“Dont Go Through the Mission, Let the Mission Go through You”

“Dont Go Through the Mission, Let the Mission Go through You”

This quote saved my life this week. I pulled out the box Chandler got me for Christmas of all the nice notes people wrote me from my ward. I was having a hard time and she told me to read these when that moment came. I opened up to Coreys and it said this. and again in Garretts. What great friends i have! But really, its SO true. I was going to through day, waiting. Waiting for comida, waiting for bed, waiting for the next day, waiting for the next area, waiting for the end of the mission. But what good is that!? I needed to LOVE each day, each person, each moment, because i will not get it back after the mission. This seriously changed my whole attitude about the mission and i saw miracles happen. Gracias Corey and Garrett. Also, I think this doesnt just apply to the mission. We shouldnt go through life saying, ” well when i finish school…” “Well when i get married…” ” When i get this job..” NO! No WHENS! ABSORB the NOW!!!! Love each day. Even the hard things, these are what makes us stronger and better people. Live each day and Love it. Our time here is short in the course of eternity, so we might as well make the best of it! I encourage all of you to laugh, smile at the hard things, treasure the small things- the sun, the weather, smiles from strangers, your kids, your friends, and I promise you, you will live a better, healthier, and happier life.

Food for thought was important this week so it was first.

But seriously this week was a lot better. I saw miracles happen after my change of heart and outlook. I LOVE the people. The people in my ward are literally like my family. Our investagators have the best hearts and its so awesome to see people change their lives. I loveeeee this gospel. What and where would i be without it! Quien Sabe. We have a 23 year old investagator whose name i actually dont know how to say but it sounds like Hershey, is SO cool and he came to church on Sunday! He loved it too! Ah. Seriously melts my heart.

We had another cool experience. I dont know if you have ever seen the movie The Curious Life of Benjamin Button, but it talks about everything happens for a reason. Sometimes if we stop to tie our shoe, forget out phone, look behind us, the little things, we end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. BUT. I find that sometimes we end up in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. We were late leaving our house, a cita fell, i felt like we should take a different road, stop by a members house, and then we saw this lady and 2 kids. I was like okay lets contact her. I asked her where this house and street was and she was like, ” I think youre looking for me!” Turns out, we were! We had contacted her before and got her address, but naturally it was only puerta negro ( gotta love Mexico) Well we taught her in her house and she and her daughter accepted fecha! We were in the right place at the right time! Seriously if we would have been 1 minute late we would have never found her. The spirit guides us in all things, where we should go, what we should do, what we should say. NEVER POSTPONE A PROMPTING!

I love you all. I hope you all listen to the spirit and love each day. Keep on keeping on. Smile more and eat a milkshake and lay on carpet for me! I looveeee you!!!!!!

Herm Corrie


Mom i sent a package for Chloes wedding to yoru house, when you get it, can you contact Chloe somehow, Andrea can find out her number i think, and get it to her. thanks!

– Studying in Mexico Jersys


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