Another week in the campo…

t was so good to see your faces and talk to you yesterday! Sorry i couldnt hear or see Cari and Bj better, know that i still love you.

Well i talked about most of the important things yesterday so i will just bullet point and send more pics

Mary didnt get baptized! ;( Long story short it was our culpa and she needed to have 2 weeks instead of 1 without coffee. I think she might be a little embarassed and offended BUT we are gonna work our hardest to baptize her this week!!! Tenga Fe!!!!

Went to Cuernavaca with Hermana Johnson, man i love her. Seriously been with her since the beginning, gonna be so sad when were not in the same district. Lady at the visa place said I couldnt speak Spanish, so that was not cool. Hola, totally puedo!

There was like 3 temblors this week! This time it wasnt so cool. I was a little scared this time! because our mirror was like shaking super bad idk, i just hope a real bad one doesnt hit.

We had splits with the sis training leaders. Seriously they took me away from Hermana Koegler so much this week! Triste! And they told us that we should enjoy our time because we wont be together again cuz we both need to learn spanish. Yikes. Ouch.

It rained like cray after the temblor! Like the calles were literally rivers. Ill try sending a video. It was pretty chido.

I cried for the first time on my mission about something not spiritual. So that was cool i guess. Im chill though. I just felt like poopy and that i need to be a better missionary. But con el tiempo. con el tiempo. Every day is a working progress.

We had a talent show. They wanted to missionaries to sing. Oh so what did we do? I SANG A SOLO!. NO! I dont sing! Luckily everyone here CANT sing so they thought I could. lolol. Totally was terrible but hey, esta bien. Sang Nearer My God to Me. Good song for sure.

Well thats really about it that was exciting this week.

Time for the Food for Thought Portion:

In the Bible Dictionary it says that prayer is: the object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for the others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking.

We just need to ask! HUMBLE ourselves and have FAITH! and i KNOW that we will see the blessings come. Its like Enos, he prayed for days and then he saw his life change. Power of prayer is real my friends.

I know this church and gospel is true. its as simple as that. you dont need an extravegant testimony. Just the basics. and then you can go deep. Ive found that out alot this week. Keep it simple.

Thanks for all your love and support. Enserio, dont know what I would do without you.

hugs and kisses!

-Hermana Corriveau

This last picture, whats missing? Oh just my shoes. Im halfway to church and realize im still wearing flip flops. lolol. We laughed for  a good 5 minutes. and then the bishops wife too. haha. Dont tell Pres. Kusche…..IMG_1940 IMG_1948 IMG_1974

Tambien, this first one i was reading an ensign and who do i seee? Oh just some guys from my ward at BYU. Never can get away from that place;)

Leaving hermana koegler for the night.

Margarito Chistoso

IMG_1871 IMG_1938 IMG_1949

Well i have extra time today. Not as many emails..triste ;( Pero esta bien. Ill blame it on Mothers Day. Pero, next week people. I expect it.

So anyway extra time that Im gonna do something my comps Bro did for Jamaica.

10 Things I Love about Mexico:

1. People think im pretty, even when Im not wearing makeup.

2. People think i can sing

3. Fruit

4. People are really nice and humble

5. Sunsets

6. Pozole

7. People literally give you everything

8. Everyone believes in God

9. Tortillas

10.The women and children are beautiful. Some select men. ( oops dont tell Pres. Kusche)

10 Things I Hate about Mexico:

1. People think im pretty, even when Im not wearing makeup.

2. People think I can sing.

3. EVERYTHING is deep friend

4. When you ask what kind of meat this is, they say *Quien sabe*

5. Everyone is a contestant for Hoarders Buried Alive

6. Old women are mean.

7. No carpet

8. No air conditioning

9. Its SO hot from 11-4 EVERYDAY

10. I was dirty from the minute i got off the plane to the minute I will step off the plane in Springfield 15 months from now.


Hermana Corriveau


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