This week my goal is to go one week without…..

So the water is yellow here and my hair is falling out. So i have decided to just stop washing it. I made it 4 days last week. Think I can go 7? Wish me luck!

This week was really good. Nothing too cray or awesome happened but it was an all around good week. I keep learning this patience thing and to not get mad at people easily. Why didnt anyone tell me im stubborn before? I realized, after my comp told me, its my way or the highway. oooops:) I like to just describe myself as sour but sweet, like a sour patch kid. But I should really start to be more sweet. Really. It makes things a WHOLE lot easier if you love people with your WHOLE heart Not that I ever yell at anyone or anything, but I def. think mean thoughts. Cada dia, poco poco! I really do love people more than I used to. Its insane how the mission really changes your outlook on life. Yayyy patience!!!

So i had a cool experience. Dad. Dont kill me. It was a learning experience for both me and Herm. Espinoza. She still is learning how to contact and I tell her, never postone a prompting. If you feel like you should give someone a Book of Mormon, do it! Dont wait for me to do it first. We were walking in this colonia and we saw this man sitting under a tree. He had a bunch of tattoos and looked pretty rough but was really nice. We said Buenas Tardes and went our way but I was like no, we need to go talk to him. Ive learned from other experiences not to postpone these promptings and to talk to people when I feel like we should. We went back and talked to him and he has the coolest story. Long story short, he lived in California for 18 years but was in a gang and went to jail, but while in jail he found God and has such a strong testimony and is trying to live a better life here with his family. We invited him to church and gave him a folleto but didnt put a cita para regresar. I dont know if i was intimidated by the fact he went to jail and was in a gang, or what, but i didnt do it. That night we were talking about him and we both felt really bad we didnt put a cita to return. I was hoping and praying that we would see him again. The next day we were in the church teaching a lesson when the other sisters had a baptism and their investagator looked just like Pablo and had almost the same story! Hermana Espinoza and I were so sad we didnt talk to Pablo more because this could be him!

Yesterday we were walking and we felt like we shouldnt go to the cita that we had. We were walking looking for someone else and guess who pulls us on his motorcycle and yells Hermanas! Pablo! We put a cita para regresar. This just showed me that we should always follow the spirit and always always always give people chances, you never know who is ready for the gospel. Even convicts.

Tomorrow I hit 6 months in the mission. WHAT! I left yesterday! Time flies. In one year I will be home. But i dont like to think like that. I have ALOT of work to do here. ALOT to learn and grow ( alot of weight to lose) but honestly im so grateful to be here in Mexico. We went to lunch with Hermana Junca and Sappenfield today and they are seriously so cool. They both went to BYU and are older as well. 23 and 22. Yayyy go us. When I asked Junca if she ever thought about a mission before she said FREAK NO. FREAK NO. Did i EVER think i would go. NO. I made FUN of people that went on missions because those are only for people who dont get married…. Sound familiar? But she is seriously such a great missionary now. This showed me that we are all here for a reason and we are here to grow and learn everyday. I NEVER in a MILLION YEARS thought I would be here, following all these rules, wearing the clothes I do, using toilets without seats, showering in cold showers, geckos as unwanted pets, as well as cockroachs, but do I regret it? Not one bit. I love it. YOSO- You only serve once. No regrets.

Food for thought:

A follow up on my obedience thought from last week. D and C 130: 19 about the relationship between dilligence, obedience, knowledge, and intelligence. I love this scripture and we actually shared it with a member this week. I think the relationship is that we are here to gain knowledge and intelligence because this knowledge and intelligence will go with us in the next life as well. Any talent or intelligence or knowledge we gain here, will be lifted with us in the resurrection. But, in order to have these knowledges or talents we need to be dilligent. For example, if we want to be an expert piano player, we need to practice everyday. If we stop practicing, we lose this knowledge of how to play ( guilty of this!) This is where obedience comes in. If we are truly dilligent, we are being obedient. We cant have one without the other. When we are obedient, we have the faith to be dilligent. If we are dilligent, we have “the ganas” to be obedient. I love this concept and how everyday we are here to learn and grow and love a little more, ourselves and others. We can do it! We just need to work a little harder everyday! Read this 130: 18- 23. Its great!

Love you all! You all are so awesome and beautiful. Always find a way to serve one another and keep on keeping on! Cuídense!

Hermana Corri

Mi casa

What we found in our area book. LOL. Elders.

Our little friend. Maybe this house isnt better than in Illinois….

IMG_2290 IMG_2294 IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2304 IMG_2306


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