Be Happy. Be Free. Be YOU!

Happy Birthday Jakie!

This week i got sick. AGAIN. Literally dying but ive been clean since Tuesday. So. I think theres somethign living inside of me. Its fine. Speaking of that. Wanna hear something funny? Im sitting in a lesson with a catholic and shes going off about Guadelupe and keeps looking at me and saying like you and your kids you and yuor kid. And shes like youre pregnant right? I was like….no? And shes like oh. sorry just fat. So. Thus. Operation Body Shred is starting like NOW.

Gotta love Mexicans.

Well other than that its been a rollercoaster kind of week. We had our first divisions with the hermanas. My first divisions as a STL! It was good though. I went with a sister that i knew pretty well in Chilpancingo so it was fun. Seriously,. I just wanna be their friends and help them out along the way. If i have to correct them, ill do it. If they dont respect that, then i will be more firm. I always remember my dads advice, Be yourself, but be your best self! That has really helped me here in the mission. I dont want to completely change. Yes. Grow spiritually and not do the immature innapropriate things i used to do. But be ME still. I can still be sassy cassie:) But just in a better more mature spiritual way. The mission is great. We learn SO much. But more than anything. Ive learned to just be ME, but be the BEST ME that i can be.

We climbed a pyramid today. So that was cool. Im so amazed by the Mayans and Aztecs. Its amazing that they could make the temples and pyramids they did with such little knowledge of technology. And i thought i was dying here without warm water! History is so amazing. Speaking of HISTORY. Hermana Lopez told me that her cousin when he was on a mission in Chiapas ( southern Mexico) found investagators and taught them the vision of Lehi and the tree of life. Their response? I know that story, my grandpa told me! WHATTT! BAM! PROOF! Its real. We are working with Lamanite people.

Also. We have had SO much luck with finding news. We didnt have a baptism cuz Satan is the worst but we are hoping for the next couple of weeks.BUT. We found a lot of people who are super ready. We have really been using our FAITH to find and always having postive attitudes. Trust me. That helps. THinking positive and have faith, nothing gets in the way. Our brains and faith together work miracles.

Really i just want to tell you all that im so grateful for my life. Im so grateful to be a missionary and help others to find the truth. Im grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Mexico. Ive seen lives change. People grow. Miracles. EVERYDAY. The church is true. God and Christ live. Im sure of it as sure as i know the sun will rise tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Food for Thought:

my food for thorught comes from a Dove Chocolate wrapper this week- Be Happy. Be Free. Be YOU!

Its like i said before. Be yourself but be your BEST self. We dont need to conform or change to please others. God gave you YOUR personality because you are YOU. So use it! Be happy. Always! Even in hard times, force a smile. As my good friend always says, It releases endorphins:) Be FREE! Have fun and live a little!! and mas que nada, be YOU!

Have a excelente semana!

-XochicalcoIMG_0772 IMG_0777 IMG_0849 IMG_0804 IMG_0809 IMG_0833


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