La Chamba

This week literally flew by.

We are having good luck finding new people and more importantly—FAMILES!! I love teaching families. It makes me feel all happy and fuzzy inside:) We have about 2 new families that we are teaching and i love it. They are AWESOME as well.

We did divisions with Hermana Avila and Vilupek. I lovvvveee them I really miss Hermana Avila. I loved living with her in Cuautla. She is AWESOME. We found 9 news that. BAM! Doin work. They are such great sisters though and we planned the sketch for the conference. Its gonna be totally wack. But hey. They usually are.

So. Plot twist. Francisco, the hubby of Amada is actually NOT a member!!! He never got confirmed!!! I swear these people here. Hes been baptized 4 times lol. Once AFTER he got baptized in our church. After we taught about the gospel of Christ i asked so Francisco, what do you need to do? He said, ” Get baptized?” Yep. Nailed it brotha. So now they are BOTH investagators and totally gonna get baptized the 26th of June. Pray for them!!!!

We are also teaching a taxi guy and his family. His name is gary. Which made us laugh haha. But they are also SUPER cool and gave us mangos. So i approve. They really liked the Plan of Salvation, especially because a alot of bad things have happened in their lives. So it was comfort to them to know their purpose here.

We also had a BOMB lesson with Fanny and her husband Israel. Fanny is a less active and is SO cool. She wants to go to church but its really like up to her hubby if they go or not. But we taught him and he was like i know hermanas. i need to learn more. i feel something different with you guys. Yaaa. The sppiirittt!! How great the spirit works inside of people. He will totally be a great leader one day as well.

We had divisions with Tlatenchi as well. They are awesome but their ward is totally in apostasy. So. We just shared a thought about the “piña” (pineapple) and told them to be dilligent and keep working hard. They liked the piña thought haha. Its from a video from doctrine and covenents but they are awesome. I love the sisters in our zone. They are THE BEST:) Such hard workers, no matter what happens.

We also found 4 news on Saturday. Totally have potential. Best part? ALL REFERENCES FROM MEMBERS!!!! They are sooo cool. ANd one even came to church on sunday! It was awesome. We know we ARE here in Alpuyeca for a reason. Really. We are needed here at this time. together. to help these certain people.

We are in love with the Bocanegra. They just GET IT! Quotes from the hermano:

Once we get a little mud on us, its easier to get dirtier and dirtier. Its easy to get dirty than clean once you get all the way in. But. THATS why we need the sacrament. To cleanse, or clean, us every week.

We sometims think of God as just a God of emergencies. Beware of that.


Love you all! Have a great week!

Food for Thought:

My food for thought is actualy for you guys to help me. Can you help me understand Jacob 5 better? Like i want in depth answers to this to help me understand the tribes and the gentiles and the gathering and all of that. Thank you! :))))))

-Just chillin with Peppa the Pig

-rice fields

-BocanegzIMG_1315 IMG_1316 IMG_1318


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