This week i was violated by……( drum roll please)

Yes this week i was violated by a women. She came up to me and basically wanted to rape me it was really weird. Oh que linda mi linda mi linda, que hermosa. Yeah it was super wack. But it was a new experience because its usually only men that that happens with hahaa.

Well other than that this week was pretty calm but full of milagros.

We met some really cool new investagators and i think they will really progress. It was all due to being in the right place at the right place. One of them was from knocking on the WRONG door for a reference haha. But she let us come back and when we went back she was like I  told my husband you were coming so he said he would take over the work for a bit. SO CUTE. She totally is prepared and she accepted fecha. Our questions were super inspired and she is seriously the cutest. I just love some people.

Next we met this cute old guy named Pablo. He bought us Tomales. And he actually understood me! Thats always a plus haha cuz a lot of times that doesnt happened. This spanish thing enserio. Im so gringa thats how i know the Spirit is real. But he was super cool too.

Then we had an AWESOME lesson with one of our investagators mom. So Jersai is super chosen and a golden investagator. He reminds me alot of German from the District and this week was his second week in church and he wore a white shirt and tie! He looked like a little missionary! haha i love it. Well he loves the church so much he told his mom about it and when we went to her house and taught she totally felt the spirit too and started crying and it was super awesome! I LOVE THE GOSPEL ENSERIO!!!!!!!!! Their family will be so blessed from this gospel and i cannot wait. I love seeing peoples lives change from the gospel. I know my life has. A TON! Thanks mom and dad for always being such good examples for me.

Happy 4th! How was it? Hope you ate lots of American food! We dressed up as best as we could.

Mari is still doing great and today is her one month of being baptized! Ah! SO CUTE! I seriously love her.

I never thought i could love people like i do but i literally love the people here like my own family. Charity, the true love of Christ is a real thing. And i know that it helps us so much in life. LOVE EVERYONE MY FRIENDS! Even the people its HARD to love. I promise that it will bless your life immensely.

Hey shout out to Addie for her baby! and Sarah Headman for being engaged. Jaclyn for getting married! What the heck, everyone is growing up so fast!

Food for thought:

So i was watching the Joseph Smith movie and let me tell you i cry so hard everytime i watch it. But i love this quote;

“Joseph, do you ever think God asks too much?”- Emma

” I dont let myself”- Joseph

What FAITH he had. Sometimes life seems like a lot but if we go through it with faith, especially our trials, we can come out on top and overcome the world. Yes we will have trials, but it will only be a short moment in time. D and C 121: 7-8. Let us all have the faith and dilligence of Joseph. Endure to the end with faith and dilligence and PATIENCE.

This also leads to my next thought- Faith is the antidote of fear. Its a quote from Russell M. Nelson, from his talk from conference. I love that! ALl things can be made right through faith. I encourage you all to read that talk. I cant remember what its titled right now sorry.

Well i love you all and i love the gospel. This week wasnt too exciting sorry. But the gospel is always exciting! It is something that can always help  us no matter where we are in life. I KNOW this church is true and i know that this work is the best work i will ever do in my life!

Love you! Tenga un buen semaña!

Herm Corriveau IMG_2136 IMG_2147 IMG_2152


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