Happy Birthday Mason!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe Mason turned 8! WHAT! Cray! Congrats! Sorry i didnt have time to take a pic for you, ill try to be creative this week:) LOVE YOU MAS!

Also, I ate shrimp with everything, that means with mayo, ketchup, eyes and anteannas. Also, calamari? SQUID! What! Sea food in Mexico! BUT IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!

So other than that this week was really good. We had like no time to work in the beginning of the week because we had a zone training and then went to Cuernavaca. Seriously Ive gone there every week for the past month. Im a regular at the estrella de oro.

We had a lot a miracles and blessings happen this week! Like always, really. We found a couple new families to teach that seem really interested. Our members helped out a TON this week and it was so good to have their testimonies and spirits. An hermana even stayed with us through the downpouring rain! She thought it was so fun! Another member we found out has actually been kind of less active lately and we didnt even know! When we got here she signed up for comida during the month and again for the next month. She signed up to acompanarnos and she was great. After when we told the ward mission leader he said, REALLY? Wow, what are you doing to make her come? Well, nothing really but asking. Thats really all it takes is a little effort on both parts. Im really glad that we arent just helping our investagators but our members as well. I LOVE the members here.

We had a really powerful experience on Monday night. We went to an investagator’s house who went to church once but didnt really like it. We had our relief society president come with us and it was SO good. She really helped Maria to understand that she is loved and that she is welcomed at the church. She LOVED the lesson and when we went back again, she was so happy to see us and she has been reading in the Book of Mormon. She came to church on Sunday and had nothing but good things to say about it!!

We had a total of 6 people in the iglesia. 2 of them were nuevos that we met this week. They are super chosen and are a reference from a little girl. Its quite funny actually because the little 9 year old year, a member, told us she had friends, so we thought 9 year olds too, naturally. But we go and its a young couple with a 2 year old son. They are super interested and like to learn. Im excited to see them progress towards baptism.

Pablo passed the sacrament to us this week! I love seeing people actually progress and do great things in the church! I nearly cried!

Food for Thought:

Speaking of crying, ive been crying more. I guess its the Spirit or maybe the subjects weve been talking about are more sacred. But i love to feel the spirit. Its the best gift ever! and in the mission its everyday! I understand now why RMs ar so wac now sometimes. But we gave our talks this sunday and I talked about Alma 37:6-9, about how small and simple things can bring to pass great things. How its really just the love for other people and how we just need to TALK to people. I shared an analogy that I learned from my good friend Lindsey Berg.

Everyone generally likes to talk about food, especially in Mexico. If you ask someone they usually have a answer pretty quick. And if you push a little, you can find out why. For example.

I LOVE enchiladas. Why? because they are small yet filling and spicy and delicious. Easy to make and not a damage to my stomach.

Easy, eh?

Now. Lets try again with the gospel.

I LOVE that there is a plan for us. I love that Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us and wants us to return to live with him. The life doesnt stop here. We live for eternity WITH God and our families if we are faithful and keep the commandments. God isnt a God of punishments and wants to help all of his children to progress and be the best that they can be. He helps us in this plan so that we are succesful and worthy to live in his presence. To learn more about this plan go to http://www.mormon.org/spa.

Easy, eh?

Just be a friend! Talk a little! Share a picture or a video or a meme on Facebook. The little things are what bring to pass miracles. Love everyone and you will see the differences.

I also shared the story i shared in my farewell talk. We need to become like little children like it says in Mosiah 3:19 and LOVE everyone. True love of christ. Charity. I encourage you all to read this story. It will really help you have a change of heart. I know it did for me.


I love the gospel and the mission. I love my opportunity to be here in Mexico. Everyday i wake up happy. Yes, a little tired. Yes, i miss BYU and my friends and family. Yes, ill come home to 2 babies i wont know. Yes, on Mondays I sometimes want a cute boy to write me like my boyfriend. But. Those things dont matter right now. I push off those negative thoughts because this is only a short time. a tiempo-cito as I say here in Mexico. I know that because of the plan that God has for me, everything will work out in the end for me. and before I know it, ill be back at the life that i loved with the people i loved and if i would have never went on a mission, i wouldnt be the person i am today to prepare me for the future. Everything happens for a reason my friends! Live happy!

I love you all! Have a great week! Send me pics!


Oh PS. Its the Mexican Independence Day so we cant leave our house after 6. So…. i will be writing a lot of letters today! Adresses please to anyone who wants one!

Also at a ward activity. I shouted VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!! For their grito. Its like a big deal. And I was the one they picked to do it. LOLOLOL. Im so Mexican. 🙂 IMG_0040 IMG_0052


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