Dont worry, Im Fine. Earthquake, smerhquake.

So yes, there was an earthquake but it was seriously nothing. It was more fun than anything. Hermana Koegler actually took a video haah it was pretty funny. So yeah. dont worry im okay!

this week was pretty cool.

I scored a goal in soccer hayyyyy. Im getting pro. Im mad at myself for never playing earlier.

We had interviews with the mission president and he is seriously the nicest man ever. Im sooo blessed to be in cuernavaca! i know im HERE for a reason.

So we met with this really old man thats a less active member and he had us do a prayercircle. It took all i had to not laugh. Enserio, the funniest, weirdest thing. But he was super sweet and nice and told me my spanish was better than Kegs, not true haha. I think he just liked that i was blonde.

We had splits with the sister training leaders and that was intense. They are so intense but its good. Hay spreading the word. It was def. a good experience though. They are so loving and nice, but yet so powerful. This one mean old lady threw a pamphlet in our faces. Hermana Boitel was kinda taken aback and said she had never experienced that in her whole 9 months on her mission. I was like really, im used to it. haha. I guess my area is pretty hard! Hay at least it wasnt mashed potatoes though.

There was also a lot of rain here too and thunder storms. It reminded me of home! I loved it. But of course everyone here was freaking out.

We had really good lessons with our progressing investagators and it was soooo good. Gosh. I seriosuly love them. They are so chosen.

CHABA STRIKES AGAIN! Weve seen him 3 times this week. I think we need to teach him haha. Enserio. Its no coincidence.

I washed my garmets in a bucket and that was a fun experience. Brought me back to my Fji days haha. I love Mexico.

We had a cool experience. This one inactive was having a hard time and Keg asked her if she wanted a blessing. We had to go get someone and it was kinda funny cuz before when we were picking up his sister who was companioning us he was like nooo hermanas i told you already i cant go i went on my mission and that was that i cant go anymore and teach i just cant. blah blah blah.  But when we asked him to give a blessing. He didnt even hesitate and got all excited and talked about how general conf really helped him to realize the importance of the priesthood and such. The other guy we asked too, didnt complain either and just came. When things are really in need, people are willing to help and i think thats just so amazing. The people here are truly so humble.

So we had a cita fall threw and we were walking and we hear someone whistle at us, not in a demeaning way like usual, and it was Artullo. This old guy we share scriptures with sometimes in the calle. He invited us in to have a refresco and meet his daughter. HES 90 YEARS OLD! But hes in great shape. Remember when i hated old people? Ya no. I love Mexican old men in the least creepy way possible as that sounds. Well his daughter was super interested and we gave her a BOM. She said she would come to church but we were kinda like okay yeah everyone says that. No. Sunday sure enough, who comes walking through the doors– ARTULLO AND TERESA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg it melted my heart. And after i said i hope u liked it and she was like oh hermana, this was was tranquillo, where can i find one in Mexico. Seriosly, some people are so chosen. I hope she finds a church in Mexico ( she lives in Mexico City, sorry i forgot that part)and the Elders find her. Because she is seriously an angel. And she said to not stop teaching Artullo, heck no, i love him. I hope he gets baptized too. I mean, hay, at 90 years old why not right?

Well i had a cool personal experience and i want your thoughts. How do you have a balance between reality and faith? Because ya i have faith but i know the people who say they will come to church wont. But i read in Ether 12 a little deeper and no. We shouldnt let the natural man get to us, we need to have faith in ALL things. Act like little children and believe with our whole heart.

As a missionary, im set apart. I have the power to overcome reality. its pretty awesome really.

So thats food for thought.

Well picture time. finally i know. Since it was my 1 month of being in Mexico, i thought i would throw it back to the MTC real quick.

-Chatt and us

-District Pics

Also my comp and I do hashtags everynight. Are those still a thing?

#chabastrikesagain #tengafeintere #waks #cocofordayz #walkingfordayz #splits #earthquake #chosenpeople #prayercircle #blessings #tostadas #parrot #futbolprosinprogress #garments #actlikeamexicanIMG_1765 IMG_1774


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