The invasion of…….

Can you guess what that is???? AN IGUANA!!!! I repeat an IGUANA!!!!!!! And there wasnt just one, there was 2!!!! We came home after district meeting and i went into the room to pack my back for divisons,i look out into the boiler room and i see a large thing. I look closer and realize its an IGUANA!!!!! Whatttt!!!!??? So i start screaming for Hna. Durham and we just start laughing. Like what the heck where do we live? So then i go to the bathroom and i see this guy slowing crawling on the screen! It was literally like jurassic park. So i start screaming again cuz i think ” Well what if it can cut threw the screeen!” Those things bite man! Like hard!!! So i was terrified. We called Per Chex ( our District Leader) and he was like “Yeah they are pretty dangerous, call an hermano to take them out, but take a picture first!” Haha way ahead of you man, we took pics AND videos.

But we didnt have a lot of time because we needed to leave so we just left them and hoped they escaped. We went to Cuerna for the night for divisions and then came back and…..

They were still there!!!!! So we call an hermano that lives next to us, ” Hermano Oscar, we have a situation, there are 2 iguanas in our house.” ( and at this moment they JUMP! So we scream.) He says, “Hermanas what happened!” “Iguanas! There are iguans in our house!” “Ill be there in a second with a muchacho!” So he comes with some random muchacho to take them out. They just GRAB them by the neck! And they ALMOST let it in the house. Its a shame we cant take videos because it was super cray cray. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless. And we are iguana free.

Other than that, its been a great week. We had divisions with Hermana Naut and her trainee and it was good to get caught up with her again.

Taurino is progressing so well and he came to stake conference!!!!! Our stake center is an hour away from our area and we had 4 investigators come on sunday! GO ALPUYECA! We also had Fabian come on Sautrday. He is SO great as well. Were hoping he can get baptized this Friday, pray for him!!!! So we are truly seeing miracles here. People are progressing and really getting it. They understand the importance of the gospel in their lives. I love being able to see these chnges in their lives. And their faith as they follow the counsel of the prophets.

We had Stake Conference this week and Elder Villalobos from the area 70 came. It was a good conference and on the Saturday conference he had it more interactive and had like a panel of ward council members. He basically planched everyone in a loving manner but it was good and what they needed to hear. Hoping a 70 can make a difference here in this area! But i felt uplifted and the spirit and felt a desire to be a better person, member, and missionary. The mission doesnt just stop with the mission! He said something i really liked, ” Its the Celestial Kingdom, or nothing.” So true. There is no middle. We want to strive to make it to the Celestial kingdom, we will settle for nothing less. So lets live the life we need to make it there!

We went to Katya and she is soooo awesome. We retaught the pre earth life and she was like ya i remember when you guys taught me this and it makes so much sense! She was a JDub before and she didnt like it. She knows this is the TRUTH and she loves it. She will be such a great leader in the church. I love her and i know that i am here in Alpuyeca to meet her and Gris. THey are great examples for their families and i know that one day, the whole family will come back to church. Pray for Gris btw, she is getting baptized this week as well!!!!!:)

Love you all! I cant believe im starting my last change this week! Im almost 98 percent positive im staying here in Alpuyeca with Hermana Durham. We have changes Wednesday, but i will let you know next week! Have a great week! Pray for our investigators and always find ways to serve others!

-Hermana Corriveau IMG_1513 IMG_1539 IMG_1544 IMG_1515


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