Well another week of drunks.

Well this week was another week of adventures. as always.

While we were playing futbol last monday i got a little intense, like always in sports and totally violated another elder. just totally ran into him and hugged him and it was awkard all over the place. Gotta love the mission. Reminded me of that one time Andy totally violated that Elder in Church volleyball hahaha.

We saw VICTOR! Tear drop guy. Its a sign from God.

We said bye to Elder Peru, i cant say his last name. we had a little bye bye party cuz hes going home and it was pretty fun. Now i dont have to worry about him calling me gordita anymore. Phew.

When we were contacting in the street one day this old guy came up to us and starting preaching to US. then he bopped us on the head with his Bible. It was pretty funny. Again, i just started laughing. As with most things in the mission haha.

We sang Come Thou Fount for comp study the other day and Kegz cried. Gets em everytime. Enserio, i love that song. This Hermana in our ward wanted to do our hair, probbably the only time i will ever straigthen my hair on my mission. But it was super nice to be pampered haha. also. HER KID IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! OMG!! I want him. Ill send a pic. He loved me too and kept grabbing my hand and wanting me to play haha it was super cute.

The same old guy that had us do the prayer circle had me pray in ENGLISH the other day. I totally forgot how! i literally paused and had to figure out how to say Dear Heavenly Father. Wow. i cant imagine what will happen AFTER the mission.

Once again. Ate alot this week. My new favorite is pazole. Couldnt tell you what it is. But its legit.

Hermana Jiminez came with us cuz her comp went to Cuernavaca on Friday and it was kinda nice to have a Mexican speaker. But kind of intiminating as well. Its funny that i totally sound like a mexican trying to speak English. haha. Now i know why they laugh at me.

WE SAW CHABA: SOBER!!!!!!!!! I think that was also a sign from God we need to teach him. Oh  gotta love Chaba.

this week this drunk guy comes up to me, BOWS DOWN TO ME, and starts saying im beautiful and look like Madonna. My face went beat red and my companion just starting laughing. Enserio. It was so weird. He was like i want your number and i was like dude im a missionary, and then i started teaching about the gospel of jesus christ and he starting CRYING! saying he was a sinner and needed to repent haha. Dats right.thats how i do.

Then this other drunk guy comes up to us while Hermana Koeger is on the phone with the district leader and says he wants to change and knows we can help. So i gave him a BOM and started talking about that and he was pretty drunk and just kept talking in circles and i was like you know drinking is bad and haha idk was kinda just messing with him. And then he continues to RUN HIS HANDS THROUGH MY HAIR. and i was like uhh okay thats it. ADIOS!

So i was just super upset and felt super violated but today i was reading about Abinidi and how he had the power of the Lord and could not be striken or hurt. I know Heavenly Father is looking out for me and wont let creepy men hurt me either and that everything is esta bien! I just have the light of Christ is my eyes and thats why so many people want to talk to us. Because really that one drunk guy didnt even know we were missionaries at first and still knew that we could help him. Kinda cool.

Andrea came with us for one last time;( Im going to miss her!!!!! But she will be such a good missionary! Gosh shes so awesome. We are going to her setting apart tonight.

Well thats about it. haha. Artullo agreed to get baptized! The cute old man. 90 years old. I mean why not at 90 right? The Archo family is always progressing and in the moms prayer the other day said thank you for sending the missionaries 🙂 Awh. I finally feel like IM here for SOMEONE. and not just a quiet companion with pretty eyes.

Well now time for my food for though portion of the letter. The mission has really had me think for in depth and deep.

I was wondering about what language we speak in heaven. Well everyone recieves a Urim and Thummin. Its in D&C 130 i think? So we can all have the ability to understand all languages. So, thats pretty legit.

Luke 1:37- its super simple but super power. I need to have faith, because with God, everything and anything is possible. I know its hard because sometimes how do you know when to have faith and know when something is reality. But really, we just always need to have faith. again we have the power to overcome reality!

Keep being awesome my great family and friends. You are the best and thank you for your support!

Hey i get to call on mothers day. Figure out the time difference betwen Chilpancingo and Illinois so i can skpe you. Probably around either 5 pm here or 10 am here. Let me know which is better.

Mom, can you send me a walking tracker thingy. haha. a think that counts your steps or miles youve walked. also, a really cheap watch. like no more than 10 dollars. Ive gotten told not to wear mine cuz i look rich.

Shout out to Brian, Adleigh and Suzanne for their birthdays this past week! Hope they were the best! I miss little Adleigh, she doesnt even know her coolest aunt. How sad.

I love you!

Pics.IMG_1906 IMG_1919 IMG_1927IMG_1911 IMG_1915 IMG_1925


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