Another week FLEW BY!

Another week FLEW BY! Alpuyeca is SO HOT! SO HOT!!!!!! But hey. We are making the best of it. We took our beds out in the main room because it was literally a sauna in our bedroom and we woke up sweating everynight. The worst. But on the brightside, there arent as many cockroaches. But we think we might have a rat. Because we have a lot of poo everywhere. But. maybe its the geckos. Do lizards poop?

Okay. It just ends. Hermana SKinner just said lizards poop. We feel better.

SO. We had divisions this week with Avila and Vilupek. They are awesome. Vilupek is new this change and is from Cali so she is struggling with the language. Like all newbies! Its normal! But I was with her and she is trying really hard. She is AWESOME! I remember being new and thinking, wow i will never talk spanish well. But look at me now. I know she will get through it. I was able to help her i think. Thats why i love being a sister training leader! You really learn a lot about people and find the ways to help them. Its like the sisters are investagators and you are always doing a how to begin teaching! But we talked a lot of patience and love. And the love of Christ. Hermana Durhams dad wrote the best letter ever and i shared it with her. We both cried haha. But it was cool and it was a really great time.

Weve been having luck finding new investagators so thats cool. We were excited this week to see so many new faces accept the gospel.

We had the worst experience. This lady from Holland got on the cambi and she was cool at first because she spoke so many different languages. But then she started preaching at us and i wanted to punch her. She was like i dont want to accept another book other than the bible and we stopped trying and she STILL kept preaching at us. I was like dude. chill. We started talking to other people and she STILL KEPT GOING! Needless to say i just forced a smile and kepy quiet even though on the inside i was saying many things i would like to say to her. The Lord was testing my patience. I think i passed the test on the outside. I should work on my inside thoughts though. Little by little.But lets be honest. She was crazy. Who would voluntarily live in ALPUYECA for the rest of their lives?????

We had other divisions with other sisters and they said they love us the best:) We are the best sister training leaders because we dont planch. Just LOVE! Thats the best way to be a leader and they respect us because they loved us as friends first. Seriously. We have the best sisters in our area though. They are all so amazing. We are loving our life. We dont want to get changed!!!! Hoping that Durham and I die together!

So cool experience this week: We ate with Hermana Rosario and she has a son on a mission. She told us an experience of her son. SO her mom died about a month ago and it was a wednesday at 3 pm. She got a call that night from her son Hugo saying that he knew that her mom died. How? Well. At the comida he heard 3 yells. Hugggo. Huuuuuugo.. HUUUGOOOOO!!! It was his grandma obviously. At it was about the time she died. 3 pm. He searched for the president of mission all day until he finally got authorized to call at 8 pm. WOW. What a miracle.

We had SOOOOOO many less actives in church! It was the most exciting thing ever! Honestly. Its just as important to reactive as it is to baptize. We had aboout 8 different people. and not just people but FAMILIES!!!!!! The coolest part? ALL people we visited this past week! It was proof that we really are doing work. We really are making a difference and helping people out. Maybe not baptized every week, but sure making a difference in the lives of otthers and helping them come unto Christ little by little. One day, they will get sealed. as families. How great is that???

Missionary work is awesome.

Love you all. I swear im fine. Dont worry. Im pushing through it. And ill see you all SO SOON! Hey Mothers Day. Keep in tune for the call.

Love you!

Food for Thought:

 Read this story. A teengars view of life.

Meditate on how YOU share the gospel…..


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