Iguanas and the gripa are REAL!

So i saw a real life iguana run in front of me this week. So that was cool! didnt know that they actually existed.

Also i have “the gripa” its a cold. but worse. Literally dying. Help me!

Ok for starters, We watched Meet the Mormons. If you havent watched it, WATCH IT NOW! I would also appreciate a copy:) If anyone wants to send me an easter package cough cough. Im SO proud to be a Mormon is all i gotta say! Were pretty cool people:)

okay. So miracle for the week and the best story ever!!!!!!!

The elders call us with a reference this week of a family of 4. Long story short– this 21 year old girl ws supposably possessed with an evil spirit. She thought she was going to die so her grandma was like “we are taking you to a doctor.” But she was like “no, i need a church” so they went driving until they found an open church on saturday, of course not many were open so they drove all the way to GALEANA! That is like 30 minutes away from their house in Xochitepec. So they see the church is open with kids running around outside. So they go inside and ask for help. The elders came and gave a blessing and the girl said shes never felt so much peace in her life as she had then in that moment. And since then, their life has been so much better. They are ALL excited for baptism and came to church again this sunday. Man i love the gospel! NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCES! Gospel is true my friends.

Allisson got baptized this weeek! It all went so smoothly and a lot of people came. She is SO adorable. Shes 16 years old and such a rockstar. She also BORE her testimony this Sunday! LOVE truly converted people. Cant wait to keep working with her so that one day she can go on a mission. She was wearing her young womens medallion and she said, hey does anything look different on me? So cute. OH! Also, her MOM came to the bapitsm, who was originally totally against the church! But she is now reading the book of mormon. Man! Love how the spirit truly works in people.

I bore my testimony this sunday and after, a sister came up to me and said, thank you for ALWAYS smiling, the happiness literally transmits from you. AWHH:) It was probably the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. But then she continued to tell me she wished she had sons for me to marry. So i didnt feel too good about that, but hey, i love her too! haha.

I have never in my life loved as i do now. Before yes, it was very easy for me to love people and be a friend. But now. i truly feel for these people. I also left a lesson balling cuz i was just so sad for this lady that wants to get baptized but her husband wants her to wait until he can do it, he was menos activo and well,  ya just cant right now. Needs to wait. but we had a really intense lesson with him and he came to church again this sunday, its that same family i told you about last week that they all came. 2 weeks in a row. So pray alot for Dante and Itzel!!!! I know theyre gonna get married in the temple one day!

Finally got my journal back from Iguala that i left with Martha and all of the members as well wrote in it! SO NICE! Thank you Kegz! But seriously. Love that place like my own home.

We renewed our visas this week. Wow. Im getting “old” in the mission.

Well life is great. Love the gospel. Love my life. Love my family, friends. Always keep a good attitude and good cheer. Always look for the good in things, and people. Life is better when you smile!


Food for thought:

” Im not perfect, but im perfect at one thing, and that is trying” –Meet the Mormons.

Were not perfect, but we can be perfect at one thing, and that is trying and bettering ourselves. EVERYDAY!


-Just the way they get electricity here. NBD.IMG_0997 IMG_1004 IMG_1010


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