Güeritas en Mexico

This week we had our LAST ZONE CONFERENCE WITH PRESIDENT & SISTER KUSCH!!!!! It was super bittersweet!

it was a good conference. We had a sketch and I was Hermana Zambrano from the offices. I literally was her twin. It was pretty funny. Hermana Kusch took a selfie of me and said she was gonna set it as her background for her phone when Hermana Z calls. LOLOLOL.

I LOVE President and Sister Kusch. They are the literal best. We had an awesome conference and talked a lot of being self sufficient and enduring to the end and using the Book of Mormon. We had the conference with Iguala! So i got to see Downer and Hingano so that was cool. So there is about oh i dontknow…60 people there? Ish. And who gets picked to be the example to teach the lesson for a role play? Thats right Corriveau and Durham. Who did we teach? Thats right. PRESIDENT KUSCH!!!! I literally almost pooped my pants. I didnt dont worry. And i think it went good. After Elder Estrada was just like “I needed someone that would do a good job.” Ay! Que miedo! But hey. I think it was good and some people said we did a great job. But literally the most terrifying thing i have done on my mission.

Saturday we met an “apostle.” Have i mentioned that i hate some people? He was totally just fighting with us and i was like like “Brother, why did you want to talk to us?” He was like “Why are you annoyed?” And i was like ” yes actually. we arent here to fight. We just want to testify of what we know. Heres a pamphlet explaining what we were TRYING to explain to you. We have to leave now.” Seriously it was the worst. So i was in a bad mood but we went to our investagator named Taurinos house after. Hes like 75 and has arthritis and is not very educated at all. We were teaching him and he kept saying, “And the other guerita?” ( Thats what they call us white girls) And we were like she is just in our ward not in our area haha. And he was being SOOOO funny. We were literally dying of laugher in the lesson. So then we asked him to pray and this was exactly what he said, in translation, ” Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending me these white girls, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” LOLOLOL. But i can honestly say that in that moment i felt the spirit because he was SO sincere. he really is so great. He has come to church 2 times now. Moving along!!!

Really this week im going to send more pictures than talk. Nothing too exciting happened. Just la chamba. Love you all. BE SAFE!!!


Food for Thought:

have you ever seen 17 miracles? OMG! THE BEST MOVIE EVER! I was balling in the first 5 minutes. Then all throughout the movie. Its the BEST!!!! There is a quote that i love ” It will all be worth it” This really hit me this week. It is SO true! All the hard things we do, a mission, college, marriage—its ALL WORTH IT! So just follow with FAITH! And the Lord will bless. Seriously. The pioneers had SO MUCH FAITH! I think we could all learn a lot from them. So. This week i encourage to watch that movie if you havent already. and if you have, watch it again! It will change your life!

-Hermana Zambrano

-Hermana Zambrano, Sister Kusch, President Kusch

-Downer and HinganoIMG_1322 IMG_1344 IMG_1371 IMG_1356 IMG_1357 IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1338 IMG_1353 IMG_1355 IMG_1363 IMG_1329 IMG_1342 IMG_1349


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