Im not actually in the city of Eternal Spring

Its so hot. I actually got sunburned. So that was not cool. Ill send me pic. My tan lines are sooooo fresh. You should all be jealous.

Other than that. Its been a super good week! We werent in our area very much, so our dats were pretty wack, but we saw miracles nonetheless.

We were able to see Itzel, she is getting married this week, and then baptized next week. She opened up to us alot about her husband, Dante, who is menos activo. She is really worried because he is doing things that he shouldnt be doing. But we taught abuot the Word of Wisdom and she was like, Oh, that makes so much more sense! She saw how this really blesses the lives of people and how its not a rule at all, but revelation from a Prophet to help us live more happily in life. She is the best. I hope that she can be the example for Dante. Cuz they really are the cutest young couple ever!

David is progressing everyday that we see him. Truly the best. Im so excited for his baptism. THIS WEEK!!!!!!!! So excited! Pray for him, and us to plan it!

We had an AMAZING lesson with less actives. We talked alot about Lehis vision in 1 nephi 8. It really hit Hermano Pepe and he truly saw WHAT he needs to do in this life to make it to eternal life. He is just scared to come back to church to what people will say. I bore my testimony and the spirit was so strong that i started crying, something i havent done in a while. When the spirit hits us in special ways, sometimes that is what happens. I just felt so much love for this family, and i shared something i dont like to share with a lot of people about my own personal conversion. But i think it really helped him to see that we are REAL PEOPLE: I had my own problems and doubts and questions. I wasnt always super strong in the church. But, i know with all my heart, that the church is true and its the only thing that can help us have happiness and peace in this life. We fall, we make mistakes, alwayss! This is never going to stop, but when we put our trust in Christ, everything works out. I have never been so happy as i am in the mission and i know its through my own personal conversion. I really hope that the Ocampos can realize this and make their way back to church.

So after, Hermana Lopez and I were talking about our conversion stories. Were both members since birth but werent so active in highschool due to who knows what. But what saved us what the help of our parents. and their testimonies. My friend Addie and I talked about this alot too when we became more active. The help and support of a loving, gospel filled home. Im going to share her moms conversion story. It is SO beautiful. I started crying of course when she told me.

Her mom was always searching for the truth, She went to EVERY religion under the sun, but never felt right. She had a dream one night where she was running away from a man with a lasso on a horse. She was super scared but saw a building, within were 2 men. in white tunics. They said dont worry. Youre safe here. She was still scared but she saw that the man couldnt enter. She asked what this place was and he said a church. She asked if it was the true church and he said yes. Then he went on to show her a few different things. There was a book on a table open. He showed her a church with a bunch of idols and stuff on the wall. and said, THIS is NOT right. Then pointed to the church in which they were in, simple, plain, with nothing on the walls. THIS IS RIGHT. He went on to show her other things like only one pastor preaching in comparison with a bishop and the congregation, singing hymns,  and so forth. In the end of all of this she asked, so where so i find this church? And she woke up.

She lived in a pueblo. There wasnt much to where she lived. So she was found again looking but not finding anything. A few years later she had a similar dream. But this time running away from the grim reaper. She saw two young men, in white shirts and ties, and asked for their help, they merely smiled and said, Dont worry, youre safe here. and the grim reaper went away.

But where were these two men from!

years later she was taking an engish course and was intrigued by her teacher because he said he couldnt do something because he was going to a chuch activity. She asked what church it was and he said The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She said, what is that? And began to ask questions. He said, well we have this book. ( The same book she saw in her dream) and then she asked, and how does your church look, the songs, the preaching, etc? Everything matched to her dream. Then he invited her to church and said, well i can send two young men to you who know more.

Two young men in white shirts and ties showed up to her door. She was baptized a week later.

The church is true my friends. Dont doubt it.

Whats YOUR personal conversion story, something to think about this week?

Love you all!

CassIMG_0894 IMG_0892 IMG_0904


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