Such a Weirrrrd Week.

Hey yall i dont have like anytime at all but everything is fine. If you didnt get an email from me Monday its because we were on lockdown for over 60 hours. Its fine. Dont worry. Im not going to give any more information than that.

Other than that, everything is super good.We had 6 people in the church on Sunday! Including Norma and Sergio again, they are so going to get baptized and im super excited!!!!:)

We went to Cuernavaca for the training meeting. It was super good. Always good to see President and Hermana Kusch and learn something new and see familiar faces. I LOVE the climate of Cuernavaca, one day I will actually serve there. Maybe….

We also had interviews with President and taht was nice too. He said that Iguala has the happiest missionaries. BAM! Dats right! I love him so much.

Its seriously been a big blur. I cant even really think of things to write. We had a cool experience. We were looking for someone who was just a contact in the street and she was NOT interested and we knew it but for some reason, we still felt like we should go. We couldnt find her house so we asked for help. Just so happens, the people we asked for help were people who were referencias from other members that we could never find. It was seriouslyso cool and they are super chosen. Im super excited to go back. They have just moved and just didnt know where to find missionaries or any of that. They are reading in the Book of Mormon and everything. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

The members here are sooooo helpful. THey are SO nice and help out so much. I couldnt be more grateful. One hermana told me to marry her son, in the middle of a lesson and she has started calling me hija. LOL. Its pretty hilarious. I guess we will find out where life takes me, eh? šŸ™‚

Well thats about all i have time for so I will try to send a better letter next week! I LOVE YOU ALL! Sorry no photos either but next week, just wait, it will be a bomb of selfies from getting cabin fever from staying inside.

Always remember to pray and the spirit will guide! Juan 14



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