Keep on Keeping On.

You know youre in Mexico when… MAYO EVERYWHERE

3 Missionaries and 2 Nuns. Check.

DSCN2982 DSCN2980 DSCN2981 DSCN2983

So its been another good week here in Cuautla. Super fresco. Literally city of eternal spring.

Birthday shout out to Dad and for Cari too. Sorry i took a super cute pic but then we got evacuated so it kind of threw things off. But know i didnt forget Jo jo!

Well it was a little weird this week. Cuz we are like opening a new area. But its super fun. Our members are so awesome in Iguala. They are teaching people still and we might even have a baptism this week! MISSIONARY WORK WILL NOT END just because there arent missionaries!

Weve met some really cool people. Especially Menos Activos. We are working alot with them here. We had an AWESOME lesson with a young man. He is a little rebelious and was going to go on a mission but then things happened. We just literally sat and LISTENED to him and then shared our insights. I felt prompted to share my experience about going on a mission and how i DID NOT WANT TO. I didnt want to share it so i kind of just ignored it. But it kept coming back. So finally i was like idk why im telling you this but i told him all the story of my life basically. He really appreciated it and at the end of the lesson he commited to coming to church. He said ill try, no IM GOING. So i really have faith that he will go on a mission one day! La verdad. we just need to listen to people! That is all we need to do!

Weve been working alot of menos activos here because the hermanas have their investagators and we kind of just wander around a bit haha. But i like working with them alot. They just need a little pushing. Im so grateful for this crazy experience to be here as 4 missionaries. Its such a great experience for all of us, and fun too! 🙂 We laugh alot so that is always a relief.

I got to see Hermana Koegler and Roberts today!!!!!! that was super cool! 🙂 I cant believe they are comps- So crazy!

We met an Albino Mexican. He kind of looked like my friend Luke to be honest haha. Oops. Sorry Luke. But we put a cita to return to teach him haha. We will see how it goes.

Man sorry i dont have any cool stories to share really. We have just been working hard. We might have a baptism in Iguala!!!!!! THE MEMBERS ARE SO GREAT! Also we found out that a guy that has been starting to come back to church, his records were lost so he will get baptized soon too! We were working with him as a menos activo but little did we know he can get baptized! So thats cool! Miracles sure do happen everyday:)

Well. Thats about all i have time for. I love you all. Thanks for writing. You dont know how much i appreciate it for real. As a missionary, its like Christmas every Monday with a bunch of emails. Have a great week! Work hard, play and pray harder!

Food for Thought:

We need experience to become like God ( Preach my Gospel)

EXPERIENCE. I love this. Not a bunch of knowledge or money, but experience. Through our experiences we learn right from wrong. We learn to become better people. We learn how to cope with things and how to better one another. We are going to pass on to the next life one day and have to opportunity to become like God. We need to be our best to do so. And through our EXPERIENCES here on the earth, its possible. We sometimes have bad experiences, sometimes we have good experiences. But ALL these experiences help us to learn and grow and become better people, and help others along the way. Always strive to be your best, but know if you fall short, the Atonement is there to help you come back to the path. I love the Savior and his love for us. I love that everyday is a new day to start new and be a better person. Treasure your experiences and always use the Atonement in your lives.


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