La Chamba

This week literally flew by.

We are having good luck finding new people and more importantly—FAMILES!! I love teaching families. It makes me feel all happy and fuzzy inside:) We have about 2 new families that we are teaching and i love it. They are AWESOME as well.

We did divisions with Hermana Avila and Vilupek. I lovvvveee them I really miss Hermana Avila. I loved living with her in Cuautla. She is AWESOME. We found 9 news that. BAM! Doin work. They are such great sisters though and we planned the sketch for the conference. Its gonna be totally wack. But hey. They usually are.

So. Plot twist. Francisco, the hubby of Amada is actually NOT a member!!! He never got confirmed!!! I swear these people here. Hes been baptized 4 times lol. Once AFTER he got baptized in our church. After we taught about the gospel of Christ i asked so Francisco, what do you need to do? He said, ” Get baptized?” Yep. Nailed it brotha. So now they are BOTH investagators and totally gonna get baptized the 26th of June. Pray for them!!!!

We are also teaching a taxi guy and his family. His name is gary. Which made us laugh haha. But they are also SUPER cool and gave us mangos. So i approve. They really liked the Plan of Salvation, especially because a alot of bad things have happened in their lives. So it was comfort to them to know their purpose here.

We also had a BOMB lesson with Fanny and her husband Israel. Fanny is a less active and is SO cool. She wants to go to church but its really like up to her hubby if they go or not. But we taught him and he was like i know hermanas. i need to learn more. i feel something different with you guys. Yaaa. The sppiirittt!! How great the spirit works inside of people. He will totally be a great leader one day as well.

We had divisions with Tlatenchi as well. They are awesome but their ward is totally in apostasy. So. We just shared a thought about the “piña” (pineapple) and told them to be dilligent and keep working hard. They liked the piña thought haha. Its from a video from doctrine and covenents but they are awesome. I love the sisters in our zone. They are THE BEST:) Such hard workers, no matter what happens.

We also found 4 news on Saturday. Totally have potential. Best part? ALL REFERENCES FROM MEMBERS!!!! They are sooo cool. ANd one even came to church on sunday! It was awesome. We know we ARE here in Alpuyeca for a reason. Really. We are needed here at this time. together. to help these certain people.

We are in love with the Bocanegra. They just GET IT! Quotes from the hermano:

Once we get a little mud on us, its easier to get dirtier and dirtier. Its easy to get dirty than clean once you get all the way in. But. THATS why we need the sacrament. To cleanse, or clean, us every week.

We sometims think of God as just a God of emergencies. Beware of that.


Love you all! Have a great week!

Food for Thought:

My food for thought is actualy for you guys to help me. Can you help me understand Jacob 5 better? Like i want in depth answers to this to help me understand the tribes and the gentiles and the gathering and all of that. Thank you! :))))))

-Just chillin with Peppa the Pig

-rice fields

-BocanegzIMG_1315 IMG_1316 IMG_1318


Were staying in Alpuyeca!!!!!!!


We are staying together. In Alpuyeca. We are SO excited to be together. It was really funny because we were sitting in consejo and President was like there are going to be some changes in the STL. I about puked cuz i did NOT want to get changed from Durham. He looks at us and says. ” you two arent going anywhere” hhaah. Love it. We are SO happppyyyyyy.

It was nice talking to all of you yesterday! Families are the best! And ill see you all SO SOON!

We did divisions this week in Cuernavaca and it rained! SO REFRESHING!

We actually have been having good luck finding people in their houses! Its not as hot when youre not walking so much. We had an AWESOME lesson with a less active member that needed our help at the time. Spirit is always guiding. For real. It was awesome and I hope that she can come back to church soon.

We also had a cool experience with Amada. So Mexicans are all about those dreams. And she had a dream that she was washing her clothes and when she pulled it out of the water it was shining sooooo bright and she was amazed. But she said it was only her clothes, not her kids. Basically i took this as, salvation is personal and when we get baptized, we are completely clean and “shining” with the spirit

cool huh?

