Fasting brings Rastafari

This week was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For starters, pray works. We were going to an appointment this week with the family Herrera, a less active family. We havent had luck with them, like ever, and we were going to visit them. Hermana Lopez asked me if we wanted to pray and i was like sure, obviously not going to pass up a prayer. We were straight up in the middle of the road and just started praying—embarassement is a sign of pride so we dont let things get to us! We prayed and went and what do you know, they were ALL home, and we got a new person to teach out of it and put baptismal dates with 2 of the children. It was an AWESOME experience. The mom told us, i KNOW, i need to go to church. We are going! This was a testimony to me that we should always always always pray. Even in the wierdest of moments, the Lord is always listening, and sometimes it just takes a little effort on our part to see these blessings.

We taught Max and his family, and his dad is actually a very good candidate for a potential baptism. Hes a little stern but i think he will open up more and more. He is really funny. He said, ” Ok. Ok. So you got Virgen Guadalupe, los Santos, and now Joseph Smith! What am i to do!” but it was a joke. It was super funny. Anyone who knows Mexico, would understand. People are obsessed with the virgen Guadelupe and their santos here.

We had divisions with Tlatenchi this week and i got FRIED! literally im a tomato. But hey. Life goes on. It was Hermana Hernandez one year so natually we bought tacos al pastor. Im going to miss those things SO much when i go back to the states. Those sisters are seriously my favorites. They are ALWAYS laughing and talking to everyone like its their best friend. Such an example to ME. I swear, IM learning so much from the sisters, not the other way around.

Dante ad Itzel are doing SO good!!!!! I call them Ditzel. I had a dream abuot Itzel and she told us and she was going to get baptized, dont worry. We had a lesson with her the next day and i was positive she would say she was getting baptized. Well. Dreams come true. She said, ya we talked and he said i can get baptized! It was awesome!!!! And then we had a lesson with Dante and he opened up so much to us! He was joking around with us and was completely different. He was being our friend. He took something out of our intense lesson last week. I am SO grateful to know them and be their friend and an instrument to help Itzel get baptized. AH! I love the mission. Pray for Ditzel this week to make sure everything goes okay for her baptism!!!

Divisions with Tepotlzan. Im in love with that city i swear. Its SOOO fresco there! The weather literally is perfect. Divisions there more often???

Leilani and her family are doing so good still. They are in love with my whiteness and my white teeth and blonde hair. Kinda creepy, but hey. I still love them. But they are FOR SURE getting baptized the 27th. It was super cute. Lei called us on Friday worried because some creepy guy came to the church asking for us, Dyjana, a member told him, well if you want to learn more, sacrifice something and come on Sunday at 9. haha. LOVE HER. She is so straight up. We figured oh its the guy that was wierd to us about a month ago and came to the church but wanted nothing of it. So we thought nothing of it.  But it was super cute that Lei was super concerned about us, she is like a true friend.

We fasted this week again because the Plan de Area aqui says to do a more faithful fast. We fasted for the area and for Ditzel and for the power to find new investagators and to see our investagators in the chuch.

So backtrack to the creepy guy that came to the church on Friday.Wasnt our normal creeper. We are sitting in church and this guy walks in with tats and cowboyboots and a cut off and i was like, ” Did you come straight from Taylorville Illinois?” Anyway, we went and talked to him and it was a little wierd but hey its fine. He told us he was here to help his friend, But then church started so we didnt have time to talk to him about it.

He stayed for all 3 hours and after we talked to him a little more. He is looking to help his friend and he is really sincere. He was open to learn anything and ya. He is pretty legit. We had a lesson with him later with a member and he was still a little weird and i think he might love Lopez, but hey, its not the guera for once! So we are just going to be really careful about him. But it was an answer to our prayers. We are seeing miracles everyday and the people are just COMING. We are truly blessed for our work:) So we call him Rastafari because Lopez said thats basically the equivelant of a Bob Marly peace love kinda person haha.



Food for Thought:

I was reading the talk from Elder Uchtdorf, The Road to Damascus. I love this talk. It talks about Sauls conversion and how he was converted. BUT. We shouldnt wait for times like these. We shouldnt find ourselves waiting on our own road to Damascus. But go and ACT. Because sometimes we dont believe until we see, or wait for a sign. But NO. Just ACT and ALWAYS have faith in the Lord. Never find yourself in a situation like Saul. ” Preach the gospel at all times, and when necesary, use words”

Just be an example. Go and Do. Be the best YOU!

Love you!

-this happened. Aint mad about it.

-We got locked in the church. Elder Martinez forgot about us….;(

-Taco Party.

PS. People are telling us to eat more cuz we look skinny. I think they are crazy! Cuz we are eating more than ever! Gotta love Mexico!

IMG_1026 IMG_1027 IMG_1032


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