For starters. I just want to thank you all. I am SO lucky in this life and I took it forgranted for 21 years. I have the BEST family. All are in the church and active. I have loving parents who sacrifice everything for each of their children. I have the COOLEST siblings and CUTEST neices and nephews. I couldnt be more blessed.  I can never thank you enough.

I have great friends from grade school and college  who still email on the mission. Their example have made me who i am today. Gracias to all.

This week i just realized how bad it is here and how much people suffer. And i used to complain if my hair cut or color was bad or I broke my iPhone! How fressa! But seriously. I KNOW that i am here to humble myself. Growing up where I did and HOW i did, I was prone to be, I hate to admit it, a little judgemental and racist, especially towards Mexicans. When i first got here, I was like well, they just dont know how to use money or they are just not smart or know how to budget, or its their own fault, theyre lazy. And when I went to Fiji, it was okay there because theyre literally just on an island is why people were so poor. But know i know that its no different than Fiji! They are poor here because the government is unfair. NOTHING is fair here and people get jipped of everything. People live day to day and work many hours just to put food on the table. Hardly anyone has both a mom and a dad and if they do they both arent active in the church. Maybe some Mexicans are a pestilence to the US, but for the most part, they are a loving and kind hearted people. God placed them here because they are so much more humble than us. I truly believe that. We can learn alot from them. I know I have.

So. Prayer is real. After praying everyday. Fasting. Send messages. and then leaving a little bit of space. We FOUND MARY AGAIN! She texted us saying sorry and thank you for all that we do. She has a lot of problems but can get through it. We met with her and she is seriously so cute. She agreed to get baptized in 2 weeks. NOT RUSHING IT THIS TIME! She has a problem with her spine that limits her work. She hasnt been working as much because of it and she doesnt have money to pay rent. But her faith now is strengthened. Once again, her prodigy child had a dream. ABOUT US! THE MISSIONARIES! About her baptism. Enserio. Wow. I love them all. I didnt think it was possible to love people who arent my family or friends. But. I do. I just really hope nothing funky happens to stop the baptism. All in all fam and friends. have faith. and NEVER GIVE UP! EVER!

There has been little earthquakes. But nothing too big. you hardly even feel them. But i think a big one is coming. Hermana Hellstern is convinced a huge one is going to happen and that we all need to be prepared haha. She is so funny. We have galletas ( cookies) for our emergency kit, so were made. Also. Pretty sure a zombie apocoplyse is going to happen. Its been way funky out lately. But im not worried because the doors here are literally steal gates with huge locks. Soi im good to go. I also watched warm bodies and that will smith movie a lot of times that i think i know how to deal with zombies.

So anyone that knows me knows i DONT CRY! EVER! When im hurt, i refuse until i get home. When im sad, i dont like to let people see im weak. Well for SOME ODD REASON, I cried in the district meeting on Monday. We did a little role play thing and Elder K was like YOU NEED TO SMILE MORE! and for some off reason, i just started balling. haha. Okay. Let me explain. HE WAS THE 5th PERSON TO TELL ME THAT THAT WEEK! Sorry. Its JUST MY FACE! Mom always told me i had a natural scowl. Ill never be that bubbly Julie B Beck girl. But yeah, so subconsciously it just got to me. I just focus on the language i look mad but im really not at all. But yeah, since i never cry, it built up and i coudlnt stop for the rest of the meeting. It was super embarassing. I made a fool of myself in front of my future spouse! hhaah. Esta bien. But really im fine. Sometimes girls just cry i guess?

Also i had my first bowl of cereal.ever. in my life. it wasnt half bad. Needless to say i took a video obvi.

Food for Thought:

Story of the 10 Virgens in Matthew 25. Replace lamp with testimony. We need a testimony and need it to be full. We need our own personal conversion or we wont ever truly be converted. We need to work everyday to make our testimony full. Sharing it with others helps with that fullness.

Well. Thats about it folks. My memory is mush anymore. But here are some pics. Enjoy!

IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1990


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