We had a lot of citas fall through on friday and we wanted some snocones so we went and bought some and started chatting with the people selling them. They ended up already having been to church and havign the lessons. The husband was like almost going to get baptized then idk what happened. So it was really cool. They came to church on sunday too!!!!!! That was such a miracle!!!!! We has 6 in the church!

Seeing miracles everyday. The mission is the best!!!!


Also Downer is going BACK to Insurgentes with Hingano. so jelly. But happy for them.

Love you all! Happy week!

Food for Thought:

There is a difference between keeping the Sabbath day holy and sanctifying it. -Joaquin Lopez, our ward mission leader. What are you doing to sanctify the Sabbath day?

-we are so happy together


-Cutest Belle everIMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1299 IMG_1290 IMG_1294 IMG_1306

Nos Falta 3 meses; y Feliz 5 de Mayo!

They actually dont celebrate 5 de Mayo here. Weird right? its just all so backwards here but hey. esta bien.

We had a pretty good week. To be honest i dont remember alot! The weeks are just flying by! But thats good. We have changes this next Monday. If i get switched from Hermana Durham i will cry. Other than that, im pretty content with what happens, but im pretty sure i will finish my mission in Alpuyeca.

We were able to find a couple solid new people this week, which is good because some people broke up with us too- That was pretty sad. I never was good at breakups.

We have an elder named Elder Per Chex and he is sooooo funny. We swear he is American. He literally talks perfect english. And his name is Henry David. This week he and his comp gave a blessing to Durham and he said ” The name will be revealed” Seriously the funniest. Love him. He also is like 4 foot 6. No lie.

Also. Another funny Elder quote. Elder Corbin “Hermanas, do you have a cotton ball?” While we are in the church waiting for Meet the Mormons…..Yes elder, we just carry around cotton balls all the time. haha. They are just so innocent.

So speaking of. We got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was so fun to watch it will the whole stake. It was a pretty good turnout too considering it was on a Wednesday night. Isabel and Brian came, a less active member with the rockstar son. So that was awesome. And the Flores family. Of course. Love them.

We met Moises again this week! He was an investigator when we first got to Alpuyeca with Lopez and he is the sweetest but is always working. He agreed to baptism again and was like “Duh i wanna get baptized, or else i wouldnt be here!” Alrighty then! It was pretty funny. Hes cool. Just works. A TON!

We did divisions with Hermana Stephonson and Melendez. Stephonson is new and is doing awesome! She is such a good sport about Mexico haha and just going with the flow. She always went on a Harry Potter study abroad. SO. Thats legit.

We were able to have a good lesson with Max. He is really opening up and likes us now but he is still so scared to ask his parents for permission!!!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to help him, tell me!!! But i know whatever happens, happens for a reason. If he doesnt get baptized now, he will one day. He is the best. We love him. Ay. Its just so sad, hard sometimes because we have so many great people but there are SO many forces that are so out of our control!!!! Marriage, Parents. The worst. haha. But hey. I have faith in God that it will all be okay. Just sitting here waiting with faith and patience.

Its been really HOT here. Have i mentioned that? haha. Seriously. Sometimes i just want to jump into the river next to our house. But we are getting through it.

We have an investagator Joyce as well. She is really cool. And gets it. really gets it. All of her family is members, just not her mom. And her mom wants ther to be “ready” But i think she is READY. Way READY! When we taught the 1st lesson, she was SO interested. Love her. But why do i love her so much? Bs she is a Bocanegra. Let me just talk about how much i LOVE Hermano Bocanegra. He is just a nice, humble guy who is always doing the right thing. He is about 65 ish i think and just loves everyone. He does his visits on Sundays. He completes with his commitments. He is just a good guy. Just your average ranchero. This Sunday he got up and bore his testimony and it was so powerful. But let me backtrack a bit. Gabi Flores, who i also love, bore her testimony about how she was singing a hymn while doing her daughters hair. Then her daughter after said Thanks mom and ran away singing the same hymn. She was saying how much our kids depend on us and OUR example. Ok so flash forward to Bocanegra. He basically planched the congragation about doing their visits. He said with SO much love, WHy doesnt the bishop know whats going on? Because we arent working. We need to work! Hay que trabajar!!!!!” And he can say that because he DOES his visits! Then at the end, he said,” It all depends on what we sing” WHAT A POET!!! He is literally my favorite. He is SO right. We as members need to work more! Help our brothers and sisters! The missionaries can only do so much. But the members, those are basically permanent. DO YOUR VISITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all depends on what we sing.

