I have been called to…….

First things first……

Note to self. I actually AM alergic to cats…. The worst.

Also, we have officially been told that we are assigned to our areas that we are serving in right now. We are not going back to Iguala. I know its so sad. But its all for the better and things will work themselves out. But i dont think we are going back for a long while. We split the area and everything so. Theres that. But. We are seeing miracles here. And. We had a Baptism in IGUALA. So. The Lord always finds a way to do His work.

Other than that. Not a whole lot changed. We got new leadershio and stuff so its super wierd talking in English to our District Leader. Like Way Wierd. Have i mentioned that I lost all swag?

Well honestly, it was a pretty chill week. I saw a pick up truck herding goats in the middle of Centro, that was pretty weird. But Hey, Mexico.

It was Hermana Avilas Birthday so natually we arranged to have the Mariachi members sing to her at the end of our Consejo de Barrio. LOLOL. Pics to come.

We met a man friend ITALY! Have i mentioned that i want to go to Europe so bad after the mission? But his accent is super cool AND he basically knows everything about the gospel, just doesnt know the gospel! So we are going back to teach him again. He is pretty legit.

We had a REALLY cool stake conference. It was a broadcast from Mexico City and Elder Anderson, Sister Reeves, and Elder another 70, talked, IN SPANISH! They were NOT perfect in Spanish, at all, but HOW COOL that they took the time to TRY to learn the language to talk in the language of the people here! MAD PROPS! I love it. And it was super funny cuz all the missionaries were like yep. I feel your pain on certain words. Elder Anderson even gestured like a chicken to say gallito hahaha. I dyed cuz i literally ALWAYS DO THAT. You know its like this, or what. With my hands, face, etc. Gotta love learning a language.

So have a mentioned that I love the family Martinez? They bought ME a cake too on Hermana Avilas birthday cuz they didnt on mine cuz they were out of town. I LOVE THEM! Seriously i hope im still here for Christmas cuz im totes just spending the whole day with them. Its amazing the love we feel here everyday. People here are SO humble and SO nice. I cant handle it sometimes. Sometimes i just cry at how nice people are.

We also taught this super awesome kid with one of the members from the Martinez family and it was super good. But the sad news is that he is in the other sisters area after we split the area. But. Está bien.

Well thats about all of my week. We are still working hard and still finding news. Have a great week and while you guys are experiencing snow, just know im living in the City of Eternal Spring! 🙂

Food for Thought:

At our zone meeting, Elder Lee talked. He is a new missionary and a NEW convert of about a little over a year. He talked about his conversion and said that it wasnt the missionaries that converted him. It was the love of the family of the girl he was dating, the bishops daughter. They invited him over to eat dinner about 4 times a week and read scriptures after. It took him about 7  times before he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. But once he did, he couldnt stop. It was the love of the members that kept him going. MEMBERS ARE THE KEY! That family still emails him and he is not dating that girl anymore. His own family does not approve of him being a member or on a mission. He knows the truth and will defend it, but i know that it is the love of the family that has helped him. MEMBERS. All you need to do is LOVE others. Your friends, family, etc. Conversion doesnt just happen, it begins.

-Mariachi in Consejo

-Birthday Cakes

-Martinez FamilyIMG_0311 IMG_0342 IMG_0343 IMG_0344 IMG_0147 IMG_0209 IMG_0312


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