Not a whole lot to write about…..

Well this week was pretty uneventful really. I dont even really know what to talk about….

For starters this email will be short A because not a lot happened, B because these computers are ancient and taking forever to load.

Well last Monday was pretty chill. I even had time for a kitten snooze! Lo mejor. District Meetings are always love hate for me cuz its like i feel like im a terrible missionary, but at the same time i want to do so much better.  Si se puede!

Well. Our beloved Elder Albizo, district leader, se fue and went to Cautla to be a ZONE leader. HAYY congrats. But NATURALLY guess who our new district leader? Well let me backtrack a bit. About a month ago Herm Kegz says I think i found your soul mate, or maybe its just cuz youre both wearing blue…. aboout Elder Shumway. So after that we just randomly kept having incounters with him and it was super funny and we would make jokes. so. Yes. Shummy is our new district leader and now we have to talk every night. Its fate. And it ends in an S, eh eh;)

But hes super chido and really tries to help us out so its super fun. Our investagators just arent really progressing at all. They like our messages but never want to act. They dont come to church. Only 3 that are eternal investagators but they have been coming for over a year now. Let me talk about them in a bit. But yeah, were almost just thinking of starting over and having to Break Up with our ones that we have. Triste. But, you know. Theres people out there that really do wanna here our message so we cant waste our time, as bad as that sounds.

Okay so those investagators. Michel is the shiz. Idk if i can say shiz but he is. Hes 17 and really wants to get baptized but his dad wont allow it. But he said hes thinking that he may be able to sooner now cuz his dad is a little more open to it. He wants to get baptized then baptize his brother! how cute! Seriously. I love him. He asked us what his name meant and we didnt know. Archangel. So i looked it up.  This will be my food for thought portion. Archangel is Adam. Adam is Michel. This is ALL in the BIBLE. WHO KNOW? Not me. And the Lord made him Prince over ALL of the World. And also Michels meaning means one like God. HOW COOL RIGHT!

We were supposed to have a conference with the president but it got canceled cuz there was a bunch of traffic for riots or something. Idk. Dont worry Im fine. We got good food still so that was cool. We were maybe gonna go to ACUPOCO. But. It didnt happen. Kinda ruined my week.

Yeah. Maritza is STILL avoiding us. So idk what else we can do really. Keep praying. Si se puede. I just hope she realizes this is what she needs.

We had a really good talk with this guy from our ward. Hes so funny. Hes 38 and gonig through a divorce and NEVER wants to acompanernos. idk the word in english sorry. But hes super cool. Hes the same guy i talked about a few weeks back about giving the blessing to the menos activo. He was like i just cant. I dont have the spirit like you guys do. I cant help people. blah blah blah. But he DOES! He is so cool! I really do feel the spirit when he talks. I told him that and that i wasnt just saying that. and that hw needs confidence in hisself first. It really got to him i think and he was like okay hermana, il come with you guys. ill try it out. YAY! Hes so cool. cant wait.

Well that about sums it up haha. We need to just work hard and start over fresh in this area. Pray for us. Love you all. I forgot to shout out to Alea for making poms. Hayyy! Congrats!



Hermana Corri


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