Love you all. Pray for me. Hoping this change there isnt any weird changes. But pray that the best thing happens. Pray for Max.

Have a great week!

Food for Thought:

Women, this talk is the best!!!!! Read and love it and remember who you are! IMG_1221 IMG_1226 IMG_1250

Another week FLEW BY!

Another week FLEW BY! Alpuyeca is SO HOT! SO HOT!!!!!! But hey. We are making the best of it. We took our beds out in the main room because it was literally a sauna in our bedroom and we woke up sweating everynight. The worst. But on the brightside, there arent as many cockroaches. But we think we might have a rat. Because we have a lot of poo everywhere. But. maybe its the geckos. Do lizards poop?

Okay. It just ends. Hermana SKinner just said lizards poop. We feel better.

SO. We had divisions this week with Avila and Vilupek. They are awesome. Vilupek is new this change and is from Cali so she is struggling with the language. Like all newbies! Its normal! But I was with her and she is trying really hard. She is AWESOME! I remember being new and thinking, wow i will never talk spanish well. But look at me now. I know she will get through it. I was able to help her i think. Thats why i love being a sister training leader! You really learn a lot about people and find the ways to help them. Its like the sisters are investagators and you are always doing a how to begin teaching! But we talked a lot of patience and love. And the love of Christ. Hermana Durhams dad wrote the best letter ever and i shared it with her. We both cried haha. But it was cool and it was a really great time.

Weve been having luck finding new investagators so thats cool. We were excited this week to see so many new faces accept the gospel.

We had the worst experience. This lady from Holland got on the cambi and she was cool at first because she spoke so many different languages. But then she started preaching at us and i wanted to punch her. She was like i dont want to accept another book other than the bible and we stopped trying and she STILL kept preaching at us. I was like dude. chill. We started talking to other people and she STILL KEPT GOING! Needless to say i just forced a smile and kepy quiet even though on the inside i was saying many things i would like to say to her. The Lord was testing my patience. I think i passed the test on the outside. I should work on my inside thoughts though. Little by little.But lets be honest. She was crazy. Who would voluntarily live in ALPUYECA for the rest of their lives?????

We had other divisions with other sisters and they said they love us the best:) We are the best sister training leaders because we dont planch. Just LOVE! Thats the best way to be a leader and they respect us because they loved us as friends first. Seriously. We have the best sisters in our area though. They are all so amazing. We are loving our life. We dont want to get changed!!!! Hoping that Durham and I die together!

So cool experience this week: We ate with Hermana Rosario and she has a son on a mission. She told us an experience of her son. SO her mom died about a month ago and it was a wednesday at 3 pm. She got a call that night from her son Hugo saying that he knew that her mom died. How? Well. At the comida he heard 3 yells. Hugggo. Huuuuuugo.. HUUUGOOOOO!!! It was his grandma obviously. At it was about the time she died. 3 pm. He searched for the president of mission all day until he finally got authorized to call at 8 pm. WOW. What a miracle.

We had SOOOOOO many less actives in church! It was the most exciting thing ever! Honestly. Its just as important to reactive as it is to baptize. We had aboout 8 different people. and not just people but FAMILIES!!!!!! The coolest part? ALL people we visited this past week! It was proof that we really are doing work. We really are making a difference and helping people out. Maybe not baptized every week, but sure making a difference in the lives of otthers and helping them come unto Christ little by little. One day, they will get sealed. as families. How great is that???

Missionary work is awesome.

Love you all. I swear im fine. Dont worry. Im pushing through it. And ill see you all SO SOON! Hey Mothers Day. Keep in tune for the call.

Love you!

Food for Thought:

 Read this story. A teengars view of life.

