Nos Falta 3 meses; y Feliz 5 de Mayo!

They actually dont celebrate 5 de Mayo here. Weird right? its just all so backwards here but hey. esta bien.

We had a pretty good week. To be honest i dont remember alot! The weeks are just flying by! But thats good. We have changes this next Monday. If i get switched from Hermana Durham i will cry. Other than that, im pretty content with what happens, but im pretty sure i will finish my mission in Alpuyeca.

We were able to find a couple solid new people this week, which is good because some people broke up with us too- That was pretty sad. I never was good at breakups.

We have an elder named Elder Per Chex and he is sooooo funny. We swear he is American. He literally talks perfect english. And his name is Henry David. This week he and his comp gave a blessing to Durham and he said ” The name will be revealed” Seriously the funniest. Love him. He also is like 4 foot 6. No lie.

Also. Another funny Elder quote. Elder Corbin “Hermanas, do you have a cotton ball?” While we are in the church waiting for Meet the Mormons…..Yes elder, we just carry around cotton balls all the time. haha. They are just so innocent.

So speaking of. We got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was so fun to watch it will the whole stake. It was a pretty good turnout too considering it was on a Wednesday night. Isabel and Brian came, a less active member with the rockstar son. So that was awesome. And the Flores family. Of course. Love them.

We met Moises again this week! He was an investigator when we first got to Alpuyeca with Lopez and he is the sweetest but is always working. He agreed to baptism again and was like “Duh i wanna get baptized, or else i wouldnt be here!” Alrighty then! It was pretty funny. Hes cool. Just works. A TON!

We did divisions with Hermana Stephonson and Melendez. Stephonson is new and is doing awesome! She is such a good sport about Mexico haha and just going with the flow. She always went on a Harry Potter study abroad. SO. Thats legit.

We were able to have a good lesson with Max. He is really opening up and likes us now but he is still so scared to ask his parents for permission!!!! If anyone has any suggestions on how to help him, tell me!!! But i know whatever happens, happens for a reason. If he doesnt get baptized now, he will one day. He is the best. We love him. Ay. Its just so sad, hard sometimes because we have so many great people but there are SO many forces that are so out of our control!!!! Marriage, Parents. The worst. haha. But hey. I have faith in God that it will all be okay. Just sitting here waiting with faith and patience.

Its been really HOT here. Have i mentioned that? haha. Seriously. Sometimes i just want to jump into the river next to our house. But we are getting through it.

We have an investagator Joyce as well. She is really cool. And gets it. really gets it. All of her family is members, just not her mom. And her mom wants ther to be “ready” But i think she is READY. Way READY! When we taught the 1st lesson, she was SO interested. Love her. But why do i love her so much? Bs she is a Bocanegra. Let me just talk about how much i LOVE Hermano Bocanegra. He is just a nice, humble guy who is always doing the right thing. He is about 65 ish i think and just loves everyone. He does his visits on Sundays. He completes with his commitments. He is just a good guy. Just your average ranchero. This Sunday he got up and bore his testimony and it was so powerful. But let me backtrack a bit. Gabi Flores, who i also love, bore her testimony about how she was singing a hymn while doing her daughters hair. Then her daughter after said Thanks mom and ran away singing the same hymn. She was saying how much our kids depend on us and OUR example. Ok so flash forward to Bocanegra. He basically planched the congragation about doing their visits. He said with SO much love, WHy doesnt the bishop know whats going on? Because we arent working. We need to work! Hay que trabajar!!!!!” And he can say that because he DOES his visits! Then at the end, he said,” It all depends on what we sing” WHAT A POET!!! He is literally my favorite. He is SO right. We as members need to work more! Help our brothers and sisters! The missionaries can only do so much. But the members, those are basically permanent. DO YOUR VISITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all depends on what we sing.

Love you all. Pray for me. Hoping this change there isnt any weird changes. But pray that the best thing happens. Pray for Max.

Have a great week!

Food for Thought:

Women, this talk is the best!!!!! Read and love it and remember who you are! IMG_1221 IMG_1226 IMG_1250


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