Were staying in Alpuyeca!!!!!!!


We are staying together. In Alpuyeca. We are SO excited to be together. It was really funny because we were sitting in consejo and President was like there are going to be some changes in the STL. I about puked cuz i did NOT want to get changed from Durham. He looks at us and says. ” you two arent going anywhere” hhaah. Love it. We are SO happppyyyyyy.

It was nice talking to all of you yesterday! Families are the best! And ill see you all SO SOON!

We did divisions this week in Cuernavaca and it rained! SO REFRESHING!

We actually have been having good luck finding people in their houses! Its not as hot when youre not walking so much. We had an AWESOME lesson with a less active member that needed our help at the time. Spirit is always guiding. For real. It was awesome and I hope that she can come back to church soon.

We also had a cool experience with Amada. So Mexicans are all about those dreams. And she had a dream that she was washing her clothes and when she pulled it out of the water it was shining sooooo bright and she was amazed. But she said it was only her clothes, not her kids. Basically i took this as, salvation is personal and when we get baptized, we are completely clean and “shining” with the spirit

cool huh?

We had a lot of citas fall through on friday and we wanted some snocones so we went and bought some and started chatting with the people selling them. They ended up already having been to church and havign the lessons. The husband was like almost going to get baptized then idk what happened. So it was really cool. They came to church on sunday too!!!!!! That was such a miracle!!!!! We has 6 in the church!

Seeing miracles everyday. The mission is the best!!!!


Also Downer is going BACK to Insurgentes with Hingano. so jelly. But happy for them.

Love you all! Happy week!

Food for Thought:

There is a difference between keeping the Sabbath day holy and sanctifying it. -Joaquin Lopez, our ward mission leader. What are you doing to sanctify the Sabbath day?

-we are so happy together


-Cutest Belle everIMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1299 IMG_1290 IMG_1294 IMG_1306


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