Meditate on how YOU share the gospel…..

Its like a Symphony!

It’s like a symphony just keep listening

And pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part

Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies

In each one of us, oh, it’s glorious

Life really is glorious right? Everything happens for a reason and we all play a part in this glorious world. Take in the little things in life and enjoy every minute of it. Even the hard parts.

This week was really quick. We went to Cuautla to do divisions. I got to see some people from my old ward. I really LOVE Cuautla. Its really clean. And the people there are really cool. Really did love my time there even though it was a little difficuly at times. Thats how it always is though right, we always miss it when its gone. How can we overcome that mindset?

So anyway. This week was good. We were in Cuautla with 2 companionships of sisters and it was really fun. Always learn a lot more from them than i think they learn from me. I was with Hermana Medel again! She has gotten a lot better at teaching and being more confident. Awh my little hija:)

I finally met the famous Hermana Garcia.  A lot of my comps have been comps with her and i have heard a lot about her. She is so cool and funny! Love her. We had a good time with them. Really are amazing sisters. Our mission is THE BEST.

We came home and then worked Thursday. Found a new investagator named Gris. She is SO CHOSEN! She is the kind of wife of a menos activo, the same family as Katia, the Navarette. Basically none of them are married so we just need to marry them and ya they are good to go! But it was a tender mercy for sure. They are SO prepared. Really to be honest. Thats missionary work. Finding the people who are prepared from the Lord. How do we do that? References!!!!!! The friends and family of members! Members. PLEASE. Help the missionaries and give them your references. Pray about who needs to hear the gospel, follow the promptings, then give it to the missionaries. I promise you it will be a great experience for you and your friend or loved one.

We visited a family of less actives this week and i love them! We havent been able to go in a long time but we finally went and they gave us icecream. We asked if they would come to church and they were pretty iffy about it. But at church, THEY CAME!!!!!!! I was so excited! Honestly. I love working with less actives. Its just as important to reactive than to baptize. I love the family Bocanegra and i know that they will be GREAT members again one day. We also had some other less actives come as well. Honestly. I just love seeing the changes in people. Investagators, members, less actives, lo que sea. My greatest moment this week i would have to say would be when the Bocanegras came to church. Love it!

Durham had a great fall and we had to stay in all day on Friday. Dont worry, various people bought us chicken and rice to eat. And we watched Meet the Mormons. Thanks mom. Hey is David Archileta big everywhere or just in the Mormon world. We love him nonetheless. But shes fine and walking now. Beasting through it. 3 months to go! We got it!

Hope youre all having a great week and doing well in finals, school, work, etc. I love you! Thanks for all the support!

Food for thought:

 I know i had a kick myself moment. I was being a little downer and i was on the bus and there was a mentally handicapped man begging for money. I thought to myself. Ok. I am SO lucky to have what i have, there are people so much off worse than me. I have a family and friends that love me. This man had no one. I gave him 2 pesos then started contacting the guy next to me. It was a reminder that everything really be okay. Sometimes its hard, but we just need to always put others before us and everything wil be okay! We are so lucky. Count your blessings, and in the process help others see theirs as well. IMG_1191 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1200 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1214 IMG_1193 IMG_1197

We are the Wo-Men in the Black.

This week was so scary.

let me just tell you…..

We have SO many cockroachs. omg its the WORST. Last night it was literally like Men in Black and they just came RUNNING out of a hole in the wall! We were screaming and killing them like crazy.Like the game at Chuckie Cheese where you wack a mole. It was wack a roach. I kid you not there was 5 in 2 minutes. Its SO GROSS. And we dont even know where to move We couldnt sleep because we thought there was cockraoches on us. Which there ws probably was.

This morning. I picked up my garments and a coackroach ran out. NOT OKAY!!

Im done.

But on the bright side. The church is true and families can be together forever.

