WERE FREE! We could work as normal starting Thursday. What a glorious thing! Honestly the hardest part of my mission was staying inside for 2 weeks. Who wouldda thunk??

Well I have some really rad pics but they are on my camera and im on yet again another chafa computer, so better luck next week folks. Sorry bout ya. But just be prepared.

We got to work a little bit on Tuesday but just with Members. They are SOOO awesome. For real. I couldnt be more thankful for them. THEY ARE THE BEST! I wish they knew how much we truly love them. Lopez Ramos. Seriously my second family. They brought us Tacos at 9:30 at night when they knew we couldnt leave again. SO CUTE! I LOVE THEM!

Also Elder Ramirez left our ward! Im SO sad! He called to tell us bye and it was the sweetest thing. So Bodine is getting ANOTHER gringo! YAY GO AMERICANS!

Lockdown again on Wednesday. We took some sweet pics but i dont have a cable for my camera. AND. The ciber we usually go to with the nice computers is now closed soo….idk about pics right now. Anyone wanna go on an adevnture for my camera box and cord? I think its in the spare bedroom in the house, mom or dad or alea?:)

We did see miracles though this week. We met some new people. Got to see our investagators we hadnt seen in FOREVER. And a girl that is going on a mission came with us for a day. SHE IS SO COOL! And she bore her testimony about the missionaries in church. I cried of course. Testimony meeting here is so powerful because literally the members are so strong. Their testimonies are just so heart felt and spiritual. A little girl that wants to get baptized but cant because her mom is lame, bore her testimony and it touched everyones hearts. I wish her mom could see her give her testimony. We are hoping she comes to the primary presentation. But. We will see.

So i found out that cienpies. I think theyre centipedes is what theyre called in Ingles. They are actually like super dangerous. A menos activo was talking about them one night and i was like oh! Those are all over in our house, but like little baby ones. And they look at us all serious and say, Hermana, mátalos! (Kill them!) Because if there are little ones there is a Mom. who is about a foot long and bites. EWWWWWWWW!!! I freaked out and was super scared that night of Mama Cienpies in our house. So. Gross. I love Mexico.

I never got pics of masons baptism. Por favor can i have soms? Gracias:)

Well im super bummed about these pics i was gonna send. But, better luck next week. I love you all! Have a great week!

Food for thought:

This is a paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God. You are everything to God. NEVER forget that. He loves you and knows you personally. Always acknoweldge that in your life. I love that i know that he loves me and I love that I know that he will protect me. Even in all this craziness, i know that God is there and that he loves us enough to keep us out of all the craziness. I love that the spirit is there to guide us and direct us. DEF. had experiences with this this week to help us to safety and home. I know that Jesus is our Savior and that he suffered for our sins. I know that our Heavenly Father sent his only Begotten son to atone for our sins. He suffered for my sins, your sins, his sins, and everyones. ALWAYS give thanks for that.


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