WE HAD BAPTISMS!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the lady i have been talking about since my first week here. She has had SUCH a crazy story, let me recap on what happened just to fill you all in.

Her name is Mari, and she has 2 daughters Sara and Hannah. Her husband was a drug dealer and they were super rich. He died a year ago and now they are poor, like dirt poor. When we met her she was super interested and wanted to get baptized right away. Well then something happened and she didnt talk to us for 2 weeks! Avoiding us like crazy and wouldnt answer for the members either. Well then the bishops wife invited her to a scripture study class and she came! She had a lot of problems, i think some depression and she lost her job and yeah, just a rough time. But then her prodigy of a daughter had a dream that her mom was in a white house and her dad was in a black house, spiritual prison and paradise. Well Mari had about the same dream! So she accepted for baptism and…..didnt pass her interview! It was our culpa because we didnt know that you had to teach word of wisdom 2 weeks before the baptism and it had only been a week. So then she got super offended and again. Avoided us. For 2 weeks. But this time we didnt give up hope. We texted her every night with a scripture or thought. We fasted for her. and prayed like crazy. and eventually she responded and let us in to her life again with open arms. Her daughter had another dream. A dream she was in water looking up at us, the missionaries. WOW! HOW AWESOME RIGHT!?! So then she was succesfully baptized this Saturday! She looked SO happy and it was such a good night. Despite the fact that during our little experiment of dropping food coloring into water and then putting bleach in to show that sins are washed away by baptism. Understand kind of? Well when i was dropping in the food die it wouldnt drop! So i was like yeah, real poco poco. Then all of the sudden it EXPLODED! RED DYE EVERYWHERE!!!!! So i was like yeah, so then we just sin like crazy,like we kill people. It totally killed the spirit but it won the ward over and they think im super funny know. You know how i do;) But we saved it with singing Come Thou Fount. Dont worry, song never fails.

Anyway i know this church is true. I know that baptisms are the door that opens us to heaven. I know that we truly can have the spirit with us para siempre despues baptism. Mari and the girls looked so happy I couldnt even handle it. I know that missionary work is the best work in the world! What better than having people come unto repentence, grow their faith, come unto Christ and be baptized and endure to the end! Wow! I love it! Words cant even express my happiness right now.

Then we had 9 menos activos at church! NINE! GUYS THATS UNREAL! People that havent gone in years and then we visited them and they were like yah, we need to. People. DO YOUR VISITING TEACHING! VISIT PEOPLE! THATS ALL IT TAKES!!!!!!

It was the best sunday to end on for Hermana Kegz!. Im seriously so sad shes left to Cautla. Like i considered going home haha. But my new comp, Hermana Roberts, ANOTHER WHITE PERSON! But she seems pretty cool. Were complete opposites, but it should be fun. Buen suerte Hermana Kegz!

Other awesome things have happened, like everything happens for a reason things but i will talk about how they go next week. I love you all. Keep being awesome. Enjoy summer! Happy birthday yesterday mom!!!! How was girls camp!?

Mom i got your package. THANK YOU! Im wearing the yellow v neck as we speak. Also, can i have an early bday present and have an ipod shuffle or something small and cheap with EFY music, Vocal Point, Carrie Underwoods How Great Thou Art, Come Thou Fount versions, etc. Gracias:)

Have a great week!


-Im marrying Hermana Kegz cousin now. She wont let me do otherwise

-No seatbelts rules in Mexico, Yes 8 people in that car


-The font was SOOOO clean

IMG_2023 IMG_2031 IMG_2037 IMG_2042


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