We have an awesome investigator named Katya. She is THE BOMB. She is girlfriend of a less active member and she is literally SO prepared. I love it. Everytime we go she has already read and is so ready for baptism. She has to get married first but she said she wants us to be bridesmaids hahah. I LOVE HER! And can we talk about her “sister in law” Sol? OMG. LOVE HER. She gave us clothes and Ralph Lauren perfume and seriously is THE BEST. Has the strongest testimony and is helping us out so much. We found out her OTHER brother isnt married either but his wife wants to get baptized too! Double Wedding. Double Baptism. Double pastel. Aint mad about it:)

So there are good things in life. Just. The good things in life dont come free. You have to buy Bug Spray and lose a little bit of  sleep.

We also got broken up with from investigators. It was really sad. But. We immediatly found a family of 4 after then. God is wise. So we are coming along.

Max is still trying to get baptized but its a problem with his parents. Pray for him! Pray for his parents that they will open their hearts and let him get baptized!

I got the package from yall! Thank you so much!!!!! I love the dress! and….the candy is all gone. oops. I swear. Diet starts tomorrow……Okay maybe in May.

Well all in all. It really was a great week. We had divisions with some other sisters and i always learn so much from them. I love being in this calling because i am learning a WHOLE lot more than i am teaching them.

Im actually in Cuautla right now. My old area! We have 2 companionships that we are doing divisions with so im pretty excited. I saw some old members and it was fun:) I do really true LOVE the people here. That is what is helping me and getting me along.

I had some cool ” follow the spirit experiences” this week. Just remembering some people at the last minute and going to see them and they were home and we got to teach them and they ended up being new investigators. Finding families to teach. Really, the power of pray works. I dont ever doubt it.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hope you have a great week!

Food for Thought:

Well i think my thought is for me today. Even in the toughest of things, the gospel is true. Doesnt matter what is going on, what problems you have, how many cockraoches there are, the gospel is true and it helps us. D & C 121:7-8. Always trust in the Lord!

– So burnt.

– How we shower at night

-This plant we used to put on our burns. Its like aloe.

IMG_1190 IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1173 IMG_1177 IMG_1178

Livin Mexico.

This week was amazing!!!!!!!!! As always. Also we hit 14 months in the mission. What!!!!? Time literally is flying by!!!!

Starting off super good. We had awesome lessons with investigators and are finding a lot of new people to teach. We went to Cuernavaca for consejo and had a pizza party with the sister training leaders. I forgot how much i LOVE little cesars.

Also. Remember Israel? Well we get a call at 6 40 in the morning and it was Israel. Sisters, are you up? Yes? WHY are you calling us? Just wanted to make sure you really get up at 630 everyday, have a great day! Omg literatly he is the worst hahaa. He has come to church 5 times now and wont accept a baptism date! This is what gives me stress in the mission! They are so close yet, so far!!!!!!

We had a good consejo. I always love learning more about the mission and the gospel. It really fascinating me.

We had an AWESOME Thursday. First we met Katia. She is girlfriend of a less active and she is SO prepared! She was like im reading a book, is it okay if i keep reading it? Its the Teachings of Joseph Smith. Uhm. YA YOU CAN!!!! LIterally she is the best. and we love her sister in law. Sol. She is a less active but is coming back to church and has SUCH a strong testimony. She has given us references too.

Then we went to America.

Our ward mission leaders house. Its SO nice. I mean it has tennis courts. Also i KNOW they are American they are just not telling us. But anyway i truly love them and want to BE them when they grow up.

Speaking of that. Can we talk about Conference???

I loved conference! Do you want to get married now? I sure do. Jeesh. I actually had a really cool experience.

I had the question. When we get to the jugdement seat, and have a perfect knowledge of everything that we did, will we have to talk about our sins? Even though we repented? Because supposably God forgets our sins when we repent.

In conference it literally said. We will mention our sins no more, even in the judgement.

How i LOVE the inspiration of conference and the leaders of the church! It was a testimony to me that our questions are always answered when we come in with an open heart and mind and with a desire to learn and grow.

I just loved everything about it. Its like Christmas for me. For real. I also loved Bednars talk. He is awsesome. I always love his talks, they are so powerful. I could just feel so much of a confirmation of the truthfulness of the gospel and that Christ LIVES.

