If the Mission Prepares you for Life, What is God Telling me?

So they say the mission prepares you for life so if i now have 3 “hijas” Im scared of what he is trying to tell me.

So im now training for the 3rd time! Ay! But it will be fine. I will keep on keeping on and keep on trying to be my best me to help her be her best. It sure is a great responsibilty and experience to train!

So this week was AWESOME! We saw a lot of miracles and met alot of new people. But i will just put the important stuff for now.

We had to stay in on Thursday because there was riots and stuff so, that consisted of escaping to get the new girl and chillin all day. But we were SUPPOSED to go to Iguala that day. Rough. BUT. We did get to go FRIDAY! It was so great to get our stuff and see the family that we love, Lopez Ramos. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They actually gave us so much stuff haha. I cried alot because it was so sad but they are doing great. Soon enough missionaries will go back. Which leads to my next story:

We get a call from our bishop saying that a family we were teaching in Iguala is getting baptized!!!!!!!!!! A whole FAMILY!!!!!!! We had contacted them and it was a miracle cuz they had actually already been taught by elders. We only taught them once before we got evactuated but they were super cool and now they are all getting baptized! Im so excited! It just goes to show that the Lord doesnt cease his work even though there isnt missionaries. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! Im so happy for them I cant even express it!

We found this menos activa women who had been hiding from us for the last 4 weeks! She finally let us in! She told us very personal things and i really think that she will progress and enter the temple one day! IM SO HAPPY FOR HER! Downer and I were just like. Yes. Finally! Seriously. Dream Team! Im so sad that she left. But my hija is under good hands, I know the girls shes living with. AVILA AND TID ARE STILL HERE! I cannot believe that. They been here forever, and together forever. Cray Cray.

I finally tried those corn on a stick things in Nacho Libre and I CHOKED! Literally i couldnt breath. So Avila did a sad heimlic on me. hahah it was so funnyy. But i literally saw my life flash before my eyes. Then Downer ran into a pole. Maybe we shouldnt buy corn on a stick anymore…..

It was an all around good week with a lot of spirit and love. Im so happy to be a missionary. Its the little things that bring about the good things. I know that through our contacting and findding, we found the people for the members to teach there in Iguala. Through our effort everyday here in Cuautla, we can work miracles and help people towards baptism and entering into a convent of happiness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly changes lives.

I love you all and i hope you all can make a difference through the small and simple things this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Food for Thought:

Its Thanksgiving this week. What are you thankful for? Gratitude is something that we sometimes forget or that we lack. Let us all take a moment to think of at least 10 things that we are truly thankful for and show our thanks for other people in everyway possible that we can in this holiday season. Ready, go!

1. Family and Friends

2. Prayer

3. Mexican Food

4. Hot Water when I have it

5. Gospel of Jesus Christ

6. Fitted Sheets, one day ill have them again

7. Loving people

8. Chocolate

9. P Days

10. Laughing

-Lopez Ramos!

– Downer and I in the gifts from Lopez Ramos

– The only investagators that came to church

IMG_0373 IMG_0365-1 IMG_0362-1 IMG_0346-1 IMG_0345-1 IMG_0379 IMG_0370 IMG_0368


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