In Galeana.

Its been a crazy fun week! Our area is HUGE! Its like Taylorville to Springfield. But maybe even longer. Its all little towns and I LOVE IT. But all of our money goes to travel. So bye bye cookies! Guess ill finally get skinny. ive always been in cities in my mission. So I like the peacefulness.

But there are SO MANY MOSQUITOS! OMG! Wait for the picture. Im dying.

We have a baptism coming up this week. Hes super chosen. Im super excited for him. I think we will see alot of miracles in this area. The members are super helpful so that is always nice.

Being in the ward with Hermana Hellstern and Peterson is also a riot. Love them.

We have seen SO many miracles. People have been opening up their hearts to us. A menos activo came to church after 13 years of inactivity!!!!! WOW! The spirit sure is working through them. Im so excited to be that instrument in their process. Its not MY doing at all. Its all the Lord. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I love missionary work!:)

I got sick again. Twice. Puking and pooping. I probably have a parasite. But im gonna tough thru it while i can. If it gets worse. I have to go to a doctor. and even scarier, call Hermana Kusch. So pray for me!

But its been GREAT! We have baptisms coming up. Nothing better than that. i LOVE Hermana Lopez. She helps me feel a little closer to heaven.

Not a long letter this week, sorry, but hopefully more adventures next week!


Food for Thought:

 Bad things happen. Why? Thats still a question im trying to figure out. Why does God permit these things? Well i think its to show some people that they are wrong. Also, sometimes bad things happen cuz its life. Its unpredictable. We cant call whats gonna happen. But we have to deal with it. Death happens. But one thing i can tell you is that there is life after death. I promise. God loves his children. And he loves YOU. You are a princesa o príncipe de Dios. As i always say here. HE WILL HELP YOU! But sometimes, we need to suffer a little. Cuz Jesus suffered for us. He can help us He is the only one who can truly say, I know how you feel.

The Atonement. Its real.

Never forget it. IMG_0791 IMG_0792 IMG_0793


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