Its like a Symphony!

It’s like a symphony just keep listening

And pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part

Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies

In each one of us, oh, it’s glorious

Life really is glorious right? Everything happens for a reason and we all play a part in this glorious world. Take in the little things in life and enjoy every minute of it. Even the hard parts.

This week was really quick. We went to Cuautla to do divisions. I got to see some people from my old ward. I really LOVE Cuautla. Its really clean. And the people there are really cool. Really did love my time there even though it was a little difficuly at times. Thats how it always is though right, we always miss it when its gone. How can we overcome that mindset?

So anyway. This week was good. We were in Cuautla with 2 companionships of sisters and it was really fun. Always learn a lot more from them than i think they learn from me. I was with Hermana Medel again! She has gotten a lot better at teaching and being more confident. Awh my little hija:)

I finally met the famous Hermana Garcia.  A lot of my comps have been comps with her and i have heard a lot about her. She is so cool and funny! Love her. We had a good time with them. Really are amazing sisters. Our mission is THE BEST.

We came home and then worked Thursday. Found a new investagator named Gris. She is SO CHOSEN! She is the kind of wife of a menos activo, the same family as Katia, the Navarette. Basically none of them are married so we just need to marry them and ya they are good to go! But it was a tender mercy for sure. They are SO prepared. Really to be honest. Thats missionary work. Finding the people who are prepared from the Lord. How do we do that? References!!!!!! The friends and family of members! Members. PLEASE. Help the missionaries and give them your references. Pray about who needs to hear the gospel, follow the promptings, then give it to the missionaries. I promise you it will be a great experience for you and your friend or loved one.

We visited a family of less actives this week and i love them! We havent been able to go in a long time but we finally went and they gave us icecream. We asked if they would come to church and they were pretty iffy about it. But at church, THEY CAME!!!!!!! I was so excited! Honestly. I love working with less actives. Its just as important to reactive than to baptize. I love the family Bocanegra and i know that they will be GREAT members again one day. We also had some other less actives come as well. Honestly. I just love seeing the changes in people. Investagators, members, less actives, lo que sea. My greatest moment this week i would have to say would be when the Bocanegras came to church. Love it!

Durham had a great fall and we had to stay in all day on Friday. Dont worry, various people bought us chicken and rice to eat. And we watched Meet the Mormons. Thanks mom. Hey is David Archileta big everywhere or just in the Mormon world. We love him nonetheless. But shes fine and walking now. Beasting through it. 3 months to go! We got it!

Hope youre all having a great week and doing well in finals, school, work, etc. I love you! Thanks for all the support!

Food for thought:

 I know i had a kick myself moment. I was being a little downer and i was on the bus and there was a mentally handicapped man begging for money. I thought to myself. Ok. I am SO lucky to have what i have, there are people so much off worse than me. I have a family and friends that love me. This man had no one. I gave him 2 pesos then started contacting the guy next to me. It was a reminder that everything really be okay. Sometimes its hard, but we just need to always put others before us and everything wil be okay! We are so lucky. Count your blessings, and in the process help others see theirs as well. IMG_1191 IMG_1212 IMG_1213 IMG_1200 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1214 IMG_1193 IMG_1197


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