Tranquillo Week

Well i wish i had some crazy stories from this week but i really dont haha.

Monday- i forgot to mention we saw WHITE PEOPLE! They were old senior missionaries here for a reunion. So that was really nice. I also got super sunburnt. I guess i do need sunscreen after all.

Tuesday- So Im watching a training video and first i see JC again, Tinder guy. Hes EVERYWHERE! Then i see a familiar looking person and then i see Bishop Andreason! Small world right. No it gets better. THEN theres a story about a brother Felix… YES LAURIES DAD. LAURIE WAS IN THE VIDEO!!! and Bro Howard! It was about her moms death and then the sealing. SO cool to see a bit of home. Tell her to email me!!!!!!!!!!

a lot of walking but really good. Lessons with Mary are always good. She told us that when we hug her, its like God is hugging her. I cant even handle how much i love her and her girls. They should be baptized by the end of this month! Yay!

Wednesday-  A girl from a diff ward came with us cuz shes going on a mission to Cancun in a month and she was A LOT of help. We need her espanol haha. She was so sweet and the next day we came home to thank you notes. 🙂 Then saturday we saw her at conference and her family took us out to dinner. i love mexicans!

Thursday- we had a Conferencia Especial with the mission president and his wife. I understood half.  But it was good we talked alot about how the Mexico MTC was dedicated. and apparently in the 60s they announced the school that it would bring about much spriitual prospeity. and how its an MTC! So thats really cool. I saw PLATT! My MTC comp. Shes doing great. good to hear.

Friday- Sitting taking a break in the park and this guy comes up and is like your eyes are seriously so beautiful blah blah blah. Gets em everytime. But its a good method to be like well hey wanna hear about the gospel haha. Oh also another guy gave me a kiss on the cheek…sooo that was awkward.

Saturday- CONFERENCE! In ENGLISH!!!!! so good! i LOVED Uchtdorfs talk AS ALWAYS!!!! Silver Fox never fails. I loved how he talked about being grateful in times that arent so great. For me, this touched me alot. Like Nephi, i left my nice house, nice things, family and friends and im in some unknown wierd wilderness. But if i am thankful for the things i do have, everday, that is what will bring me more happiness in the end. Sriously, it has helped alot to just sit back and be grateful and count my blessings.

But all the talks were good. Especially in English!

Oh we had Mexican Hot chocoalte and bread…i cant even. the food. I seriously feel like im gonna blow.

Sunday- English one session Spanish the next. But its weird in spanish cuz you see them but hear someone else. Im so glad im American! But either way its great and its a great opporutinty for people to hear the words of the prophets.

What were some one your favorite talks? Anything exciting happen this week? When is the One Direction concert?

A Peruvian Elder told me i look his girlfriend. I dont really feel good about that.

What are some ideas for gettting the ward excited about missionary work? Its a different world here, you cant just go around giving people cookies. Idk if you returned missionaries have anything. We try to serve but they think we cant cuz we are white. and sisters.

Food for thought. Why does God always use trees as symbolism? Tree of knowledge of good and evil, Tree of Life, olive tree branches? I think its cuz everything starts with faith. Its a little SEED and when planted it will grow. Thats why its the first principle in the gospel. Idk what are your thoughts.

Also i was reading about Esther and she is the bomb man. For all you women out there you should really read about her. In the BD it says something along the lines of they didnt know if they would put it in the scriputres or not cuz God isnt apparent but God is taken forgranted in the story everywhere because her signs of courage and loyalty. Seriosuily its good. Read it.

Thats about it

Paz y bendiciones!

Con amorIMG_1798 IMG_1835 IMG_1844 IMG_1846


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