We also had interviews with President Kusch. Our last ones! He is leaving in June. It was a good interview though. I truly am so grateful for the work that he does. I have been so blessed to come here in THIS time with THESE people. WITH THESE mission presients. Everything truly happens for a reason:)

Have an excellent week!

Ps. We want to move our house. wish us luck

Pps. Pray for Max to get baptized in 2 weeks!

Food for Thought:

Meditate about Conference and what you liked. I liked what Elder Nelson said, Now that we are here and what we heard, how will we change? This hit me a lot because we always listen and its all cool, but then we never change. Let us CHANGE! Let us drop our bad habits and start focusing on the good and always progress to do better. Remember the words of the prophets, and most importantly, LIVE THEM! IMG_1162 IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1160 IMG_1166

New Compa!

This week literally flew by and i cant really remember what happened.

For starters we had an AWESOME lesson with Max. He is the boyfriend of a sister in the ward and he is really awesome, just has NO support at home. He is only 17, but we talked a lot of testimonies and how its okay to be alone, because we arent really alone, Christ is always with us.

We met a new investagator named Isai, who is the best friend of Isreal, our other investagator who with INSANE. The one that yells during prayers and has tattoos. He is actually progressing alot. Anyway. Isai is so OPPOSITE! He is quiet and conserved and always talks about the colors of the sky and the rain is just beauty of God and that he doesnt drink or have tattoos or eat a lot of meat cuz its bad for yoru body, hes basically a Mormon already. Anyway. They are both progressing a lot and we are super excited to see how it goes. We are going to read the Book of Mormon today because Israel had told Isai about it, and that it was a really good book with a story. Yep. They are awesome.

We just have been having so many miracles i cant explain it. I love the mission. When your attitude is right, everything is so much better:)

So Friday we had a meeting with Pres and Sister Kusch for the new leaders. Got a new companion! Hermana Durham!!!!! She was the first person that i talked to at the MTC!:) We have the same time in the mission and we are praying and hoping to stay together until the end of our missions. We are already rocking it and we only have 3 days together! She is 26 and from Vegas and basically the bomb. So. We are excited.

In this meeting we also talked a lot of how ot use the Book of Mormon more. We are reading it again in 65 days like last year, i encourage you all to do it again! Its amazing how much we can find and how much we can learn everytime we read it. We also had an in depth convo about the priesthood. Man i love the church. I just know that its true. The order of the church is so perfect there isnt any other option but the TRUTH.

We had EIGHT people in the church yesterday! Record for Alpuyeca! One girl came with a member and we asked her to be baptized and she accepted before we even finished inviting her. We found old investagators and they are animated again about being baptized and want to come to conference. We have had such success in such little time. I love Alpuyeca!!! Leilani and her family are progressing a lot but please pray for them that everything will be okay and that they can get baptized in the next couple of weeks!

We had a fight with a gecko. We won.

I had a cockroach crawl on my foot in the shower. Remember. i love Mexico.

I got the letters from the Relief Society from Springfield. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Well. I honestly cant remember a whole lot else that happened, but know that im SAFE and healthy and HAPPY! Love you all!


Food for Thought:

We got to watch the Womens Conference. I loved it! I loved Pres. Eyrings talk abuot the Atonement and how our burdens help us be better people and we learn. We actually are NEVER alone in the world, because Christ knows exactly how we feel. The Atonment needed to happen. And because of that, we have the opportunity to live and grow and one day, live again.

Remember Christ this week in all that you do to prepare for Easter.

-We ate fish. Look how pretty hers looks and then mine…..

-Hermana Silva and Pirez

-New Comp! Hermana DurhamIMG_1139 IMG_1143 IMG_1150 IMG_1141 IMG_1154 IMG_1156


Alpuyeca is moving along! We are seeing good progression in our investagators. We met with Israel this week, the young man who showed up alone at church. On Wednesday, he had a ton of questions and at the end of it all, told us he didnt want to keep listening to us. We said okay, thats fine, just pray and read the Book of Mormon. But when we were leaving, he said, okay i want to listen to you guys this week. So we taught him almost everyday after that and his countenance truly is changing. He is listening more and learning. We said, Dont focus so much on the FACTS. He is always looking for the WHY and the HOW and the facts. But focus on how you FEEL. Because the Spirit is working within him. He will get baptized soon. I dont know when, but soon. I pray that he will keep progressing and keep reading, to feel in his heart that the gospel is true.

