahah. I LOVE HER! And can we talk about her “sister in law” Sol? OMG. LOVE HER. She gave us clothes and Ralph Lauren perfume and seriously is THE BEST. Has the strongest testimony and is helping us out so much. We found out her OTHER brother isnt married either but his wife wants to get baptized too! Double Wedding. Double Baptism. Double pastel. Aint mad about it:)

So there are good things in life. Just. The good things in life dont come free. You have to buy Bug Spray and lose a little bit of  sleep.

We also got broken up with from investigators. It was really sad. But. We immediatly found a family of 4 after then. God is wise. So we are coming along.

Max is still trying to get baptized but its a problem with his parents. Pray for him! Pray for his parents that they will open their hearts and let him get baptized!

I got the package from yall! Thank you so much!!!!! I love the dress! and….the candy is all gone. oops. I swear. Diet starts tomorrow……Okay maybe in May.

Well all in all. It really was a great week. We had divisions with some other sisters and i always learn so much from them. I love being in this calling because i am learning a WHOLE lot more than i am teaching them.

Im actually in Cuautla right now. My old area! We have 2 companionships that we are doing divisions with so im pretty excited. I saw some old members and it was fun:) I do really true LOVE the people here. That is what is helping me and getting me along.

I had some cool ” follow the spirit experiences” this week. Just remembering some people at the last minute and going to see them and they were home and we got to teach them and they ended up being new investigators. Finding families to teach. Really, the power of pray works. I dont ever doubt it.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hope you have a great week!

Food for Thought:

Well i think my thought is for me today. Even in the toughest of things, the gospel is true. Doesnt matter what is going on, what problems you have, how many cockraoches there are, the gospel is true and it helps us. D & C 121:7-8. Always trust in the Lord!

– So burnt.

– How we shower at night

-This plant we used to put on our burns. Its like aloe.

IMG_1190 IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1173 IMG_1177 IMG_1178


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