A new Look

So for starters, this happened.(haircut)

IMG_0953[1] IMG_0956[1] IMG_0964[1]

A deaf, gay Mexican cut it. I think i hate it. But it will grow. He cut off all the blond, because it was super fried. I said i wanted it below my shoulders, but, he was set on cutting off all the blond. The good thing is is that the church is true and families are eternal!

So this week was good! We had a Cuernavacation. Went to do divisions with Zapata then had Consejo. So we didnt work too much in our área but it was an all around great week.

We learned a lot of personal conversión and I have started writing down in a letter my conversión. I recomend you all do the same, it will be so great for you! To realice WHY you are a member of this church and WHY you do the things you do, and believe the things you do.

We have a new investagator named Alison and she is super prepared. She has been attending Burgos but doesnt actually live in that área. We picked her up and she is already doing her personal progress! She is 16 and her sister was bapitzed a year ago. We watched the Restoration video with her and she had tears in her eyes and said, Que Bonita. She is ready to be baptized and actually UNDERSTANDS the covenent. That is what i love about her. She reads and prays and understands that baptism isnt just the cool thing to do, but its a way of life. Her sister is a great example to her and Im super excited to see how they progress. Also, their mom was super not into learning anything of the church at first. But recently we found out she has been Reading the book of Mormon and the Bible together. She will one day get baptized as well. I know it.

David got confirmed! So that was a blessing. His confirmation was so beautiful and it talked a lot of preaching the góspel. We are going to work hard with him to go on a misión. He is 19 and has a lot of potential to be an excellent misionary. The góspel truly does change lives.

We had a lot of “everything happens for a reason” moments this week, walking in the right place at the right time, being in the just the right spot to see a menos activo and talk to him. I know that even when all the citas fall through, their is still SOMEONE that we need to see. If the spirit is always with us, we are always in the right place, even if it doesnt seem like it sometimes. We truly are blessed to have this beautiful gift. I know that the Spirit truly guides us in all that we do.

I had an experience this week that i would like to share with you. We have been taking into affect our personal conversión and helping the hermanas with this too. As we were walking one day, contacting, a lot of people were not understanding me, or making fun of me. I was feeling a little sorry for myself and down. But then we went to a cita with a menos activo who recently just lost her baby. I immediatly repented and stopped feeling sorry for myself. My problems are NOTHING in comparison to the lives of some other people, especially here in Mexico. I truly felt love for this hermana and used the baptismal covenant to affect–cried with those who cry, comforted those in need of comfort. I felt the spirit so strong in this lesson and really followed it to know what to say. After, I realized that I truly am on the time of the Lord, not mine. It doesnt matter if people make fun of me for being American, thats who i am! What matters is that they can feel the spirit that the missionaries have, change their lives, and come unto Christ, because that is the only way that we can truly have happiness in this life. Humility is a great thing. Repentance is even better.

I gave a talk this week in church about misionary work. I talked of Jeffery R Hollands talk from the November 2012 Conference about Loving Christ. What does it truly mean to love Christ? How can we love Christ? Well to do his work and be a disciple! He needs DISCIPLES. People to do his work, when he isnt here. Something that caught my attention was how the disciples went back fishing after the death of Christ, because its what they knew. LET US NOT DO THIS! We can return home and just go back to the old us, because we truly are different because we know better.. Let us continue in the work, even though we arent missionaries. We are forever disciples of Christ. THATS what it means to love Christ. A lot of people complimented me on my talk, so Im hoping that means that they too understand this concept and will do their part in the misionary work.

Thats your food for thought, to read that talk. Love you tons! Chow!

-carls junior. ooops- the milkshake was HEAVEN.

-Mrs. Doubtfire from Haylen

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