We had a Cuernavacation, aka, we had a meeting with the newbies and President so that meant we left Thursday night, stayed the night, and came home Friday night, hence, Cuernavacation. The scale in the ofice says i lost 10 pounds? Excuse me? The mirror tells me i gained 20. Okkkayyyy. Aint mad about it though.

Anyway, it was super good. I  love having meetings with President Kusch because I always learn something new and how to be better. Im SO grateful to be a trainer, even though it is way rough sometimes. Ive really learned the meaning of “Comfort those that stand in need of comfort, Cry with those that need to cry.” But I know that everything happens for a reason. Im here with her for a reason and shes here for a reason. Iguala is gonna be super poppin after were done here!

We had 7 people come to church on Sunday! SEVEN! That is the most I have ever seen in  my mission. It was super awesome and and SOO excited for every one of them. They all have fechas to be baptized in the coming weeks. One this weekend! Yay! Lets pray everything goes okay and there are no last minute glitches.

Im not going to write a whole lot because I had a TON of pictures. Some are for Tommys birthday, but you can all accept the message it has:) But. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your support and Im SO entirely grateful for everything that I have in this life. Never give up hope in life or dwell on things that arent important. Always keep moving foward and always trust in the Lord.

Okay. Remember how i said i was going to send pictures. Just kidding because my memory got a virus and i cant send pictures. Thanks Mexico! Better luck. Next week?

Food for Thought:

Liken the scriptures to yourself. What does it mean to liken? APPLY. What prophet is like you in the Book of Mormon? Who can you relate to most? I challenge you to think about this. Then think about another person you know. Who are they like? How can you help that person in their life by using the Book of Mormon? Pretty Rad, eh?

For me, its hands down Alma the Younger. Anyone that knows me, knows why. But really I love his example of no matter what we do in this life, we can repent and come unto to Christ. Then, more than anything, help OTHERS to come unto Christ as well through our experiences. He was one of the best missionaries in the Book of Mormon and I hope that I can be HALF the missionary as him.

Love you all lots and have a great week! IMG_2344 IMG_2346 IMG_2347

message for tommy’s birthday

IMG_2352 IMG_2355 IMG_2356 IMG_2359


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