I blinked and its Monday again.

Another week literally FLEW by!

We had a Cuernavation this week–Special conference and consejo de liderazgo. Left on Monday to Cuernavaca. We ate crepes and milkshakes and I literally was so happy. We also met the cutest kid selling lizard keychains. my conscience got to me and i bought it from him, he was 13 and working all day to sell them, and it was his last one then he could go home. He was a recent convert as well. Super awesome kid. So, someone will be lucky to be recieving a lizard keychain soon!

We had a special conference with general authories. Elder Clayton and Pieper of the Seventy and Elder Miron from the Area Pres. It was super cool. It was basically just a question answer and they answered all of our Qs. My comp goes home in 2 weeks and she asked me a question if she should ask and i said, if you want! She didnt have the opportunity to ask but at the end, the wife of Elder Clayton got up and bore her testimony of that same exact question, word for word! It was legit. The church is true. Also, i love being a  missionary. So many blessings come through missionary work!

I also saw HERMANA DOWNER!!!!! And her hija. Seriously, love that girl. She is doing GREAT by the way. Proud mother here.

We had a really good consejo. I think we will be seeing differences in the mission. But in a good thing. Things are always moving forward.

Also Itzel FINALLY got baptized and it was greeeeatttt! In her confirmation, the brother said she would be key for her husband and her family. The thing is, the brother doesnt know Itzel at all and didnt even know she was married. Let alone all the stuff that had been happening with her and Dante. The spirit truly testifies what to say in these blessings and speical moments. Also Brian baptized her, her brother in law, hes 16 and awesoomee. He was the key to his family getting activated and Iztel baptized. Seriously the youth here never cease to amaze me.

We had an “MTC” in Galeana for the stake youth activity. It was a super cool experience, especially because i want to be a teachr there so i was super excited. The kids loved it too. They went out and contacted with us and it was super special and good for them to learn how to talk to people. The youth are SO ready to leave on missions. Thats why the age changed. The work really is hastening!

Rastafari, aka Isreal came to church again and his whole countenance changed! He was more clean and wearing more clothes. He really is awesome. I still think he loves Lopez, good thing she is leaving soon haha. His prayer was SO great, ” Padre Celestial, GRACIAS por este dia! GRACIAS por la vida. ME ENCANTA LA VIDA!” Like yelling. (In ingles– Thank you for this day, Thank you for life, I LOVE LIFE!) Love that kid haha.

Our convert allison and Jennifer went to the temple, i know their names are sups American. Jenni wants to go on a mish, but her mom isnt a member and doesnt want her too. She was doing baptisms in the temple, for the first time. She left the water and was going to change when a worker stopped her and said, You have such a beauitiful smile, what a great missionary you will be! She said it was really nice and she kind of just kept on going. She didnt know who he was because he wasnt wearing a name badge.

Afterwards her friend said, Why were you talking to yourself after you left the font? She said, I wasnt there was an old man there i was talking to. Her friend said, nooo. there wasnt anyone there. They fought about it for a bit and then Jennifer was just like okay, that was wierd.

But. WE know that it was someone from the otherside helping her recieve an answer to her prayer. She was praying about what to do for the mission, and i think she CLEARLY got her answer.

The church is true my friends. Never doubt it.

Im giving a training tomorrow in the zone training about repentance. Pray for me that everything goes well!!

Love you all have a great week!!!!

Food for Thought:

How do we know when the Lord is happy with us? Hermana Clayton said something that i really liked, When you are trying to do the right and be worthy, THAT is when the Lord is happy with you.

So true. We are not perfect. We are very IMPERFECT. But when we are striving to be better everyday and do the right, we can be better people. The Lord helps us every step of the way. There are always hard times, but its okay. Just keep moving forward and keeping TRYING!!! Never doubt the love of your father in heaven.


-My Favorite columbian

-Abuela, Hija, Nieta. IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1040 IMG_1057 IMG_1072 IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1078 IMG_1090


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