Is Ombre still a thing? Cuz my whole body is ombre…..

Seriously. my body is one big ombre. So. Beware for whoever i go swimming with when i get home. Ill send a picture. But really. is it still a thing?

This week went by UNBELIEVABLY FAST! Being a STL youre never in your area, so the days just FLY by. We did 2 divisions this week. We traveled to Cuernavaca. Seriously. SO jealous of the weather there. So nice. Here in Alpuyeca. Its an oven. And we all know how i deal with ovens…..

Anywho. It was cool to work with the other sisters. I learn ALOT from them. Not the other way around. I got to work with Hermana Hernandez de Salvador. She is so cute and teaches so simple but with such animation, its perfect. I was able to help her to get more animated about her area cuz she has been having a hard time trying to find new people to teach and stuff cuz she has had 5 mmonths in her area now. But she will find them. There is ALWAYS people. Just faith and good cheer can help us a long way. Just just in the mission field. But in all aras of our lives.

D and C 78:18

We found David again! He is literally the best. He is going to get baptized next week. I said. Im writing it in pen, are you sure? And he just laughed and said YES! We taught him the word of wisdom and he was like oh, that makes perfect sense. I dont even like coffee or tea. and alcochol and tobacco menos. haha. LOVE HIM. In the least creepiest way possible. I love teaching people my own age. At first. It scared me. Not gonna lie. But now its just so normal. JUST TALK TO PEOPLE: WE DONT HAVE TO BE WEIRD. Its just like teaching our friends and its SO much easier when they really are like our friends. Were teaching another kid named Moises. He is trying to get sundays off so that he can go to church. Talk about dedicated! Seriously. The Lord is providing us with people even though we arent here a lot. Blessings everyday. Side not he called us Senorita Corriveau and Lopez haha. It made me laugh. For those of you that dont know Mexico, that is a very nice and fformal thing to say to someone. But we are Hermanas haha.

But thats what we are trying to help the hermanas do. Teach with a natural feeling. Dont just do it to do it. But do it because we LOVE the people. Charity is such an important attribute of Christ. Something that all of us can develop. If we truly love the people we teach, we arent really teaching, we are just talking and helping them to understand and come unto Christ.

I love being a missionary. I love doing the work. Even though there are obstacles and problems, always, there is always a way. That way is Christ. SIEMPRE.

Never forget it.

– Herm Corriveau

Food for Thought:

There is a phrase that i love. ” Everything will be okay in the end, and if its not okay, its not yet the end”

So true. If things arent okay right now, Its okay, Because they will get better with time. Just go through your challenges with this GOOD CHEER that i explained eariler. If we do this, its a lot easier to see the “big picture of things.” I hope all of you this week can go through your tests, classes, work, etc with good cheer and remember that if youre having a hard time right now, its okay. Because there is always a future. And its always better.


-Hermana Hernandez

-Divisiones in Civac

-My Ombre body. IMG_0871 IMG_0872 IMG_0868


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