We are working with the youth more to fulfill the 5 youth that will go on missions. Eric came with us this week and he already knew all his stuff! His testimony was AMAZING and he truly did help us in the lesson. Again, the youth here never cease to amaze me. Their testimonies are so strong and they have such a strong desire to go on a mission. Im so excited to see them all leave on missions and start their own experiences as missionaries. The Lord is hastening his work.

We were able to meet with Jorge this week, the cousin of Brian Solis, a member. He went to the MTC activity and we actualy thought he was already a member becauase he goes to church almost every Sunday. He is only 14 but has such a desire to follow Christ. He has a great example in his life, his aunt and cousin, and really wants to be baptized. He just needs to ask his parents, but his parents arent very supportive. We are going to try to work with them too and pray for them alot that he can make this decision, to help himself and also his family. Another amazing youth who can make a huge difference!

Perla and Saul finally agreed to make an appointment to go fix their situation. Saul isnt divorced and needs to do so to get married and then baptized. Perla acts and looks like she is already a member and loves the church. She truly has the desire to get baptized in the church and one day sealed. So finally we were direct with them and are helping them to fix the situation. Once they are baptized, i KNOW they will be not only great members, but leaders in the church. The people here truly are prepared for the work.

Leilani and her family cant get baptized this week because Leilani was in jail before and needs to figure things out with that. But she said in 2 weeks, she thinks everything will be done, if the judge says so. We promised that if they pray, and if we all unite in a fast, everything will work out okay. We know that it will be okay and in a few weeks, she and her family will be able to get baptized. The thing i love about them is that they are so willing to follow the commandments of God. We taught the Word of Wisdom and asked what they thought about it. They said, well its probably the hardest but, we will do it! What great AMP they have! They know that if its from God, they need to do it! The attitude that everyone should have.

Poco a poquito we are finding families to teach and more less active members. There is just a ton of things to do and no time! But we are learning more about planning better and planning with the spirit. I know that planning isnt just something we do for fun or for a figure, its something to help us mold our work. Our lives even! Everything started with planning—God planned the world. Jesus created the earth under a great plan! So, we need to plan well too. It makes all the difference as well, when the Spirit is our guide. I also had a light bulb moment this week. Our ward mission leader told us that the mission helps us in everything in the life, even our jobs that we will have. When i thought about that, I thought, its so true. I want to be an EVENT PLANNER! I NEED to know how to plan well, and not only plan, but plan and follow up! The things that i never even thought i would learn on the mission that will truly help me in the rest of my life.

I had the FUNNIEST thing happen this week. Our investigator Isreal, with tattoos and wears boots and cut offs. We were teaching a lesson and he all of the sudden was like close your eyes. I said. NO. Im NOT closing my eyes. He said, come on corrivewwww. ( how he says my name its hilarious) I said. “No im scared” ( in english) “OMG DO IT!” So we agreed to turn the other way then he asks me “left hand or right hand”. I say, “left”. “Are you sure?” “OMG WHAT DO YOU WANT!” Then he puts something in our hands and its these LEGIT little wooden abstract pieces that says Sonrie. It was super cute and nice and also the funniest thing ever haha. He really is progressing though. Truly seeing changes in his whole countenance, hes starting to shower and wear more clothes. So thats a start!

Still eating a ton and trying to take pictures of iguanas, but, alli voy. The ward mission leader and his wife are officially my favorite people ever and i want to be them. The end.

I will never regret the decision to come on a mission. Its the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Have a great week my friends and never forget to smile!!!!!!

Food for Thought:

1 nephi 17. Did Nephi know how to build a boat when God told him to do it? No! But he followed with faith and did what he was told, and with that, he was blessed. Follow with AMP. actitud mental positiva. and we will see miracles open for us!:)

-cutest kid ever.

