I Dont Know About You….Im Feeling 22!!!!

It felt like a Perfect Night to dress up like a Hipster.

Well. It was a good birthday! thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! It sure was a great night! Our favorite family here took us out to TACOS AL PASTOR! my favorite and it was super fun. They are SO loving and it was super sweet. Also the Bishop and his wife bought me a cake with candles that didnt blow out haha. They thought it was SOOOOO funny. Stinkers. haha. My comps did cute things for me so that was fun too. It was an all around good day:) But i really cant believe that Im 22. Thats insane.

It was a good week. We went to Civac for a conference. It was good and President really layed out everyting that is going on, which was nice so there arent rumors and stuff about whats going down. We were reunited with Hermana Junca and Sappenfield! I missed them so much!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the literal best.

We had an investagator and a really menos activo come to church this week in this area in Cuautla!!!!! So that was cool. We are seeing miracles poco poco here. I was so happy to see them come. I know that we are here for a reason, because sometimes certain people can touch hearts in different ways. Im so excited to see how they progress. Pray for them!!!!! Lilly was super greeted by everyone there which made me happy to see. Members are the key in this work my friends!!!!!!!

We are continuing to teach the Guerroman. The Albino Mexican. So thats cool. The only other Guerro here. haha.

Uhm. Actually something pretty funny happened. We were walking in the street and a guy game up to us all crazy and was like Jesus is my amour, and the Holy ghost is my sword, etc. etc. It was super weird. Just like preaching at us. Idk and his name was Charlie. So that was that. Then like 4 days later we have this awesome experience and this grandma we  had met was like hey i want you guys to teach my grandson about Jesus. So we walk in and meet this teenager and  hes super rad. Then i look at the couch, and who is there, none other than CHARLIE! FREAKIN CHARLIE! LOL. I cant handle it. I just started laughing. And he was like preaching at us. Super weird. haha. Idk. The mission is so strange.

Oh also We got super lost and ended up almost at the river. You know what they do at the river? ya. Kill people. Esta bien. A member was like freaking out when she found us. hhaa. oooops.

I convinced someone i was from France haha. That was funny.

Oh we walked around and contacted with our Mariachi friend haha. And sung to people while he played the guitar. It was super weird and fun though. Gotta love Mariachi.

Well my friends. Missionary work is the best work you can do. Im so grateful to be here on the mission. Even though we dont see HUGE miracles everyday, there are small miracles everyday. We just need to open up our eyes a little. Live in the moment and keep looking forward. Dont live in the past. I have been learning alot of this lately.

I will send a lot of pics cuz i finally got a camera charger from the best comps and recent convert ever!!!!!!:) So be prepared for all the ones from Lockdown days haah.

Love Yours Truly,

Hermana Corri.

Food for Thought:

Alma 20: 29- 29 And when Ammon did meet them he was exceedingly sorrowful, for behold they were naked, and their skins were worn exceedingly because of being bound with strong cords. And they also had suffered hunger, thirst, and all kinds of afflictions; nevertheless they were patient in all their sufferings.

This talks about when Aaron Muloki and Ammah were in prison and Ammon came to save them. I love that it says they were patient even though their environment and situation was NOT the best. at all. It made me think of my situation right now. Its kinda weird bring in 2 areas and half my stuff is in Iguala, all my friends are getting married, im in a strange weird land and sometimes being yell at me for being American. Its not the best environment. BUT. If i suffer it with patience, I will be able to see the blessings, and God will deliver me out. I know that i have SO many blessings everyday. We all do. We just need to open up our eyes a little more to see them. Im so grateful for the examples of the prophets in our lifes. Keep this in mind when things get rough my friends and family. Keep pressing forward.


-The sketch.

-Junca Sapp and Us = Love

-9 Month pic!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0290 IMG_0283 IMG_0295 IMG_0129 IMG_0123 IMG_0296-1 IMG_0257 IMG_0267-1 IMG_0273-1 IMG_0278-1


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