After 5 Months I just now realize that De Nada actually doesnt mean Youre Welcome

This week was full of “everything happens for a reason” events. I know this very cliche phrase is absolutely true though. We met this family in the calle the other week- a Mom, Dad, and 2 kids. We couldnt find their house though for a whole week until we realized that we had her phone number! We called her and we had the wrong house number. So we went and taught them this last Monday and it was SO good. Such a spirit there and I literally almost cried during the Moms closing prayer. They told us that they have never opened their doors to any religion before us, but they wanted to know more about the Mormons and really liked what we taught! That made me feel so special to know that our work really does pay off. If we wouldnt have ever talked to them in the calle, they would have never known about anything about our religion. They have family members that are members in the states, so i feel like that always helps a little. I am super excited to teach them though. We havent seen them again after this because they are super busy, but im not going to give up hope. I know that families are the ones who progress the most because really, families are the most important thing in this life!

Jersai, our awesome investagator, is doing SO good. I love seeing peoples lives change. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and he STOPPED DRINKING COFFEE that NEXT day! Wow. How faithful. But it was cool because in companionship study that morning we talked about the Atonement, then we totally used what we talked about with him in talking about all of this. Crazy how that works out, si? No! Its because we are truly inspired in every little thing that we do. The Spirit is always with us.

Ive been working on my 3 things that I want to do to be a better missionary and yesterday I saw the difference. We were walking home and we said Buenas Noches to a family in the street but kept walking. I thought, no. We need to go back. Usually I would be like “Well, its too late, it would just be weird to go back now.” But i didnt push aside the prompting. I embraced the weird and said Comó está. We went back and talked to them and turns out the Dad has talked to Elders before and was super interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was like “Enserio, Ive always wanted one, Thank you SO much!” Wow. Seriously, we dont know who is ready, thats why we need to talk to everyone. True, some people arent ready, but there are many people who are. I love finding the prepared!

Now this next thing, I really did start crying ( i promise i can hold myself together usually but super spiritual things just get me.) So we have this amazing family in the ward. The mom is the 1st counselor in the Relief Society, but was the Young Womens President. Her husband has been menos activo since the 2nd week i got here in Chilpancingo.  So he has been menos activo for awhile because he has a problem with drinking but he has the BEST SPIRIT about him. We love their family and we meet and eat with them alot. Ive been praying for them everynight and I told Hermana Roberts that Hermano German WILL come to church before I leave here. But for many weeks, he never went. Well this Sunday, in walks Mayra, and behind her, Hermano German, smile and all. PRAYER IS REAL! I know that through prayer we can help many people progress in life as long as they do their part too. I know that Hermano German will be a great leader in the church again, con el tiempo. The gospel is TRUE.

One more thing to brighten your day. So we are teaching this family that everytime we go we meet someone new. We went on Sunday before church to bring them and they werent home but their neighbors were, who are their uncle and aunt. While outside before we enter I say, ” Ew, there are so many caterpillars, i have a phobia, anything creepy and crawly, caterpillars, snakes, worms, etc..” So we go in and teach this uncle and aunt and they are super interested. They have friends that are members and we were having a really good lesson. Hermana Roberts is talking and the spirit is strong. I feel something on my foot. Mosquito right? WRONG! Caterpiller! On my foot! I start screaming and Hermana Roberts has no clue what is going on because she cant see my foot. The uncle is dying of laughter and trying to get it off but its sucking on my foot. Im laughing and crying all at the same time. Needless to say they thought it was hilarious and they are now new investagators and want to come with us to church next Sunday. Karma got the best of me! But esta bien because it won their hearts over haha. 🙂

I know that there are NO coincidences in the gospel. The Spirit guides us in all that we do. Every thought, every word, every way we take. Im so grateful that I can have the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. I cant wait to see Jersai recieve this gift after his baptism and so many more people as well! Go out and find ways to serve others, even if its just by smiling at others. Guys. I know the church is true. How could it NOT be. I love seeing people come unto Christ and live happier lives. I know that I am MUCH happier since that day in October 2 years ago that I decided i needed to clean up my act and go on a mission. Thanks Dad. Yeah, its hard. But is it worth it? Every Minute. Hope youre all doing great! Baby Joseph too!

I forgot to explain my pics from last week, so let me do that right quick.

-Our America pic for fourth of July ( Merica y I want YOU)

-5 months in Mexico, doing the Heisman idk high 5, i was trying to be creative

-a fish in the road because we live SO close to an ocean…..

This week:

Landscape, my language study, next email will be the handouts our ward gave out…they love us.

Con amor,

Hermana Corriveau IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2180 IMG_2181


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