I got…….

Well Happy Halloween! 2 interesting stories to start of the weeks email with this crazy WEEK of Halloween here.

We dressed up for Halloween as each other haha.  We switched name tags. Yep. Were cool. And this super creepy, slightly attractive ( oops) futbol player guy contacted us and was totally into me and i was super scared, yes i HAVE lost all swag, and he asked for my Face, so naturally i gave it because i was Ariana Avila and not Cassie Corriveau. hehe. Im the worst.

I GOT ROBBED! It was like David Blane too because i didnt even REALIZE IT! One minute i was shaking hands with these peeps the next min i walk away and check the time on the WATCH I NO LONGER HAVE! It was so chafa. But hey i mean props to them cuz thats kinda cool they did that without me noticing. David Blane Street magic o some shiz.

But really Halloween was super cool here. Its like 4 days long. I loved seeing all your costumes. Super fun. I miss yall. Hope you had a great time!!!

Well still nothing too exciting happened this week. Still walking alot and kind of finding news. We met Guerroman. Hes an albino Mexican. So naturally we are teaching him and his family. Why not. Hes pretty chill though.

We got flu shots this week. From an Hermana missionary. So that was kind of weird but i havent gotten any weird side effects so i guess thats cool.

So remember how i havent been the same since Fiji if you know what i mean? Well we ate this really spicy pasta stuff, and we were walking in the street and i was like oh no. I gotta go. like NOW. I mean im like sweating yet have goosebumps and i just go up to some random house and was like. Im sorry, can i ask you a favor, can i use your bathroom!? She was like adelante. Because even the people here get sick alot so i go and then we end up teaching her a bit! She was like i see you all the time but never have actually talked to missionaries. She has THE CUTEST little kids and was SUPER chill. The next day we walked past and the little girl and boy were like OUR FRIENDS!!!! So presh. Moral of the story is Thank goodness for bodily functions!:)

Oh also remember that one time Hermana Tidwell kept Hermana Riggins hair for 6 months to originally send it to her friend in jail, but then decided to use it to make a wig for Bishop Moroni. Then he PUT IN ON DURING SACRAMENT MEETING DURING FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING!!!!! LOLOLOLOL! I was dying. Then we get to our dinner appt and they were like why did you cut Hermana Corriveaus hair, cuz the hair was BLONDE hahahaha. So everyone thought it was MY HAIR. OMG so funny seriously.

Well we really have seen miracles here. For instance. I prayed to get into at least 5 house cuz we literally have been walking around aimlessly alot and what happened? We got into 5 houses. Pray is real my friends. If you ask for specific answers, you will get them. If you ask for general answers, you will get general answers. Simple as that. The work is kind of strange but still going. Iguala is the bomb and i love it. The members are so rock solid. Also here, we are just going to baptize all of Cuautla! We have been working alot with menos activos and trying to help them come back to church. No one came this sunday but im hoping it was just because it was Day of the Dead. But really its so cool to see people change and WANT to change. I love this work my friends. Its FLYING BY! Im at 9 months! WHATTTT!?!?! Cray.

Well everyone have a great week. and dont forget that November 6th is the best day of the year.:)

Love hermana Corri!

Food for thought:

I so have shared this before but i just really want to stress it. TIME OF GOD! TIMING IS EVERYTHING. We have so many times where we walk a certain way to meet certain people that we wouldnt have. We open our mouth to find someone ready to listen. We are HERE at this TIME for a reason. Isaiah 55: 8-9. Its always the Lords ways and not our ways. His time and not our time. Always remember that when you are feeling sad or useless. He has a better plan in store. ALWAYS! Chin up and always seek to do the Lords work and you will be blessed!


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