Lo Siento Im a Day Late but i have news……

I have an announcement:

Wednesday morning Im sitting there reading my Book of Mormon during my personal study when we get the call. No, not Rosita calling to give us money. The assistantes. Hermana Roberts answers the phone, ” Its for you.” ” Hello, how are you Hermana Corriveau, Its Elder Bond. I have an announcement. Youre going to train!” Whaaattt. Train! Im still trying to figure out the mission life! But okay. Bring it. Im excited. And ill STILL be in my first area for 3 more months. Esta bien. I go to Cuernavaca for the meeting with the President to explain how to be a trainer and all that good stuff, I see HERMANA CAPENER! Shes training too! It was soooooo good to see her. And we are sitting there in his house, he pulls us the screen of the trainers and companions. I start writing down, okay hermana Corriveauu con Hermana Espinoza ( yes a Mexican, por fin!) in… wait… I look at Hermana Capener, THATS NOT MY AREA! President had said earlier, most of you will be staying in your areas, well all except one. Of course thats not me. WRONG. OF COURSE ITS ME! Im leaving my area to train and to OPEN AN AREA! In the HOTTEST area of the mission. I just look at President and say alright esta bien. Bring it. He started laughing. haha. Wow. Whatttt. I was a little in shock but after that I was super excited. But it was SO SO SO sad to say goodbye to my ward. Especially Martiza, the lady and her daughters we baptized about a month ago, but they know that every missionary is good and we go to the places we go for a reason. Im SOOO excited. I love adventures, and this will DEFINTELY be an adventure. So far i have only been her for about 15 hours and i LOVE it. My companion is the nicest person I have ever met in my life and the members I have met so far are so nice as well. Im truly honored to have this experience because I know the Lord knows what he is doing. Im needed here in Mexico, in this area in Iguala.

So sorry thats why i didnt have time to email you yesterday because i was traveling and in Cuernavaca and yeah. Lo siento dont hate me. Mama Kegz, tell Hermana Kegz shes gonna have a grandchild!!!!

Well this week was alot of traveling and stuff but it was so good. I was so glad to see Herm. Capener. Im SO glad to be a trianer. but I was SOOO sad to leave my ward. They were sad too. I was a wreck on Sunday! But its all good. I know im where im supposed to be with who i am supposed to be. My old area is so good and we really did see alot of miracles this week. But i will send more pics. Herm. German came in a white shirt and tie to church! Ah! I love them. Angelica, a menos activa, came to church just for me! Thats one way to get members to church is to leave haha.

But i want to share a video with you guys. It was really powerful for me this week and for the people we showed. Why do you love Christ? Do you give him thanks everyday? How can you give him thanks everyday?  I can testify that he lives. He is with us everyday of our lives. Here is the link. I challenge you to post it on Facebook  or send it to others.


I love you all! Have a great day!!!!

Herm. Corri

IMG_2223 IMG_2230 IMG_2259 IMG_2287


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