Happy Cinco de Mayo, Hope youre all partying for me.

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!! too bad they dont celebrate it here. its also my mission birthday! 3 months, hayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Well. First things first.

We are going to skype around 4 Mexico Chilpancingo time on SATURDAY!!!!!!. So if you have other commitments, drop them. We can probably 3 way, so if Mom and Dad want to get together with Brian and Meg and Andy and Cari can probably try to 3 way too. Im not quite sure how it works, but its worth a shot! šŸ˜‰ No puedo esperar!

Second things second. Remember Mary, our milagro? Well she went MIA for the past 2 weeks and we didnt know que paso. Well finally we had the bishops wife get a hold of her and she was coming to the scripture study class on friday! Phew! So all week we waited and prayed and waited and prayed. Sure enough MARY WAS THERE! and her hijas, Sarah and Hannah. Well during the class we found out that she was having a hard time. She WAS avoiding our calls and wouldnt open the door for us because she didnt want to be a Mormon. She thought the gospel was her problems in life. Her prodigy of a daughter was like Mom, how are you going to know its true if you dont read and pray! But she wouldnt she was depressed and yeah. Super triste. But she and her daughter had THIS SAME DREAM! It sounded like it was spirit prison and paradise. And she KNEW she had to have the gospel back in her life. She got a blessing. We taught her the next day and shes getting baptized this week. OMG IM SO HAPPY! But, We found out shes not in our area! But she hates her house and she wants to move so the ward came together and is finding a house for her and President said its okay as long as she moves in and had the address. Wow. Seriously I have SUCH a strong testimony about prayer and fasting and faith now. At first i was like, why are we rushing this, but then i realized, okay, SHE NEEDS THE SPIRIT IN HER LIFE PARA SIEMPRE! I remember when i didnt always have the spirit in my life and its easier to fall into sin. She needs this. I know it. Wow i love her. And seriously its like Mom told me before my mission, Satan works the hardest when YOU are your BEST. He didnt want her baptized BUT DIOS IS ALWAYS STRONGER!

Hermana Kegz said something pretty cool. She said she thinks people that sin and have trials really appreciate and have a better experience after because they knew how it was to not have it. I thought back to my life and its so true. Seriously, this gospel IS what makes happiness. Not anything of the world. Wow. Love the mission.

So this week.

Monday was Andrea Anorves setting apart and it was super cool. It was like a whole party with testimonies and talks. Shes the greatest! Good luck to her right now in the CCM!

So. Ā PLOT TWIST. One of our menos activos is actually active, they just go to a different ward cuz they dont like ours. haha. I told you, our ward is struggling. But were gonna change that! It ws super funny when we found out though, we were like ohhh this all makes sense now!

It rained a little bit and we acted like 10 year old girls and played in it and it was awesome.

Remember Arturo, the really good NINETY YEAR MAN! Well we go to his house and HES WORKING ON THE ROOF!!! Seriously this guy is crazy awesome and he says in the cutest english sentence. Disculpe, Ive been working all day and im very tired. Omg. I cant even. So cute. So the next day we go back and teach him the plan and salavation and wow the spirit there. And he was likes VAMOS A LA CELESTIAL KINGDOM! hha. hes so close. But it was super cute talking about his wife and brother who are waiting for him. If he doesnt get baptized now, he will for sure accept it in the next life. Oh did i mention he actually can READ! Some 30 year olds here wont read cuz they cant see without lentes. Wow. Hes the greatest.

All im gonna say is only in mexico for fast and testimony meeting.

The Arcos came for the last bit of church! Hey its a start. Ah. They are the coolest. I feel like i would totes be friends with them if i wasnt on the mish. Like real friends ahha. I mean i am now with them, but you know what i mean.

So our ward is super small of the people that come. Theres a ton of inactives. The bishop said if more people dont come then we have to consolidate with other wards! Kinda crazy and sad. BUT i have faith that Kegz and I can fortelecer! Si se puede!

Okay so now for the food for thought portion:

Kegz also said something cool. Most people are doing who knows what at 19, 20, 21 years old, but we are devoting our whole life to the Lord for a year and a half. Wow. Thats pretty cool when you think about it. Literally my whole life right now is the Lords time. Its pretty insane but i wouldnt change it for the world.

Back to my faith dilemma. Gotta love faith. I think i may have already said this one before but, who has more faith? Us knowing that He came, or the people before he came having faith He would come? No se. But it takes faith on both parts.

Alma 4:19. What is a pure testimony for you? I think its a sincere, heart felt knowledge that these things are true without a doubt. No se though.

Well. Thats about it folks. Nothing too cray this week. I have to go to Cuernavaca tomorrow with Hermana Kegz. WHAT AM I GONNA DO! When we are transferred, im just going home, i cant even think about it. haha. Wish me luck. See you Saturday!


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