Another week another…well no dollars.

Well this week was……intersting……

Its been pretty hard to find new people cuz no one is progressing so we just needed to start over. It was pretty tough. Also my comp got sick so we had to stay in one day. I read 40 pages of the BOM so thats one way to do it. So that took alot out of our datos. But life goes on. We did teach these 3 young adults and they are super cool and actually really interested. One of them came to church on Sunday! Always a good sign. They seem pretty legit and it was good because when we first got there, they were kinda just punks but once we started teaching about the restoration. Bam. Spirit. Their whole countenences changed. Lo Mejor how the gospel does that.

Its been raining alot lately. Didnt think that was a thing in Mexico. But if you guys wanna go on a treasure hunt, look for my pink raincoat. i think it might be at Caris or at the house in Tville. Ready. Set. Go! I love you:)

We had splits with the sister training leaders. Always good and I always want to do better once I leave them. Hermana Jiminiz is enserio lo mejor.

I had a little bit of a breakdown again because i seriosuly feel like a shrink here. Everyone just pours out their hearts to us with the saddest stories. I just feel so responsible for them and idk it got to me. Its just super sad here. I cant even explain it. Then. I recited the4 first vision to this family, and their dad drives me bonkers but thats another story, and they were like sorry i didnt understand and started laughing. So okay obvio im going to be ticked. The district leader calls and i leave the lesson. Just leave my comp hanging haha ooopps. And he could tell i was upset. He was like Hermana I know you can find 2 new investagators today if you pray. Have the faith and you can do it. So after we left the lesson, i cried a bit and then we prayed. And what do you know. WE FIND 2 NEWS! It was a miracle. Enserio. But that just goes to show the power of prayer is real. and it works. BUT, we need to have the faith too. God is bound to us. When we do our part, so does He. Cool right? I feel like Heavenly Father always breaks me down just to the point of exploding and then a milagro happens. Thats what this world is all about right? Ah. I love it.

Well this next story im sorry to tell but it has to be said. If I learned one thing from my trainer it was this. Shout out to Kegz right now. Joanne, you must tell her this:

So my comp is sick right. Like all week feeling like poopy. She goes to the bathroom and i hear her yell, but im praying so i was like oh she probz just stubbed her toe. So i go out and start writing in my journal, its sunday so we dont exercise, and shes stilllll in there. Its been like 15 min. Well i was like man, i gotta poo. and you guys know, when i gotta poo, i GOTTA poo! Darn Fiji. So i wait 5 more minutes and im like ok i cant. So i was like hey are you almost done in there? and she was like oh yeah just a minute! So like 7 more minutes pass and i was like about to literally blow and shes still in there. So what do i do? Naturally grab a Wal Mart sac and poop in the bag. It was a low point. But it had to be done. Thank you Hermana Koegler for doing it first so i knew to do it, or else i would have probably just pood my pants. Well the story gets better. WHY she was in there so long is because she PASSED OUT!!!! LOL. Whattttt?!? So shes passed out on the toilet and I pooped in a bag. Oh Mexico. Gong Show.

Well thats about it. I also ate a whole jar of nutella in a week. It was a low point too. Hard week, dont really feel too bad about it.

We sang again in Sacrament Come Thou Fount. I love that Mexicans think i can sing. I never thought i would sing a solo in church. LOL. But hey, esta bien and they said they felt the spirit. But really its true. Music always brings the spirit. especially come thou fount!!! šŸ™‚ Mi favorito.

I love you all! Have a great week and keep being awesome!

Food For Thought:

This week we really focused on the Restoration. Its really the most important thing in our religion. Jospeh Smith restored this gospel through the power of God. I know that its true. But how? Well for me, I just KNOW. Yes i prayed about it, but really it all makes sense. I love watching the Joseph Smith movies because i just always feel such a spirit when i watch them and know they are true. Also. JSH 1:12- 17. Satan was there right before he saw God and Jesus Christ. This just shows that Satan in always in our lives, especially when we are doing our best. BUT, GOD IS ALWAYS STRONGER! Because of the faith of Joseph, Satan was cast out and he was visted by God and Jesus. I know that we too can cast Satan out of our lives by being obedient and choosing the right. ALWAYS following with a broken heart and contrite spirit. I know that he was called of God. No doubt in my heart about it. I challenge you guys to read JSH or watch a video and really think about WHY you believe in this gospel and why Jospeh was called as a prophet. It will strengthen your testimony.


Obvio im going to send you a pic of the poopy sac.

I ate all the nutella in one week.

I finally wore my drug rug in Mexico!

IMG_2092 IMG_2096 IMG_2097


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