The verdict is……

WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!!! AND IN ALPUYECA!!!! I will have 7 months here! Cray! But im super excited! Bring it! 6 weeks to go. The best 6 yet!

First off, Meet the Mormons changes lives. We watched it with Gris on Monday and after she was like, can i keep this and show it to the rest of the fam? Because i think it has a good message about families ( She is literally so chosen) Then we went back another day and she said they all watched it together and her husband CRIED!!!!! And he is SO inactive. he then said he wanted to clean up his act and change so that he can baptize his daugher. He has 3 years to do it. They also have the goal to go to the temple in a year!!!! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!! I will totally come back to see them be sealed!

So Gris got baptized and it was the best day ever! Her whole less active family came! It was a good service and surprisingly everything went smoothy. We sang Come Thou Fount in spanish and her husband cried. The spirit was so strong and it was so powerful. Gris bore her testimony at the end and i started crying because she was like “Ive been waiting soo long for this day and it finally came” She is such a chosen daughter of God and im so glad that i was here to see her get baptized. Literally we didnt do anything, THE LORD PREPARES HIS CHILDREN! Timing is everything. We just need to be the instruments to help the timing come faster.

Taurino continues to be our favorite. When we taught tithing it was like sure! Ill pay that. Its only one tenth. He GETS it!!!! He always said the Lord blessed him because it rained sups hard and NOTHING got wet in his little shack of a house. Miracle? I think so. When we follow the Lord, we see miracles.

We have some old investigators back in action. Max. Amada and Francisco. Sometimes they are better the second time around. We are hoping they will progress. They all came to church on sunday! So that was good. They really are so great. I have faith in them that they will get baptized.

We love this old lady in our ward named Bertha. She is SO FUNNY. She is like 85 years old and just tells it how it is. I love old wise people. She always is such a strong and great example for her family. I have really learned a lot from here in these past months.

We gave talks on Sunday and it was good. We talked of obedience and the commandments. Somethig this ward needs to hear. It was good. Everyone cried at parts and told us how good we did. Really it was just the spirit talking.They felt the spirit in that moment so i hope they take it into affect and change!

 Hermana Durham is dying. Her back is hurting really bad. We couldnt even leave on Saturday because she couldnt move. So…pray for her!!!!

Love you all Have a greeeeeatttt week!

-Hermana Corriveau

Food for Thought:

Mosiah 2- I started reading Kind Banjamins “general conference talk” and i really saw how much the church really is the same! Since the beginning! We have a RESTORED gospel! I also love his teaching about God and the Atonement and how all we need to do is keep the commandments to show our LOVE for Him. I encourage you all to read it and ponder on it teachings.


Our District. None of us are changing!!!!!

Making smores after the District Meeting.IMG_1587 IMG_1593 IMG_1575 IMG_1584 IMG_1579 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1569


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