So this week was filled with crazniess haha. A big step from last week.

Monday- I played futbol for like the first time in my life and was terrible but it was sooo fun. I wanna get good by the end of my mish. Then we wanted to go to the grocery store, so we take a camby, a white rape van. We see the orange bird that is the sign for grocery so we get on. And were going. and going. and going some more and then we are out of Chilp. hahaha. We ended up going like 10 min out of town to the hospital. hah. it was so funny. Luckily there was a guy on there that spoke english that told us what was up.

Tuesday- Were walking and we see these cute little 9, 10 year old girls and they were so intriuged by us. I felt like a movie star haha. Then we are walking and this old guy was like hey, youre missionaries right? I know people that need you, so we were like what okay and he leads us to this house, this is all in like 10 seconds. so theres a mom and a son and his novia and a daughter and we start teaching about the plan of salvation and then we find out they had a 3 year old sobrina that died. how perfect right? so we just start teaching more and bearing testimony and shared a scripture about how little children are perfect and dont have sin and all that good stuff and it was seriously NO COINCIDENCE. It was the best and now we are like good friends with this fam. The Archos.

Wednesday- Oh this day. Enserio. I have never laughed so hard in my life.  I made friends with a drunk the other night. Chaba. Enserio, i dont think i have laughed that hard in my life. We meet him in the park, and of course, OJOS AZUL!!!! ( Enserio, gets em everytime) And then he starts talking about a tigre and then leads us to this painting and then makes us take a picture with the painter haha. idk. i was so lost. and then he was talking about these posters he wanted to give to us and we were like ok well we gottta go we have a cita across the street. and we kinda just snuck away. and that was that. Well, i thought. Were teaching Omar a freaking awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation and i look up and see freaking Chaba, holding the posters high above his head. IN OMARS BACKYARD. I turn to Omar and im like do you know him and he was like No. hahahahaha. Lololol. HOW DID HE FIND US! Then he makes us take ANOTHER picture with the painter and then he stays FOREVER rambling on about who knows what, and keeps saying Si Chicago ( Thats what he called me cuz i said i was from Chicago) We took a video ahaha. Ooops. I think that might be illegal. So then he hit Omar and then it got kinda cray and he FINALLY left an hour later. So we start teaching again and HE COMES BACK AGAIN WITH FOOD FOR US. Needless to say i didnt eat it. Omg. So that was that. So i thought. The next morning Rosita calls us to come get money from her at 9 am and we leave our door and turn around, start walking and Chaba is walking, arms wide open, CHICAGO, CANADA, mi amigas! omg. i cant even. i just started laughing. I think its Gods sign we need to baptize him.

Thursday- We went to Cuernavaca. So that was a long 2 hour bus ride and then basically a YSA conference in the mission office. Its weird. But im already awkward and cant talk to white Elders, so theres that. Esta bien i guess. I saw Platt though, and we caught up again. Shes killin it in Iguala. its like 100 degrees everyday. Thank goodness im not there!

Friday- I WAS REUNITED WITH MY DISTRICT!!!!!!! Enserio, so good to see them. THey are all doing so good and have crazy stories too. Ah. I love them. The training was good. I learned a lot and it made me want to be a better missionary and open my mouth more and not be embarassed of what to say or how bad our spanish is. Because really its the Spirit that teaches and thats whats most important. So, im gonna start being more bold! Pres. and Hermana Kusche are seriously the best too. Have you added them on Facebook and the Cuernavaca page? You should. They told us to think of WHY we are really here. and it helped me alot too cuz when im not working, im missing home and school and friends and a nice clean life. But when I think about why IM here in MEXCIO. It means that much more. These people need ME. and i need THEM. Like it or not, as Hermana Kusche says, we are bound to each other and i need to share the gospel with them. Even if it is a little scary.

Saturday- A long day and alot of our citas fell through so we helped the painter from Wednesday paint this gazebo in the park haha. So that was fun. I love that hermana Koegler is so chill and always in a good mood that shes down for stuff like that. It was def a little relaxing get away. Omars little someone, idk bro maybe?Hes 8. Was there and was like you guys are missionaries right? and was talking and was like My sister showed me about God and, it kinda changed my life haha. SO CUTE! Seriosuly. Mexicans are lo mejor. Oh and we saw Chabba again. Naturally.

Sunday- We were at the church for like 7 hours. cuz we had a cita with Luis. It went good. Then we had ward council and all that good stuff. The Archos said they would come! With their random friend jesus that lived in Chicago, i forgot to mention that earlier. But they didnt come… BUT! After church we see them! They just missed it! But they still came! Enserio. I love them. So that night we visited them and we were teaching about the Atonement and freaking Marito Chistoso as i call him, cuz hes a jokester, comes down the stairs in a CHEETAH costume, cuz its like a traditional thing for the Semana Santa. OMG. I was like OMGGGG WHAT THE HECK! It was so freaking hilarious. That family is insane but so funny. I seriosuly hope they get baptizeddddddd.

But yes. This week i have seen miracles, even in small ways. I never can express everything that i feel and i forget alot that happens too. But i love it. Whenever i think what am i doing here this sucks, something awesome happens to show me that im wrong. This place is AWESOME and the people here are even better.

Church is true! I love it with all my heart. Keep being awesome and sharing it with everyone! Be an example if nothing else. Love you all!

Hermana Corriveau


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