Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


This was the BEST week ever!!!!! i will send a LOT of pics to describe it.

First off. Started off with me holding a piglet. We went to parque chapultepec and there were a bunch of little animals and of course i saw the pigs and wanted to hold one. So we sat there for 15 minutes trying to lure it out finally I grabbed it and it started freaking out! Liek squeeling at the top of its lungs. SO i started screaming but Hermana Durham was like wait! You have to take a video and pic! So we got a funny video and sweet pic. Picture attatched. Then we ended it off with Carls Junior. Simply blissful.

Had divisions then went to the consejo de liderazgo. The last one with President and Hermana Kusch! It was sooooo good and uplifting. We cut his tie as well ( A common misison tradition for the elders) and then….drum roll please….WENT TO THRIFTY ALL OF US! It was literally heaven. I love my mission:) Seriously i love President and hermana Kusch. I have learned so much from them in my 16 months here in the mission. They are amazing people and are going to bless even more lives than they already have when they return to Idaho. ❤

So then. Katya got baptized!!! It was a good baptism and her less active mother in law came so that was good! She is the best. I know she will be a great leader in the church one day. Im so grateful that I was able to be a part of her conversion process. Her sister in law Gris should be getting baptized in 2 weeks as well. Along with Fabian. Also love him. He has such a great spirit and so is so so nice. We love teaching him. He has such a good heart and i know that this gospel with bless him so much in his life. He one day will be perfect. What a great plan this plan of salvation!!!!

Taurino still continues to be the best. He said in response to if we went to the party for the political parties, ” Theyre not here to party, theyre here to save souls!” Love that little man. THE BEST.

We are in a really good spot right now for the work. We are seeing miracles and people come out of no where. We are truly blessed. I know this gospel is true. I know that the plan of salvation gives up hope in this life. Happiness is here. The whole point of the gospel is to be happy! I LOVE this life. Love my life. and i love everyone in it. When we put God first, everything works out okay.

Have a great weeeeek!


Food for Thought:

Matthew 6: 33. Enough said.



-cool snake thingIMG_1448 IMG_1452 IMG_3116 IMG_1461 IMG_1465 IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1502 IMG_1506 IMG_1490 IMG_1492


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