Its December! What!!!!!??? Could have fooled me!

I cant believe its December!!!!!? Its still sunny and 75 here!

Well this week has been a good one. As Always right? But I really felt the love of the Lord more strongly in my life this past week.

First things first. Maricela. The menos activo of a member in our ward. She FINALLY opened up to us the last day Downer was here. We went to go teach her again, but the catch was that Bishop signed up to come with us. The bishop is her brother in law and i dont think they get along that well. I was so scared to go with him! But the lesson went SO well and the spirit was SO strong. The bishop did a great job! And she gave us little gifts that she had already prepared for us! haha. Lotion and Chocolate milk:) Sorry Obispo, no tengo para ud. She said. haha. SO CUTE. But the best part is is that SHE CAME TO AN ACTIVITY ON FRIDAY! Bishop told us later that that is the first time shes went to anything in 7 YEARS!!!!! WOW! I think the one thing that I do different than other missionaries before, me and all other American sisters, is we dont PLANCH. Planchar is a verd for like, omg i dont even know, like totally, omg idk. Like, be forward and tell everything that they are doing wrong and why and be super mean about it? But i think there is a better explanation. Anything. PLANCHING DOESNT GET YOU ANYWHERE! And Mexicans totally do it. ALL THE TIME. So here i am. Sassy but sweet. Yes, we need to be direct, BUT DO IT WITH LOVE! I think that is why i have seen so many miracles in my mission. American sisters just started coming here not long ago, so i think they are just starting to see a different type of teaching. BUT IT WORKS! I KNOW that i am here for a reason. These people need ME. As with all missionaries. YOU ARE IN THE PLACE YOU ARE TO MEET PEOPLE WHO NEED TO MEET YOU! Everything happens for a reason, i cant say it enough.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at the Martinez Family. They are seriously my favorite and we are going to do a gift exchange and everything with them haha. Love them so much. I will send pics of that.

So i know that i am awkward because on the bus home from Iguala the other day we watched Perks of Being a Wall Flower. I had a literal PANIC ATTACK! Drugs and alcohol and other bad things give me a queesy feeling. But, shows that my head is in the right place, right?

This week i was feeling a little down. We dont have anyone really progressing and I was thinking, WHy am i even here. WHy cant i just go home now. Everyone is getting married and i can be home for those. With carpet and hot water ( Side note, havent showered in 2 days cuz the water is ICE COLD) and then we met a young man, Brandon. So at first I thought he was just flirting with me, like every other Mexican man. Que bonitas ojos tienes. He didnt say that but i should tally how many times i get that a day. ANYWAY. He wasnt interested in me at all, but in the church! Then he was like Ok see you tomorrow at 10. And we made plans to go to church together and everything! So The Lord gave me someone to help me when i was feeling down!

The catch is. He stood us up! Ive never been stood up on a date before, but being stood up on a mission stinks! So my hopes were crushed again. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING! Why am i trying my hardest and NOTHING is resulting. So im sitting in Sacrament almost on the verge of tears when finally another young man we met walks in with a member friend. Another answer to my prayer. I am doing something right.

The Lord breaks us down to build us back up. Its up to us to choose if we will stay strong or give up. DONT EVER GIVE UP! He is always there. Just as we are about to break is when we see the miracles. Have faith always. I know that faith can help us always learn to be more dilligent and seek for the good in people. Sometimes we have faith and things dont work out, but thats just a part of faith. We dont see results until after the trial of our faith ( Ether 12)

The gospel is true my friends. Never forget it. Its as simple as that. ❤

Food for thought:

2 things

First things first. I love this quote from a member that went on a mission from Iguala.

“I always knew that God was with me. But for the first time in my life, I feel like im with Him”

Shes on a mission in the Dominican right now. I love this! We should always remember that He is with us, but are we doing the right things so that we are with Him? Something to think about. If we are not with Him, its never too late to start trying to get our life in line with Him.

Second things second.

WATCH THIS VIDEO! ITS AWEESOME! We are using it as a tool for missionary work here. It shows us the real meaning of Christmas. Its about 3 minutes long but so powerful. SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK and TWITTER ( if those are still things) With all your friends. Share the real meaning of Christmas in 3 simple minutes. It wont hurt anything as the people say here in Mexico. Tis the season. Remember our Savior Jesus Christ and His birth. Reach out a helping hand to everyone this month.

Con amor,


-A missionary´s feet

-Hamburgers for Breakfast anyone?

– THANKSGIVING! IMG_0413 IMG_0415 IMG_0420 IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0407


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