-sunset. pictures do no justiceIMG_1097 IMG_1100

I blinked and its Monday again.

Another week literally FLEW by!

We had a Cuernavation this week–Special conference and consejo de liderazgo. Left on Monday to Cuernavaca. We ate crepes and milkshakes and I literally was so happy. We also met the cutest kid selling lizard keychains. my conscience got to me and i bought it from him, he was 13 and working all day to sell them, and it was his last one then he could go home. He was a recent convert as well. Super awesome kid. So, someone will be lucky to be recieving a lizard keychain soon!

We had a special conference with general authories. Elder Clayton and Pieper of the Seventy and Elder Miron from the Area Pres. It was super cool. It was basically just a question answer and they answered all of our Qs. My comp goes home in 2 weeks and she asked me a question if she should ask and i said, if you want! She didnt have the opportunity to ask but at the end, the wife of Elder Clayton got up and bore her testimony of that same exact question, word for word! It was legit. The church is true. Also, i love being a  missionary. So many blessings come through missionary work!

I also saw HERMANA DOWNER!!!!! And her hija. Seriously, love that girl. She is doing GREAT by the way. Proud mother here.

We had a really good consejo. I think we will be seeing differences in the mission. But in a good thing. Things are always moving forward.

Also Itzel FINALLY got baptized and it was greeeeatttt! In her confirmation, the brother said she would be key for her husband and her family. The thing is, the brother doesnt know Itzel at all and didnt even know she was married. Let alone all the stuff that had been happening with her and Dante. The spirit truly testifies what to say in these blessings and speical moments. Also Brian baptized her, her brother in law, hes 16 and awesoomee. He was the key to his family getting activated and Iztel baptized. Seriously the youth here never cease to amaze me.

We had an “MTC” in Galeana for the stake youth activity. It was a super cool experience, especially because i want to be a teachr there so i was super excited. The kids loved it too. They went out and contacted with us and it was super special and good for them to learn how to talk to people. The youth are SO ready to leave on missions. Thats why the age changed. The work really is hastening!

Rastafari, aka Isreal came to church again and his whole countenance changed! He was more clean and wearing more clothes. He really is awesome. I still think he loves Lopez, good thing she is leaving soon haha. His prayer was SO great, ” Padre Celestial, GRACIAS por este dia! GRACIAS por la vida. ME ENCANTA LA VIDA!” Like yelling. (In ingles– Thank you for this day, Thank you for life, I LOVE LIFE!) Love that kid haha.

Our convert allison and Jennifer went to the temple, i know their names are sups American. Jenni wants to go on a mish, but her mom isnt a member and doesnt want her too. She was doing baptisms in the temple, for the first time. She left the water and was going to change when a worker stopped her and said, You have such a beauitiful smile, what a great missionary you will be! She said it was really nice and she kind of just kept on going. She didnt know who he was because he wasnt wearing a name badge.

Afterwards her friend said, Why were you talking to yourself after you left the font? She said, I wasnt there was an old man there i was talking to. Her friend said, nooo. there wasnt anyone there. They fought about it for a bit and then Jennifer was just like okay, that was wierd.

But. WE know that it was someone from the otherside helping her recieve an answer to her prayer. She was praying about what to do for the mission, and i think she CLEARLY got her answer.

The church is true my friends. Never doubt it.

Im giving a training tomorrow in the zone training about repentance. Pray for me that everything goes well!!

Love you all have a great week!!!!

Food for Thought:

How do we know when the Lord is happy with us? Hermana Clayton said something that i really liked, When you are trying to do the right and be worthy, THAT is when the Lord is happy with you.

So true. We are not perfect. We are very IMPERFECT. But when we are striving to be better everyday and do the right, we can be better people. The Lord helps us every step of the way. There are always hard times, but its okay. Just keep moving forward and keeping TRYING!!! Never doubt the love of your father in heaven.


-My Favorite columbian

-Abuela, Hija, Nieta. IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1040 IMG_1057 IMG_1072 IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1078 IMG_1090